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France puts Facebook on notice over WhatsApp data transfers

Facebook and WhatsApp have been issued with formal notices by France's data protection watchdog warning that data transfers being carried out for 'business intelligence' purposes currently lack a lega

Makers or breakers?

The weight of problems being demonstrably attached to heavily used tech services has acquired such a gravitational and political pull that it's becoming harder and harder for these businesses to sides

Facebook fined €1.2M for privacy violations in Spain

Another privacy-related fine for Facebook in Europe: The Spanish data protection regulator has issued a €1.2M (~$1.4M) fine against the social media behemoth for a series of violations regarding its

Verizon’s new opt-in rewards program requires users to share personal data for ad-targeting

U.S. carrier Verizon has launched a new rewards program as it pushes for more lucrative ways to eke money out of a subscriber base that's not growing as easily as it once was.

Facebook denies it sells ad-targeting based on users’ emotions

Facebook has denied it offers tools to advertisers to target users when they are in vulnerable emotional states.

Facebook will disable “ethnic affinity” targeting for housing, employment and credit-related ads

It may be tough to remember given all the discussion about the role that Facebook’s News Feed may have played in getting Donald Trump elected, but the company was also criticized recently for

Facebook makes its dynamic ads more friendly to brick-and-mortar retailers

Facebook just announced some new features for its dynamic ads, aimed at making the format more appealing to businesses with brick-and-mortar stores. Facebook’s dynamic ads show you different pro

How to opt out of sharing your WhatsApp info with Facebook

WhatsApp has started pushing out its new terms and conditions. If you want to opt out of sharing your data with Facebook for ad-targeting and product-related purposes, click through the slides to see

AcuityAds acquires social ad targeter 140 Proof for up to $20M

140 Proof, a company that helps advertisers target their campaigns based on social data, has been acquired by AcuityAds for up to $20 million in cash. 140 Proof co-founder and CEO Jon Elvekrog said th

Facebook’s new ad tool helps target people who will actually use, not just install, mobile apps

Getting people to download apps on their phone is hard enough. Getting to use them and return is even harder. And getting valuable users who spend money in the app or take other actions that the devel

Metadata raises $2M to help advertisers target users who resemble their existing sales leads

Ad-targeting startup Metadata announced it has raised $2 million in seed funding. Co-founder and CEO Gil Allouche said the company’s technology offers an effective way for businesses that sell

LinkedIn advertisers can now use their own data to improve targeting

LinkedIn advertisers are getting a new way to target their campaigns — specifically, a feature allowing them to aim Sponsored InMail and Sponsored Updates toward companies where they're actually try

Drawbridge Is Building A Business Beyond Ad Targeting

Drawbridge isn't just an ad-tech company anymore. We've written about how the company, which is backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and Sequoia Capital, has built technology to determine

Consumer Data Startup Eyeota Lands $7M Series A For International Growth

Eyeota, an ad-targeting and consumer data startup based in Singapore, will grow its technology platform and international offices after raising a $7 million Series A. Investors include Global Brain Co

Adobe Expands Ad Platform With New Marketplace For Buying And Selling Data

Adobe is giving customers access to more data with the launch of a new offering, the Audience Marketplace. The company already offers the similarly named Audience Manager, where customers can bring to

Researchers Probe Online Ad-Targeting Bias

As algorithmic decision-making touches more and more aspects of our lives, questions about the underlying rules that route these bits and bytes -- and ultimately determine the digital content and oppo

Facebook Turns On “Bandwidth Targeting” To Match Mobile Ads To Your Network Quality

Facebook today counts more users, and faster growth, outside of its home market of the U.S. than inside it, but the U.S. still accounts for nearly half of all the social network’s ad revenues. T

Ad Analytics And Targeting Company Dstillery Raises $24M More For Mobile Growth

<a target="_blank" href="">Dstillery</a>, the marketing company <a target="_blank" href="">formerly known as Media6Degr

Facebook’s Ad Targeting Will Get Interest Data From Outside Websites And New Options For Opting Out

Facebook says it's bringing more data into its interest-based ad targeting — specifically data from non-Facebook websites and mobile apps. So even if your profile doesn't say anything about your

Drawbridge Says It Now Supports Video In Its Cross-Device Ad Targeting

<a target="_blank" href="">Drawbridge</a>, the<a href=""> Kleiner Perkins- and Sequoia-backed</a> startu
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