VCs should want to hold early-stage companies more accountable

If VCs hold their portfolio companies more accountable from the start, not only would it prevent future problems, but it would also likely help build better businesses.

Fiddler Labs, SRI and Berkeley experts open up the black box of machine learning at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

As AI permeates the home, work and public life, it’s increasingly important to be able to understand why and how it makes its decisions. Explainable AI isn’t just a matter of hitting a swi

Covert influence is the new money laundering

As more media companies realize Russia bought advertising space or promoted news stories -- fake and otherwise -- on their platforms, covert influence has become the new money laundering. Both activit

The carrot and stick of data breaches

Data breaches are on the rise. Just recently we saw new reports confirming Yahoo! suffered another breach back in 2013. It seems like putting personal information in a website today feels a bit like g

Facebook needs accountability to win back advertisers’ trust

The advertising industry let out a collective groan in September when Facebook admitted a “discrepancy” in its reporting that led it to overstate how much time, on average, viewers were watching v

The need for algorithmic accountability

There is a new generation of companies exerting such great influence on society that they’re essentially becoming utilities. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Uber are near monopolies that provide servic