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  • Back-To-School: How To Become A Google Intern

    Back-To-School: How To Become A Google Intern

    What does it mean to be bold? To be better than you were the day before? Google’s BOLD Internship is an 11-week internship designed to provide exposure into the technology industry for students who are historically under-represented in this field. However, the program isn’t just about work experience, it’s about growing as a person and befriending some of the coolest… Read More

  • Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

    Back To School: 5 Apps That Will Make You Fall (Even More) In Love With Your Phone

    You’re heading off to college. You have no idea that the next four years of fun will fly by, likely leaving you jobless and in debt. You’re unconcerned with nonsense like that — you’re ready to achieve your dreams! You’re ready to party! You’re ready to meet your mate in life! But before you pack up the family van full of clothes, collapsible IKEA furniture… Read More

  • The Top 5 iPhone Cases For The College-Bound

    The Top 5 iPhone Cases For The College-Bound

    There you are, full of gumption, standing next to a packed car. You’re off to college. You’re about to set off into the world to, as they say, make something of yourself. Armed with your trusty iPhone, you’ll likely reach your lofty goals. But an iPhone can be more than just a smartphone. With the right case, an iPhone can be a multifunctional tool, converging the power of… Read More

  • Back To School 2012: Five Gadgets To Keep You Sane In Your New Dorm Room

    Back To School 2012: Five Gadgets To Keep You Sane In Your New Dorm Room

    What? It’s August already? That means (for better or worse) that hordes of freshly-minted college students will soon be starting the next chapter of their lives and moving into dull, cramped dorm rooms in the process. Oh, that description applies to you? Well, congratulations — you’re in for a treat! Before you go too nuts trying to decide which of your possessions will… Read More

  • Back To School 2012: Welcome To The Whiteboard Jungle

    Back To School 2012: Welcome To The Whiteboard Jungle

    Every year we have a little tradition around TC: a “back to school” series for folks who are either entering college or just leaving the confines of academia for their first job. Our goal in this series is to talk about all the gadgetry, great and small, that would help make that transition a little smoother and, more important, offer some advice from entrepreneurs and business… Read More

  • Microsoft Announces Its Back-To-School Promotion: Buy A PC, Get A Free Xbox

    Microsoft Announces Its Back-To-School Promotion: Buy A PC, Get A Free Xbox

    Microsoft, just like Apple, usually runs a major back-to-school promotion every summer that is meant to give students (and their parents) some extra incentives to buy a new computer. The company’s just-announced back-to-school deal for the U.S. and Canada is pretty much the same as last year’s. A year ago, Microsoft gave students who bought a new PC and Xbox 360 and this year… Read More

  • Back To School: WhiteyBoard Now Cheaper, Smaller

    Back in March we wrote about the WhiteyBoard, a stick-on whiteboard available in multiple sizes. The 12×8 is $10 and the 3.3 x 6 footer is $30. The middle version, at 2 x 3 feet, is sold out. Read More

  • Back to School: Console Gaming

    All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Let’s face it, you’re not going to spend all your time at school in class or studying and as a result, it’s a good idea to have some gear for gaming. We’ll hit the usual suspects here. Read More

  • Back To School: Cameras For Campus

    There will be many times you will want to remember during your years at college, and many you will be unable to remember. In both cases you’ll be glad to have taken pictures, though you may wish to keep them off Facebook. And of course there is the whole question of what you’re going to take these pictures with. Well, there’s no shortage of cameras to choose from, but… Read More

  • Back To School: Trying Our Best To Stay Safe Online In 2010

    Students! As anyone on a Windows machine who has visited good ol’ CrunchGear in the past few weeks knows: the Internet can be a dangerous place. There’s malware everywhere, dumb, time-wasting YouTube videos are embedded all over the place, and Flash advertisements constantly contrive to steal away your processor cycles. Really, if at all possible, you should just avoid the… Read More

  • Back To School: Printers

    Your goal in school is to use your own printer as little as possible. Most schools have their own black and white printers on call 24/7 but sometimes you may need to print out a few snapshots for friends or a nice color cover for your last-minute essay on fish farming in ancient Mesopotamia as it relates to Shakespeare’s plays. My goal with creating this guide is to offer you a few… Read More

  • Back To School: Play Back Your Media Wherever You Are

    Forget cable TV at school. Your dorm or fraternity likely pipes basic cable to your room, but you don’t want to be stuck in there, watching Gray’s Anatomy every Thursday night. No, you need to be out, enjoying your collegiate experience so take all that media with you. Or, hook something up to your TV that allows you to play back anything you want. That’s how the cool… Read More

  • Back To School: Properly Toting Your Books, Gadgets Around Campus

    Backpacks are a necessary part of school and around here, we’re not strangers to backpacks, messenger bags, and bags in general. We’ve looked at a ton over the years and recently wrapped up our last bag week where we looked at an absurd amount of bags. School requires a different sort of bag than grown-up life and, well, there are different types of students. Not everyone carries… Read More

  • Back To School 2010: Storing Your Data

    Nowadays, going from home to college doesn’t always mean a huge upgrade in connection speed (as it did for me), but you’re still going to find yourself downloading, trading, and storing stuff more than ever. But there are also more opportunities for streaming and storing things online. What are your best options for managing all that data? Read More

  • Best Back-to-School Laptops

    Buying a laptop for school requires us to take into consideration a few simple facts. They are: Your laptop will be with you for two to four years. You will tote your laptop around like one of Paris Hilton’s hairless dogs. Your laptop will get beaten up a bit more than those selfsame dogs. With these things in mind, we now have to find a laptop that is low-priced yet high in quality. Read More

  • Don’t Waste Money on a New Computer for College

    Heading off to college? Here’s my suggestion: buy a used laptop from Craigslist and install Ubuntu onto it. Seriously. You don’t need a new computer for college. If you’re pursuing a liberal arts degree, you really don’t need a brand new computer just to write all the papers you’ll write. If you’re pursuing an engineering degree, the chances are high that… Read More

  • Back to School: A 9 energy drink shootout

    Oh man. I don’t think drinking nine different energy drinks over nine days is that healthy. My life expectancy had to be affected. Oh well, it was done in the name of science and CrunchGear. Before this shootout, I was under the impression that all energy drinks taste like piss and gave you the shakes. Some do, but there are definitely better options than others as I found. A couple… Read More

  • Back-to-School: Social Improvement Tips from Neil Strauss

    As you settle back into the dorms and sift through syllabi while searching for drink specials from the local pub, you also should put in some time improving your social life. The fall is a great time to lay a solid foundation of dating success on campus. To provide some tips on turbocharging your dating life, we turned to Neil Strauss, author of the international bestseller The Game… Read More

  • Back-to-School: Advice I'd give myself if I were going to college right now

    I’ve been sitting out this Back-to-School season mostly because I’m so far removed from college and my son is only three so I don’t feel sufficiently informed enough to offer any helpful advice to you all when it comes to gear you need in the dorm. However, some of us are old enough to give you general advice. This is assuming that you are a fairly tech savvy nerd –… Read More

  • Back-to-school: 10 Things You Should Know About Going To The Bar

    College is a time to try new things – especially that second or third year, when everyone’s turning 21. Suddenly, a whole new world has opened up – a world of intoxicated semi-public bliss, previously off limits to your nascent self: the world of bars. Bars can be a stupidly intimidating place when you’ve just turned 21. It’s like going to some crazy country… Read More