• AT&T Plays Dumb, Doesn't Know Where Additional iPhone Charges Come From

    Can someone at AT&T explain to me—nay, us—why it’s charging this young man a little more than $20 extra for an iPhone service plan that it should be? All told, the guy’s bill should tally up to around $117, yet AT&T bills him for $140. The nerve of those people. AT&T tried to justify the charges, whatever they are and wherever they come from, by saying… Read More

  • Riverside, CA Gets Muni Wi-Fi

    I’m not sure how many CrunchGear readers are based in Riverside, CA, but if you are then you’ll find a nice surprise in the morning if you’re in the downtown area, near Hunter Technology Park or Adams Auto Center. Riverside will be AT&T’s first foray into Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet service for municipal and public use. The ad-supported free Wi-Fi currently… Read More

  • WildCharger Charges Wirelessly

    WildCharge has finally gotten its act together and the first wireless charging station, the RAZR, will be released this month. It’s a fairly strange design, but I guess the ‘wireless’ charging aspect is cool? It actually sounds like a complicated progress and I’m not so sure it’s worth the $89.99 you’d be shelling out. If you’re feeling adventurous… Read More

  • Apple Stock Hits All-time High For Some Reason

    After a 30-percent overall increase in the months leading up to the iPhone release, Apple’s stock has continued to climb since last Friday. They’ve now hit their all-time high stock price, trading for as much as $132.97 on Nasdaq. AT&T, on the other hand, closed down 1.3 percent (54 cents) and has seen a slight loss over the last few months. So Tuesday… Read More

  • When the iPhone Runs Hot It Just Might Break

    I know it’s punishable on pain of death to speak ill of the iPhone ’round these parts, but a writer on MSNBC had a rather nasty experience with his these past few days. Joe waited in line just like everyone else did, but after four days of playing around with the cellphone, it broke. Hard reseting it didn’t fix it and neither did reconnecting it to iTunes. Since AT&T… Read More

  • AT&T To Offer People Better Than You Free Wi-Fi

    Do you use AT&T for all your broadband needs? If so, you’re about to get the best present ever from AT&T. Like, for reals dudes. AT&T is giving DSL subscribers who have Pro, Elite, or FastAccess services on their account free Wi-Fi access at any of the 10,000 hotspots around the country that it operates. Normally, it costs $7.99 for a 24-hour connection on the service, which… Read More

  • HOW TO: Use Your iPhone Without Activation

    Hickey’s video of the iPhone I use T-Mobile, though I can leave anytime I want. But because of this, I’ve been debating heavily about the iPhone for months. Is it worth it? There’s no way I can even use it or try it out unless it’s activated? These questions have plagued me and now thanks to TUAW, I can put them to rest. Seems a workaround has been discovered that… Read More

  • AT&T Says It's Fixed All iPhone Activation Glitches

    As you know, several people ran into problems activating their iPhone over the weekend, including our very own Matt Hickey. AT&T now says that it’s fixed the problem, one that affected approximately 2 percent of all iPhone buyers. (Or, doing a little math, about 10,000 customers.) AT&T attributed the activation problems to the large volume of people trying to simultaneously… Read More

  • Over 500,000 iPhones Sold

    Tools Consumers line up at the Apple SoHo store There’s this gadget that came out this past weekend called the iPhone, right? And apparently it’s doing pretty decent in terms of sales. Mixed reports are coming in stating that either 500,000 or 525,000 have been sold. And just like the Playstation 3, most people in major cities went for the high-end 8GB model over the cheaper… Read More

  • AT&T Buys Dobson Communications

    During the extravaganzafest known as the iPhone launch, we somehow overlooked this AT&T purchase. Seems AT&T is hell-bent on becoming an absolute telecom behemoth. Now with the purchase of Dobson, which cost a whopping $5.1 billion, AT&T has now scooped up all of Cellular One’s customers. Seems the number of GSM options for consumers is quickly shrinking. To be honest though… Read More

  • AT&T Hangs Up on Business Customers

    Reader Jaci writes: I have eagerly awaited the release of the iphone. Read every article, watched the tv spots…waited with great anticipation for the new gadget that was going to be the most revolutionary product ever. As a loyal PC user for years, it is only through the ipod that I have come to accept Apple products in my life. I made sure to be on of the first people buying an… Read More

  • The Halo Effect: Mob Scene at Verizon Wireless Store

    Don’t be fooled by Apple, AT&T and their luscious iPhone. The Verizon Wireless store on Broadway in SoHo is clearly jumping. Any minute now, an old man will go in there and ask what a “text message” is and how his daughter ran up his phone bill. Then the clerk will cry. iPhoneeee Read More

  • AT&T Speedier Because of Something That Starts With i?

    Late last night some AT&T geeks started benchmarking their network speed. Suddenly, after months of sub-standard EDGE speeds, they noticed 200+kbps during most trials, suggesting that someone out there has been tweaking things to make iPhone browsing a little less like pulling teeth. Read More

  • AT&T To Sell Special Wi-Fi Routers to iPhone Users?

    Russel Shaw at ZDNet got ahold of an AT&T employees’ objection script. These scripts are used by salesmonkeys to overcome the objections of unconvinced customers. They’re handy and pointed, and often do the trick. But beyond telling how the employees are going to be forcing people to take iPhones, the guide hints to a mysterious new product that AT&T might be selling… Read More

  • iPhone Will Be Activated By iTunes

    Call it convenience or call it more fiddling to do, but make sure you call it Apple’s final decision. Lucky iPhone owners will have to come home and sync their iPhone with iTunes in order to activate it. Now normally I’d say this would be an annoying process that Apple should have dumped on AT&T, though when you think about it, the iPhone is also a music and video player as… Read More

  • AT&T iPhone Plans Revealed

    Alright. I’m not even going to work my way into giving you the lowdown. You’re sick of the iPhone, I’m sick of it, and we have ourselves some plans to look over. So if you’re buying an iPhone, listen up. Three plans are available for the iPhone. All of them include unlimited data, Visual Voicemail, 200 TXT messages, rollover minutes, and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling. Read More

  • AT&T To Impose Early Cancellation Charge On iPhone

    Thinking about getting an iPhone, unlocking it, then jetting across the street to T-Mobile? Better think twice before doing that friend, ’cause AT&T is out to nail you with a hefty fine for backing out of your agreement with them. Despite the iPhone not being a subsidized item for AT&T, the company still will charge you $175 for terminating your contract early. Sucky, I… Read More

  • AT&T Won't Reveal iPhone Data Plan Till June 29

    AT&T won’t reveal the much ballyhooed iPhone data plans until June 29, the date of the phone’s launch. How nice of them. Here’s a choice quote from an AT&T senior vice president: Regardless of which device you’re using today, you pay us a certain amount for (voice) minutes, and you also pay us for data units,” he says. “That is also true on the… Read More

  • AT&T Hires 2,000 Extra Employees For iPhone Launch

    Never again do I want to hear people complaining that they couldn’t find a summer job. Seems AT&T is so confident that people will show up for the iPhone in droves, it has taken the liberty of hiring an extra 2,000 employees to prepare for the madness. To make sense of how big the iPhone launch is going to be, here are some hot statistics: 1,800 AT&T retail stores exist and will… Read More

  • Interview With Michael Megalli, Branding Expert for Group 1066 on AT&T, Cingular, and the iPhone – LIVE! We’re talking to Michael Megalli, branding expert for Group 1066 on the trials and tribulations going on at AT&T during their Cingular transition. Cool stuff. Bloops – Looks like we pulled a Sopranos at the end there. Thanks to Michael for taking some time out to talk with us and we’ll have him on again when Operator11… Read More