Larry Page-backed asteroid mining company launches CubeSat with experimental water detection tech

Planetary Resources, the space mining company backed by Google's Larry Page and Braintree founder Bryan Johnson, has taken another step in its quest to actually mine resources from asteroids and othe

NASA has successfully launched OSIRIS-REx, their first asteroid sample return mission

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has successfully launched from Cape Canaveral with the help of 1.2 million pounds of thrust provided by an Atlas V rocket. The spacecraft will journey to a near-Earth as

Here’s why NASA is launching an asteroid sample return mission for the first time

On September 8, NASA will launch the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft on a mission to an asteroid and return a sample of it back to Earth — NASA’s first mission of this type. In doing so, NASA hopes

Deep Space Industries partners with Luxembourg to test asteroid mining technologies

Deep Space Industries, the asteroid mining company, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Luxembourg Government to co-fund the development and launch of DSI’s first spacecraft. Known as

Ceres’ mysterious bright spots revealed in unprecedented detail

NASA has released close-up images of the dwarf planet Ceres, the biggest object in the asteroid belt, revealing new details about its mysterious bright spots. These images were taken by the Dawn space

Because The World Needs An iGo Pico Projector Plated In 24 Karat Gold

The iGo UP-2020 is a quality pico projector with good contrast and brightness. I can’t hate on it. However, coat it in gold and suddenly it becomes an irrelevant gadget not worthy of your money.

Upper Deck Evolution Trading Cards Trade-In Cardboard For An LCD Screen

<img src="">In what is either an desperate attempt to stay relevant or, well, yeah, that's about it, Upper Deck is

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Added To National Film Registry

<img src="" />Attention, Star Wars fans! The Empire Strikes Back, generally regarded as the best of the Star Wars films, has been added t

Mother Russia plans to save us all from killer asteroid

<img src="">Someone call Bruce Willis. Russia announced Wednesday that they are considering launching a spacecraft with the intentio