CrunchGear's going Back-To-School

At college parties, everybody gives everyone else a high five

At college parties, everyone gives each other high fives

It’s that time again, folks. Cars are being loaded, parents are being kissed goodbye, and summer is coming to its unavoidable end. It’s time to go back to college – or for many, to go to college for the first time.

Fortunately for you, the CrunchGear team has been there and done that. We’ve dealt with the confusing schedules, lived with crappy room mates, and have made valiant efforts at shoving all of our crap into half of a 10’x12′ space. We’ve puked all over peoples couches, and drunkenly thrown our phones into pools just to see what happened. We want you to learn from our mistakes – or at least know what’s coming.

With that, we begin our back-to-school (“school” as in “college”. If you’re going back to junior high or high school, go buy some binders, dig up some pens, then go do something better with your youth than read some silly blog) coverage. We’ll teach you what stuff you don’t need, regardless of how useful Bed Bath & Beyond makes it look. We’ll teach you ways to eat like a (very poor and possibly malnutritioned) king for pennies a day. Also, we’ll probably talk about booze a lot.