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Yes, Google is actually building its own Daydream virtual reality headset

Google dashed the rumor-fueled hopes and hype of many yesterday when it failed to bring any real VR hardware onstage and instead spent much of its time detailing the Daydream platform they would be pu

Google asks the Internet for N-words — what could possibly go wrong?

What's worse than asking the Internet at large to name your product? Telling them it has to start with N. Let's just take a moment to appreciate the stupefying magnitude of Google's naiveté here.

Google takes a new approach to native apps with Instant Apps for Android

Mobile apps often provide a better user experience than browser-based web apps, but you first have to find them, download them, and then try not to forget you installed them. Now, Google wants us to r

Android N’s first beta-quality release gets seamless updates and VR mode

As expected, Google made Android N, the next version of its mobile operating system, a cornerstone of its I/O keynote today. With Android N, Google moved to a very different release cycle compared to

Android N Developer Preview 2 hits with Vulkan, shortcuts, less-generic emoji

Developers, start your fastboots! Android N's Developer Preview 2 is now live for OTA updates or manual flashing. This update brings a mixed bag of features and fixes.

Google surprises with early preview of Android N

Google unexpectedly launched the Android N Developer Preview today. And to make things even easier for developers -- and adventurous users -- the preview is available as an over-the-air update. The ex