WordPress to ditch React library over Facebook patent clause risk

Automattic, the company behind the popular open source web publishing software WordPress, has said it will be pulling away from using Facebook's React javaScript library over concerns about a patent c gives you more options to share your posts on social networks is slowly but surely replacing all those clunky social sharing plugins that you use. With today’s update, you can now schedule tweets, Facebook posts or LinkedIn updates in WordPress.c

Automattic’s head of design on diversity, the three kinds of design and the four quarters of life

John Maeda is the Head of Design and Inclusion at Automattic. In this episode, we discuss how he turned RISD into the best design school in the country, why inclusivity is the secret weapon on design now lets you write and collaborate in Google Docs

Instead of competing with Google Docs, is going to embrace the popular web editor so you can write and publish from Google Docs. It’s going to make it much easier to collaborate with o lets you ditch Medium with new import tool

Publishing platform Medium recently laid off dozens of people. So if you don’t want to hand away your precious writing to a startup that is still looking for its business model, you can move your co

Talking self-driving cars, IPOs and what’s next, with True Ventures

A few weeks ago, True Ventures closed its newest, early-stage fund with $310 million, which is just a slight step up from its last, $295 million fund, despite some enormous wins like Fitbit, whose f

New .blog TLD opens up early registration applications

One of the few new top-level domains that actually makes sense, .blog, is starting the process of registration. Automattic, which runs Wordpress and a number of other useful web apps, owns .blog and i

John Maeda leaves KPCB, joins Automattic as design head

John Maeda is leaving VC firm KPCB where he was a design partner to join Automattic, the company behind and a bunch of other things. Maeda will have a long, elaborate title at Automattic

Simplenote, the planet’s most useful piece of software, is now open source on iOS, macOS and Android

If you're not using Simplenote, you're missing out. This... well, simple note app has been a standby and lifesaver for me for years, though occasionally I have worried about its future: Will it surviv

WooCommerce now works with Square to seamlessly run both online and offline stores

A bit more than a year after Automattic acquired WooCommerce, the popular service that turns any WordPress website into an e-commerce store is now integrating with Square. While this kind of integrati turns on HTTPS encryption for all websites is <a target="_blank" href="">adding</a> HTTPS support for all its blogs. If you have a c

WordPress Sites Now Support Google’s AMP To Make Mobile Pages Load Much Faster

Google has some big plans when it comes to making the web faster on your mobile phone. The company <a href="

Automattic Releases WordPress App For Windows Desktop

It didn't take long. A little bit more than two weeks after <a href="">launching an OS X app</a>, Automatti Goes Open Source And Gets A Desktop App

<a target="_blank" href=""></a>, the fully hosted version of WordPress, has a received one of its biggest updates ever today. Codenamed <a target="_blank" href="https

Tech Giants Sign Letter Against EU Laws To Hand Huge New Powers To ISPs

New European legislation which threatens net neutrality is set to go before the EU Parliament Tuesday. The EU is planning new rules it claims will ‘protect’ Net neutrality, but a leading legal exp

Move Over Slack? Automattic Mulls Commercializing Its Own Internal Messaging Product

On Wednesday night, at an event in San Francisco, Automattic founder and CEO Matt Mullenweg answered a wide range of questions in conversation with one of the earliest investors in the company, Tony

Automattic Buys WooCommerce, The Popular Plugin For Turning WordPress Into A Store

If you're looking to turn your WordPress site into an online shop, one option reigns supreme: WooCommerce. With roughly 7.5 million downloads, it's easily the most popular e-commerce WordPress plugin

Automattic Buys UK’s Code For The People To Build Out Its WordPress VIP Enterprise Business

Automattic, the company behind the popular WordPress blogging platform, has acquired a startup in the UK to build out its VIP enterprise operations internationally, putting to use some of the $317 mi

Childish Gambino Name-Drops A Bunch Of Techies In His New Mixtape

Rapper Childish Gambino (also known as Donald Glover, former cast member of cult sitcom "Community") just dropped an 11-song mixtape, his first big release since last year's hit album "Because The Int

Automattic Acquires BruteProtect To Help Keep WordPress Users Safe

WordPress now powers so many websites, it's no surprise that it's a favorite target for hackers. To keep its users safe, Automattic - the company behind both and the open-source WordPres
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