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Cloud optimization startup ProsperOps lands $72M investment

The cloud is growing expensive. According to a recent survey from ESG, more than half of companies say that their spending on public cloud apps will increase in 2023 while 56% expect their public clou

Founderpath secures $145M in debt and equity to help B2B SaaS startup founders avoid dilution

In this challenging fundraising environment, more startups than ever are turning to alternative financial solutions such as debt. Despite the negative connotation associated with debt, a startup shoul

Finally takes in $95M in equity, debt to roll out lending for small businesses

Finally collects bookkeeping, invoice and payroll data points and leverages AI and automation to put produce a full financial picture for clients.

Fathom raises $4.7M for its AI notetaker

Fathom, a startup that is building an AI notetaker for Zoom, today announced that it has raised a $4.7 million seed round from a range of early-stage investors, including Zoom’s own Apps Fund. O

Proving voicemail doesn’t have to be wack, the Slack-backed startup Yac raises $7.5 million

Yac, the Orlando, Florida-based startup that’s digitizing voice messages for remote offices, has raised $7.5 million in a new round of funding. The company’s service has garnered enough at

Austin-based ReturnSafe raises $3.25 million for its employee health management tools

ReturnSafe, a symptom checking and contact tracing employee health management toolkit for businesses, has raised $3.25 million in financing from investors including Fifty Years and Active Capital.  W