ThetaRay nabs $57M for AI tools to fight money laundering

Money laundering — the process of transferring assets around in order to disguise the illicit origin of the money — has been a huge and growing business for years, used by terrorists to fi

AI startup Fourthline locks down $54M to bring better ID checks and compliance tools to the finance sector

Fourthline has built AI-based solutions to help with identity verification, help businesses comply with anti-money laundering rules and more.

Post Series-B, anti-fraud platform SEON acquires AML startup Complytron for a rumored €2.5M

Budapest-based SEON — an anti-fraud platform which looks at a customer’s “digital footprint” to weed out false accounts and thus prevent fraudulent transactions —  has acquired comp

Using the blockchain to enhance KYC processes for web3 businesses

The blockchain provides many ways to improve upon the current KYC process to make it more secure, cost-effective and easy to deploy and use.

UK’s Thirdfort nabs $20M for tools to help with ID verification, and detect money laundering and payment fraud

Money laundering has been a hot topic of late in the UK, which is facing pressure to not just make tighter rules to track down the origins of money that’s spent on large assets in the country li

New Zealand-based customer due diligence platform First AML gets $21M Series B

More of the world’s economy is moving online, and that is underscored by the long list of recent fundings and acquisitions in the digital ID authentication and anti-money laundering (AML) space, inc