• Internet of Elephants uses AR to get up close to endangered species, turns their migrations into a game

    Internet of Elephants uses AR to get up close to endangered species, turns their migrations into a game

    Wildlife conservation groups have made a lot of strides in raising awareness of animals whose populations or natural habitats are endangered, and what we can do to help. Now a startup out of Kenya is tapping into advances made in augmented reality, mapping and app-based games to further the cause. Internet of Elephants, a startup based out of Nairobi, is building an app-based game of the same… Read More

  • The Dodo is alive and well with 1 billion monthly video views

    The Dodo is alive and well with 1 billion monthly video views

    Looks like people really do like animal videos. The team at The Dodo (an online publisher focused on those aforementioned animals) told me their videos were viewed 1 billion times in November. That’s an increase of more than a tenfold from January, when Dodo videos received a mere 80 million views. The Dodo follows a “distributed” media strategy, which means that the majority… Read More

  • Endangered ferrets are being saved by drones that drop vaccine-laced M&Ms

    Endangered ferrets are being saved by drones that drop vaccine-laced M&Ms

    Here’s your weird but interesting technology story for the day. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) is using M&M-dispensing drones to save endangered black-footed ferrets in rural Montana. The ferret’s main source of food is prairie dogs, which are being killed by the sylvatic plague, a disease spread by rats and fleas that has existed since the 1800s. To date… Read More

  • Klooff Is An App For Pet Lovers Who Idolize Their Animals

    Klooff Is An App For Pet Lovers Who Idolize Their Animals

    Do you love your pet? Do you have a phone? Are you alone and have little else to do? Klooff is the way to go. The app is, as I understand it, a way for pet lovers to share their love for their pets. You take pictures of your pets, meet new friends with similar animals, and then go on walks and stuff. And then you can make products with images of your pet on them. Read More

  • This stupid economy has officially gone too far as Mother’s Cookies is going under

    Gadgets be damned for fifteen minutes, this is real news! Mother’s Cookies – makers of those delicious, delicious frosted Circus Animal Cookies – is going out of business, citing “rising prices for raw materials and fuel,” according to the San Francisco Examiner. This poor economy bullshit is starting to hit me where it hurts; the stomach. Mother’s… Read More

  • Crime-fighting dog found dead in Malaysia

    Sad news, folks. Manny, a dog trained to sniff out pirated DVDs, has died in Malaysia. The AP is reporting that the dog “died of an unknown cause” and that Malaysian authorities don’t suspect foul play, but then added that two other dogs that helped uncover 1.6 million pirated DVDs last year “reportedly caused movie pirates to place a bounty on their heads.”… Read More

  • Real-life dolphin now swims majestically with artificial tail

    Apparently you can fit animals with all sorts of prosthetics these days. Take this dolphin, which got its tail caught in a crab trap two years ago. For two years the dolphin, Winter, couldn’t swim. Now, however! The artificial tail took several months to complete, but now Winter is almost good as new. Why do I bring this up? Because it’s science-related and everyone loves dolphins. Read More

  • A fuzzy goat manipulation device (I think)

    [photopress:fuzzygoatttt.jpg,full,center] If Joel can’t figure out what this fuzzy goat thing is all about, how can you expect me, Nicholas, to? It sorta reminds me of those old Da Vinci drawings of a helicopter. Nearest I can tell, it’s some sort of [fuzzy] goat manipulation device. Be weary of female goats, however, for “the female of the species is more deadly than the… Read More

  • One step to Santa's naughty list

    If you like to pump your music from your iPod for all to hear, and you like to be cruel to animals with seven seconds of memory, have we got the device for you. Meet the iPond, the real-life speaker/aquariam combo that has animal’s rights do-gooders up in arms. Er, fins, or whatever you get up-in for fish. The claim is that the aquarium is up to fifteen times smaller than the fish… Read More

  • The Writer's Strike: Week 5, the sadness sets in but fun is still in the offing

    Former Colbert Report — they’re technically former until Sumner Redstone’s distended syphilitic heart explodes, releasing billions in online revenue back into the economy at large — have new allies. Yes, friends, small animals emoting will no longer support mainstream media. Read More

  • Rescue Dog to the rescue!

    I live in an earthquake zone. It is called Seattle. We don’t have many rumblers here, but when we do, they’re pretty serious. Just a few years ago the mighty Nisqually quake dropped the block my apartment was on six inches. The whole block. Were the quake any harder, the building might have come down around me. If I didn’t die, I’d likely be trapped, as that building… Read More

  • Thug Life: The Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy

    Waiting for the American justice system to run its course can be boring and tedious. If you’re looking for a little something to do while you wait, why not buy your dog a Michael Vick chew toy? It runs for $12.99 (shipped) and the proceeds will apparently be donated to local animal shelters. Unfortunately, it’s claimed to be very durable. Michael Vick Dog Chew Toy [] Read More

  • Weiner Dog Accent Lamp

    Oh my. What do we have here? Could it be a Weiner Dog Accent Lamp that compliments the coffee table perfectly? Could be! It looks like a dog, but it’s really a lamp with a beautiful amber glow! It’ll look perfect next to my Labrador Cigar Cutter. Want to get your weiner on or know someone with a bunch of dachshunds? It’ll set you back $50 and a slice of your pride. Wiener… Read More

  • Pleo Now Available For US Pre-order

    Everyone’s favorite animatronic dinosaur is now one step closer to invading our shores. Pleo’s manufacturer UGOBE is taking pre-orders for the dinosaur and the price isn’t cheap. After earlier reports that Pleo would cost somewhere between $250 and $300, UGOBE has pulled a Nintendo and decided to charge $350 for the lil’ guy. Talk about highway robbery. Don’t get… Read More