Salesforce is reportedly in talks to acquire Mulesoft and the stock is going nuts

After previously investing in Mulesoft, it looks like Salesforce may finish off the deal and is in advanced talks to acquire the data management software provider altogether, according to a report fr

The deal that never was: OYO says it didn’t acquire rival ZO Rooms after all

There’s closure around one of the most curious tech deals out of India in recent times, but it isn’t the conclusion most will expect. OYO Rooms, the budget hotel network that raised $250 m

Will the tech acquisition spree continue?

The year was off to a good start for technology acquisitions, according to data provided by PwC and Thomson Reuters. There were 486 U.S. tech deals announced in the first quarter, totaling $42.8 billi

A conversation about tech M&A trends and Trump

Some very big brands outside the tech space have been stepping in to acquire technology companies as the pressure to keep up with consumer-powered digital trends touches more industries. Add in a dere

What does Trump mean for tech M&A?

After Donald Trump’s unexpected presidential victory earlier this month, the tech community has been trying to assess how the new administration will impact them. There are concerns that there will

Cuban: AT&T-Time Warner will create more competition

While many people are arguing that the proposed $85 billion AT&T and Time Warner deal would be bad for consumer choice, billionaire Mark Cuban has a contrarian viewpoint. The merger would lead to

Google acquires API.AI, a company helping developers build bots that aren’t awful to talk to

Google has just disclosed that it has snatched up the team behind API.AI. API.AI provides tools to developers to help them build conversational, Siri-esque bots. As humans, we’re pretty good at

The email, data and privacy implications of Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn

We all took a collective gasp when we saw the price tag of Microsoft's acquisition of LinkedIn. Now that the dust has settled a bit, we can pause and reflect on what this means from a data, privacy an

Atlassian acquires Statuspage

Atlassian today announced that it has acquired Statuspage, a Y Combinator-incubated service that allows online businesses to keep their users updated about the status of their online services. The fin

Acqui-hire experts Tasman acqui-hired by consulting juggernaut Ernst & Young

So you wanna buy a startup? But how do you get the deal signed and roll their team into yours? Consulting behemoth Ernst & Young wants to have the answers and rule M&A advisory services in Sil

Family App Life360 Acquires Couple, A Private Messaging App For Two

Life360, the mobile application designed for families, announced today that it has acquired the private messaging application and Y Combinator grad Couple (formerly known as Pair), based in Mountain V

Apple Acquired 24 Companies In The Last 18 Months

Apple’s pace of acquisition has seemed to be picking up lately, and Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed just how many the company has been making of late. Cupertino has nabbed 24 companies over the cour

With Its $5 Billion Share Buyback Program, Yahoo Still Has A Big Pile Of Cash For Acquisitions

Yahoo just released its mixed Q2 earnings, and a few sentences may have given the answer everyone was waiting for — yes, Yahoo still has plenty of cash to pursue more acquisitions. Evidence of t

Yahoo’s Shopping Spree Continues With Conference Calling Startup Rondee

Thought Yahoo's acquisition spree would culminate with its <a href="">$1.1 billion Tumblr

As Tech Giants Scramble For Talent, It’s Buy Or Die

The writing's on the wall. Mobile is the future, and it requires different skill than the web. Entrepreneurship is more fetishized than ever, making standard hiring tough. The result is days like toda

$45 Billion Later, Larry Ellison Says No Major Acquisitions For Next Few Years

Larry Ellison said today that Oracle does not plan to do any acquisitions in the next few years but would not rule one out down the road. He made the remarks in a CNBC interview at OracleOpenWorld i

Microsoft Completes Its $1.2B Yammer Acquisition

Microsoft just <a target="_blank" href="">announced</a> that it has now officially com

Facebook’s News Feed Sorely Needs A “Read It Later” Button, And That’s Where Spool Comes In

Here's a common problem: you notice an awesome article, video, or song in the Facebook news feed but there's no easy way to save it for later. So while <a href="

Camera+ Turned Down Acquisitions From Adobe, Google, Twitter; Also Says “F*ck The VCs”

Two years ago, app developer tap tap tap launched <a target="_blank" href="">Camera+</a> onto the App Store. For only a buck, users could get way more mileage out of the mobile photogr

Airbnb Acquires UK-based Crashpadder As Part Of International Growth Push

<a href="">Airbnb</a> has acquired <a href="">Crashpadder</a>, a London-based company that runs an online marketplace where people can list their homes and a
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