Mad Men Is This Year's Manga. Assault Begins On Twitter Avatars.

kdkdRemember last summer when seemingly everyone on Twitter had a manga avatar? Then a few weeks later it was an old-style high school yearbook avatar? (I preferred to combine them, killing two birds with one stone.) Well, get ready for another invasion: Mad Men avatars.

The television station AMC has set up a website, MadMenYourself, to allow users to create cartoon representations of how they might look if they were on the hit show, Mad Men. The results are quite good, and the avatars are already quickly spreading on Twitter.

The site takes an excruciatingly long time to load, but once it does, the process is fast. You start off selecting either a man or woman, choose a few attributes, pick you clothes and accessories. Then you get the option to download a full image complete with a backdrop that you might see on the show, a shot of just your full avatar (nice for Facebook or for an iPhone background), or just your face (perfect for Twitter).

Naturally, this is all just a promotion for the show, which starts its third season in a few weeks. But I’m all in favor of that because the show is awesome. Still, I give it about a month until we’re all sick of seeing these new avatars everywhere. At that point I may just yearbook my Mad Men avatar.