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Google Docs Gets Voice Typing, Templates, Smart Sheets And More

“Get ’em while they’re young” is a battle cry for every company. The younger your users are, the more you can evolve with them over time and keep them locked in to using your p

What Students Really Carry Back To School

Back-to-school stories are click fodder. They allow for marketers to feel they are directly addressing a group of easy marks. After all, when is your life more insecure than on the cusp of a grade cha

Former Teacher And Current Entrepreneur Walter Duncan Offers Advice On Getting Things Done

In honor of back to school we’re talking to creatives, VCs, and, in this case, entrepreneurs about what it takes to succeed. Walter Duncan is a really nice guy and dedicated “teacherpreneu

Our Favorite Phones For Back To School

It's back to school time and we've compiled a list of some of our favorite smartphones to help you out during the new school year. Check it out.

An Interview With Max Gurvits, Boy VC

Max Gurvits is an investor. Based in Bulgaria, the peripatetic VC is almost everywhere, showing up at events around the world and scouting out some amazing ideas. I talked to him about how he became a

Our Favorite Tablets For Back To School

If you're still not sold on why tablets are worth your money, take a look at this post. If you're in the market, it's back to school time, and here are our favorites.

Our Favorite Laptops For Back To School

As the new school year approaches, you're going to need a good laptop to work with. Take a look at some of our favorites.

A Chat With Jack Conte, Musician And Entrepreneur

Jack Conte is a busy guy. He and his partner, Nataly Dawn, are on tour with Pomplamoose, a band that rivals only OK Go in their dedication to weird and wacky video production and Conte is also co-foun

Our Favorite Apps For Back To School

It's that time of year again. Here's a look at our favorite apps to get you through the school year.

Ruben Bolling Talks About Cartooning As A Career In The Internet Age

It's back to school time and we decided to share some insight and advice from some amazing people. The first participant in our BTS school series of interviews is Ruben Bolling (pictured here), a lawy

Scholly Helps Students Find Their Ideal Scholarships On Their Smartphones

More and more of America's young people are coming to grips with a nasty truth: college can be incredibly, stupidly expensive. Drexel University student (and <a target="_blank" href="http://dormroomfu

Co-Ed Supply Whisks Curated Boxes Of ‘College Essentials’ To Busy Students

The days are getting shorter and the air is growing colder, which means that students across the country are trodding back to school once more. For a subscription e-commerce startup called <a target="

If You’re Buying Textbooks This Week, Get Educated, Not Schooled

When a semester's worth of textbooks can add up to a couple (or three or four) hundred dollars, hitting the checkout line at the campus bookstore is a distressing experience for many students, to say

Microsoft Debuts Crowdfunding Program For Student Laptops, Offers Office 365 Free To First 10K Participants

Microsoft is introducing a new pilot project today called "<a target="_blank" href="">Chip In</a>," which sees the Windows-maker offering to help students crowdsource l

Bag Week: The Ogio Rivet Messenger Bag

I do not like the pleather look of the Ogio Rivet. It's degrading. Childish. Cheap. But damn do I love this bag, which is actually made out of shiny black canvas. We have reviewed a lot of bags at

Bag Week: The Nomadic WT-18 Toto Bag And WL-25 Wise-Walker Backpack

I'm starting Bag Week off with two bags from one of my favorite manufacturers, Nomadic. This Japanese seller of quality bags makes their rucksacks out of rip-stop fabric and offers a certain stark, co

Back-To-School: Buy A PC, Get An Xbox

In an effort to keep the kids from going with all Apple everything, Microsoft has teamed up with a <a target="_blank" href="

Back To School: How To Ace Taking Notes

Back in the day, before the printing press made books a widely available commodity, students sat through class transcribing each and every word of a published work, as dictated by the teacher. We stil

Back To School: Five Gadgets To Help You Get Your Game On Between Classes

Once school kicks into high gear it may seem like there’s no end to all the work that needs to be done, but rest assured — there will come a time when you won't find yourself buried in a textbook

Back To School: The Best Ultrathin Notebook

Ultrabooks aren't a hard sell. They're super thin, really light, and powerful enough to handle everyday tasks (including a little gaming) with aplomb. That's why I'd recommend them to students looking
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