Automattic owner Automattic acquires multiservice messaging app Beeper for $125M

The deal, which was for $125 million according to sources close to the matter, is Automattic's second acquisition of a cross-platform messaging solution.

Why Automattic spent $50M on

We brought on Matt Mullenweg, the CEO of Automattic and co-founder of WordPress, along with Kishan Bagaria, the founder of, to talk about the transaction and what it means.

What’s next for under new owner Automattic, as Apple cracks down on rival Beeper

What’s next for The all-in-one messaging app was acquired this fall by owner Automattic for $50 million, marking the company’s first official expansion into the w

Tumblr tests ‘Communities,’ semi-private groups with their own moderators and feeds

After scaling back operations and reassigning staff to other projects, Tumblr owner Automattic’s CEO Matt Mullenweg said that the company would home in on the parts of Tumblr’s service tha

Tumblr+ kills Post+, its ill-fated subscription offering for creators

Tumblr’s ill-fated Post+ subscription service is shutting down, the company announced late on Monday. The service, which allowed creators to paywall select content for subscribers only, will no

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg details Tumblr’s future after re-org

This week, owner Matt Mullenweg confirmed his company would be shifting the majority of Tumblr’s workforce to other areas at parent company Automattic in light of the social bloggi

Tumblr to run on skeleton crew as parent company Automattic absorbs staff

According to a leaked memo, Tumblr’s longterm financial woes have reached a breaking point. Aside from a skeleton crew of essential workers in departments like trust and safety, the majority of owner buys all-in-one messaging app for $50M and Tumblr owner Automattic is adding another company to its portfolio with today’s news that it has acquired the all-in-one messaging app for $50 million. The app brings blogs can now be followed on Mastodon and other federated platforms

Earlier this year, owner Automattic acquired a plug-in that allowed WordPress blogs to be followed in the fediverse — the decentralized social networks that include the Twitter riv

WordPress blogs can now be followed in the fediverse, including Mastodon

In March, owner Automattic made a commitment to the fediverse — the decentralized social networks that include the Twitter rival Mastodon and others — with the acquisition of

WordPress is now selling 100-year domains

WordPress, a company that has been around for 20 years, is now selling domains with a 100-year registration length. That means your blog or website will probably live longer than you. The company anno

Automattic CEO Matt Mullenweg talks future of Tumblr, with algorithmic choice, AI enhancements and more

Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, the company behind and other online publishing tools, is offering a glimpse into Tumblr’s future — the blogging site Automattic acquired fr

WordPress Playground lets you run WordPress entirely in your browser

If you don’t keep up with WordPress ecosystem news, you might not be aware of a cool new project called WordPress Playground. And I include myself in this group, as I had never heard of WordPress Pl

Automattic launches an AI writing assistant for WordPress

Automattic, the company behind and the main contributor to the open source WordPress project, launched an AI assistant for the popular content management system on Tuesday. The company s owner Automattic acquires an ActivityPub plug-in so blogs can join the Fediverse sites now have an easier way to integrate with the Fediverse, including Mastodon. Automattic, the company behind, Tumblr and other web publishing tools, is the new owner of

Tumblr to add support for ActivityPub, the social protocol powering Mastodon and other apps

Tumblr will add support for ActivityPub, the open, decentralized social networking protocol that today is powering social networking software like Twitter alternative Mastodon, the Instagram-like Pixe

Tumblr’s only viable business model is shitposting

As Elon Musk struggles to make people give Twitter $8 a month for a blue check, Tumblr had an idea: What if they offered users $8 for not one, but two blue checks? Yes, you can legitimately buy two bl

Podcast app Pocket Casts goes open source

Popular podcast platform Pocket Casts has released its mobile clients under an open source license. WordPress parent company Automattic acquired Pocket Casts last July, having been acquired by a group

Matt Mullenweg thinks Tumblr can be a better Twitter than Twitter ever was

Welcome Back to Found, the TechCrunch podcast where we get the stories behind the startups. It’s rare we get to speak to someone who has been working at their company for 19 years so this conversati

Tumblr said 420 Blaze it (but literally)

Yesterday, Tumblr rolled out Tumblr Blaze to all users over 18 in the United States. The feature lets users promote their content in the same way you might boost a tweet or a Facebook post on those re
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