Google Flights will now predict airline delays – before the airlines do

Google is rolling out a few new features to its Google Flights search engine to help travelers tackle some of the more frustrating aspects of air travel – delays and the complexities of the chea

Why do airlines overbook their flights?

We've all been there: You turn up to the gate and there are more passengers than there are seats on the plane. You wouldn't be the first person to think, "If you only have 200 seats, why would you sel

Alaska Airlines is killing off Virgin America and Richard Branson says it’s okay to cry

Alaska Airlines has announced they are killing off the Virgin America brand sometime in 2019. Sad? Angry? You’re not alone. Richard Branson, founder of Virgin America, just penned a love letter

U.S. confirms ban on large electronics in cabins on flights from 10 airports

After a lot of confusion yesterday, we have now learned from senior administration officials that the U.S. is indeed banning U.S.-bound passengers from carrying any personal electronic devices larger

US authorities ban electronics larger than a phone from flights from 13 countries

According to numerous reports, U.S. authorities today alerted a number of Middle Eastern and African airlines that starting soon, their passengers will have to check any electronic items larger than a

Travel app Hopper will now break down airlines’ confusing fees

In an attempt to better compete with low-cost airlines, major air carriers like American Airlines, Delta and United have been rolling out “basic” economy fares – no-frills fares tha

AirHelp raises $12 million to deal with airline customer service for you

Few things are more dreadful than dealing with airline customer service. Fortunately, there’s a startup that wants to make those calls for you. For hassle-free travel, AirHelp is raising $12 million

Surf Air is expanding its “all-you-can-fly” service to Europe

Surf Air, the travel startup that offers “all you can fly” service to paying members, will begin running routes in Europe this October, the company announced today. Specifically, Surf Air’s Euro

IBM And Apple Release Eight More Enterprise Apps For Healthcare, Airlines And More

Apple and IBM’s partnership that has the companies working together to produce enterprise-friendly apps has expanded yet again with the addition of eight more apps designed for iOS devices, incl

UK Widens Ban On Dead Mobile Devices On Flights

The UK government has issued new aviation security guidelines warning that passengers traveling by plane to or from the UK might now face checks on any electronic devices they are carrying with them t

Backed By Travel Veterans, Superfly Launches A “Mailbox For Travel” As It Shifts From Metasearch Into Big Data

Superfly <a href="">launched at TechCrunch Disrupt SF</a> in 2010 with plans to become the of travel, or more specifically, for your rewards an

Targeting Business Travelers, Rocketmiles Lets You Earn Miles For Hotel Stays, No Special Credit Card Needed

Over 25 million Americans participate in frequent-flyer programs that allow them to earn airline miles through flights and credit cards. Today, Chicago-based Rocketmiles is launching a service that wi

Y Combinator-Backed GetGoing Helps You Find Big Discounts On Airfare — If You Let It Choose The Destination

Sure, socially-powered recommendations or good old-fashioned serendipity can be useful tools for discovery, but, when it comes to deciding where you're going to take the family on vacation, you're pro

Follow The Money: Why Priceline Bought Kayak

Last week, <a href=""> acquired Kayak for $1.8 billion</a>. That's more than twice <a href="https://bet

Delta Sends C&Ds To Startups Tracking Airline Rewards; MileWise, AwardWallet & Others Affected

Delta is joining American Airlines and Southwest Airlines as the third major brand to deny travel startups access to users' frequent flyer accounts for the purpose of tracking airlines miles and rewar

Australian Jetstar Airlines To Begin Offering In-Flight iPad Rentals

Australian airline, Jetstar, will begin offering iPad rentals for customers by this April. The iPads will come loaded with “movie, music, magazines, books and games” and will be on A320 f

Delta Would Rather Charge For Extra Baggage Than Run An Ad

<img src="" />Remember back in 2008, when the airlines told us that they needed to add extra charges and fees because of risi

In-flight WiFi being used much less than expected

<img src="" />It took years for the technology to come out, but in-flight WiFi was supposed to be the next big thing. The

US Airways steals kid’s Xbox, he sues, airline says it’s not liable for stolen electronics

<img src="">While I’m sure it’s <em>super</em> fun to stuff your gaming console in your carry-on luggage so it doesn’t get stole

Video: Sir Richard Branson in drag – oh, and Virgin America lands in Boston

<img src="">Doug Aamoth reporting from Logan International Airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Today in the B terminal I saw some good-lo
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