Google court filing reveals new business details of DuckDuckGo and Neeva

A court filing in the U.S. Department of Justice’s case against Google over its alleged monopoly in the search market has revealed a few notable tidbits about the state of the search market comp

Epic Games CEO suggests Apple broke iPhone web apps in the EU for anticompetitive reasons

After Apple confirmed yesterday it’s breaking web apps for customers in the EU due to its compliance with the EU regulation the Digital Markets Act (DMA), Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney suggests in

FCC commissioner pushes to investigate Apple’s decision to block Beeper Mini

FCC commissioner Brendan Carr said Monday that the agency should investigate Apple over the company’s decision to block the Beeper Mini service, which worked on bringing iMessage to Android. Peb

Epic plans to contest Apple’s ‘bad-faith’ compliance with court ruling over App Store

Fortnite maker Epic Games is not happy about how Apple intends to comply with a district court’s injunction that permitted app developers to direct users to their own websites and payment platforms

Supreme Court declines to hear Apple-Epic antitrust case, meaning app makers can now point customers to the web

The Supreme Court has denied both Apple and Fortnite maker Epic Games’ request to appeal a lower court’s ruling on the alleged anticompetitive nature of Apple’s App Store. The decisi

News publisher files class action antitrust suit against Google, citing AI’s harms to their bottom line

A new class action lawsuit filed this week in the U.S. District Court in D.C. accuses Google and parent company Alphabet of anticompetitive behavior in violation of U.S. antitrust law, the Sherman Act

Epic Games won its antitrust battle with Google. But what comes next?

Google’s defeat in its antitrust battle with Epic Games was a sweeping victory for the Fortnite maker and a significant upset to the business model underpinning the mobile app ecosystem, where p

Fortnite maker Epic Games wins its antitrust fight against Google

On Monday, a jury sided with Epic Games over Google in an antitrust case that could reshape how app marketplaces like Google Play are allowed to operate. The unanimous verdict wraps up a three-year-lo

More from the US v Google trial: Vertical search, pre-installs and the case of Firefox/Yahoo

We’re nearly two months into the Justice Department’s landmark antitrust case against Google — one of the biggest fights in tech antitrust since the U.S. took Microsoft to trial in the 1

5 things we learned from the Epic-Google antitrust case this week

Though Match settled its antitrust case with Google over Play Store fees for north of $300 million, Fortnite maker Epic Games proceeded to take its case to trial this week. The game maker argues that

The Match-Google antitrust settlement netted the dating app maker over $300M

Last week, Google and Match reached a settlement in the app store antitrust case where Match had sought the right to offer its users an alternative to Google Billing in an effort to avoid Google&#8217

What to know about Fortnite maker Epic Games’ antitrust battle with Google, starting today

Match may have settled its antitrust lawsuit with Google last week, but Fortnite maker Epic Games is still set to go to trial with the tech giant today, November 6, in hopes of convincing a jury that

Unredacted FTC suit shows ‘Project Nessie’ price-raising algorithm made Amazon $1.4B

The mysterious “Project Nessie,” hinted at in what little was not redacted in the FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon, is indeed an algorithmic pricing scheme that raised prices where it co

Google and Match Group reach settlement in app store antitrust case

Google and Match announced today they’ve reached a settlement in the antitrust battle Match waged against the tech giant, even as the court case continues with Fortnite maker Epic Games. As part

5 things we learned so far about the Google antitrust case

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified Monday in the U.S. government’s antitrust trial against the company. The executive defended Google’s business tactics, including its deal with Apple and other pa

What is Amazon’s [redacted] ‘Project Nessie’ algorithm?

The FTC’s lawsuit against Amazon alleging anti-competitive practices is largely full of things we already knew in a general sense: price hikes, pressure to use Amazon fulfillment and so on. But

The FTC just hit Amazon with a major antitrust lawsuit

The Federal Trade Commission made its big move against online shopping giant Amazon on Tuesday, accusing the company of illegally stifling competition on its way to becoming a ubiquitous retail presen

Google’s big antitrust trial kicks off, with even bigger implications

The Justice Department’s landmark antitrust case against Google kicked off in court today, marking the beginning of a trial that will stretch on for months, potentially upending the tech world in th

A merger that’s good for workers and consumers

Thanks to the regulatory process, this deal will significantly enhance competition in the video game industry while securing workers' rights and consumer interests.

Google pushes Match for more money in antitrust battle, court filing states

Google has filed a new motion to the court in its antitrust battle with Epic Games and Match Group, where it claims that the dating app maker owes additional fees beyond the $40 million that had been
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