Starry’s SPAC part of Chet Kanojia’s mission to shake up broadband

The internet service provider’s approach involves beaming broadband speed internet through the air using millimeter waves.

Starry Internet and Marvell want to bust open the ISP industry

Expanding and upgrading wireless networks requires an astounding amount of investment, both in terms of time and resources. As we head into the era of 5G connectivity, that investment only increases.

TiVo Receives Approval To Acquire Aereo Assets

DVR maker TiVo announced this morning that its purchase of assets from Aereo – the innovative but ultimately doomed internet TV streaming startup – has been approved by a U.S. Bankruptcy

Aereo To Be Pieced Out And Auctioned Off To The Highest Bidder

Lest you held any lingering hope in your heart of hearts that Aereo would somehow rise from the grave, let them be gone. The courts have just given the greenlight for the company to be pieced apart an

Aereo CEO: Court Made Incredibly Wrong Decision, Cord-Cutting Is Inevitable

This morning, <a href="">Aereo filed for bankruptcy under Chapter 11</a>, marking the end of the road for the cloud-based TV sta

Aereo Files For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

<a href="">Aereo</a>, the streaming TV service that let users watch near-live TV on any internet-connected device, has today announced that the company is filing for C

Federal Court Shuts Down Aereo’s Attempt At A Comeback

In an eleventh hour attempt to save its business following the Supreme Court's ruling that it was illegal, Aereo changed its tune and claimed to be a cable provider in a court filing last month. But t

Copyright Office Deems Aereo Not A Cable Company

More bad news for Aereo. U.S. copyright officials do not consider it a cable company under the terms of copyright law, CNBC is reporting. Aereo lost a Supreme Court ruling last month after the cour

Aereo, The Company Without A Plan B, Finds A Plan C

When Aereo was deemed illegal by the Supreme Court and paused its service last month, it seemed as if the TV streaming service was out of options. But on Wednesday, Aereo lawyers filed a letter wit

After Losing In The Supreme Court, Aereo Turns Its Sights To Congress

When the Supreme Court ruled Aereo was illegal last week, many thought it was the final nail in the coffin for the nascent cloud-based antenna service. But it seems even though CEO Chet Kenojia sai

Aereo Shutters Its TV Streaming Service… For Now

In less than an hour the streaming TV service Aereo will “pause” its operations. In an email sent at 9 AM Eastern Saturday, Chet Kanojia informed customers that because of the U.S. Supreme

This Week On The TC Gadgets Podcast: Google I/O, GoPro IPO, And Aereo

It was a big week for gadgets, with <a href="">GoPro's public offering</a>, <a href="

Aereo’s Dissent

I've been waiting for the Supreme Court ruling on <a target="_blank" href="">Aereo</a> all week. When it came down yesterday, it felt a little bit like Groundhog Day. If the Supr

Aereo Faced With Few Options After Supreme Court Loss

Aereo, the company known for not having a plan B, now has to find one after its loss at the Supreme Court this morning. But none of its options are looking very good. One of its top investors, Barr

Aereo Says That SCOTUS Ruling “Sends A Chilling Message To The Tech Industry”

Aereo has issued a formal response to the decision passed down today by the Supreme Court, ruling that Aereo is illegal because the service is considered a public performance under the Copyright Act.

Broadcast Stocks Trade Higher In Wake Of Aereo Ruling

This morning the United States Supreme Court ruled against Aereo, a startup that employed myriad, tiny antennas to bring broadcast television to consumers digitally, saying that it operates in violati

Aereo Loses In Supreme Court, Deemed Illegal

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling in the legal tussle between streaming TV service Aereo and major network broadcasters. SCOTUS ruled that the decision of the second circ

Aereo Lands On Chromecast

Aereo, the streaming TV service that lets you tune into live television and watch it from any device, has today expanded its support to Chromecast, Google’s $35 smartTV dongle, via the Android a

An Exclusive Interview With Aereo CEO Ahead Of Supreme Court Hearing

Today, the David-vs-Goliath moment that we've all been waiting for will finally arrive. In just a few short moments, Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia and his legal team will enter the Supreme Court Courthouse t

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia Explains The Broadcaster Battle In His Own Words

In the past year, Aereo has fought legal battles in three different states with broadcasters looking to get the streaming TV service kicked off the air, if you catch my drift. Tomorrow, the case g
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