Klooff Is An App For Pet Lovers Who Idolize Their Animals

Do you love your pet? Do you have a phone? Are you alone and have little else to do? Start-up Alley entrant Klooff is the way to go. The app is, as I understand it, a way for pet lovers to share their love for their pets. You take pictures of your pets, meet new friends with similar animals, and then go on walks and stuff. And then you can make products with images of your pet on them.

While this kind of sounds like satire, it isn’t. It’s actually a pretty cool, gamified app for pet lovers. While there have been multiple apps like this for years, it’s nice to see some folks really aiming at the “I love my kitty” contingent.

Pet lovers are still a huge market and everyone loves to share their animals – and, just maybe, their hearts – with each other.

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