Aereo Lands On Chromecast

Aereo, the streaming TV service that lets you tune into live television and watch it from any device, has today expanded its support to Chromecast, Google’s $35 smartTV dongle, via the Android app.

Aereo has been available on Android since last year, but this latest development lets those same users watch Aereo on an actual TV through Chromecast, as opposed to being limited to tablets and smartphones.

Aereo is a relatively new service that lets users rent out miniature, remote antennas, used to access nearly-live TV from any device. The service also comes with a DVR storage plan, which theoretically lets you cut your cable bill from $100 to $12 with almost nothing lost.

Of course, you can only access channels that offer free OTA broadcast access, so forget about Bravo or ESPN.

Aereo has run into legal trouble with broadcasters over the service, as broadcasters question the issue of Copyrights in the midst of Aereo’s technological innovation. After years of local battles, the two sides took the matter to the Supreme Court in April, and we’re still awaiting a decision that will determine the fate of the startup.

But for now, the company is clearly taking things one day at a time and moving forward, most recently with the support of Chromecast.

Android owning TV lovers, rejoice!