• AMC Debuts New Series ‘Halt And Catch Fire’… On Tumblr?

    AMC Debuts New Series ‘Halt And Catch Fire’… On Tumblr?

    AMC’s new series “Halt and Catch Fire” attempts to takes us back to the early days of the personal computer and rewrite history to make that era of technology actually look interesting. In an effort to market the show for and about a tech industry to the tech industry, AMC is putting the first episode in the place where the hip, tech-savvy kids hang out these days —… Read More

  • Wanting To Be Don Draper Now Gets You Something On GetGlue

    Back in July, when writing about GetGlue’s partnership with HBO, I told CEO Alex Iskold that if they struck a deal to get Mad Men stickers from AMC, I’d be on board. Well, he went out and did just that. So here I am, loading up GetGlue. And AMC is hardly the only new partner that GetGlue is announcing today. Disney, HGTV, Discovery, and, in what may be a first for news… Read More

  • Mad Men Is This Year's Manga. Assault Begins On Twitter Avatars.

    Remember last summer when seemingly everyone on Twitter had a manga avatar? Then a few weeks later it was an old-style high school yearbook avatar? (I preferred to combine them, killing two birds with one stone.) Well, get ready for another invasion: Mad Men avatars. The television station AMC has set up a website, MadMenYourself, to allow users to create cartoon representations of how they… Read More