• Wacom Teases Mobile Tablet With Pro Pressure Sensitivity, Multi-Touch And HD Display Coming This Summer

    Wacom Teases Mobile Tablet With Pro Pressure Sensitivity, Multi-Touch And HD Display Coming This Summer

    Wacom, the leading player when it comes to pressure-sensitive input devices aimed at photo and digital art professionals, has teased an upcoming mobile tablet product on its Facebook account. In response to what Wacom characterizes as outspoken customer feedback, the company says it’s working on a a device with “a pressure-sensitive professional pen, smooth multi-touch, an HD… Read More

  • Wacom’s Inkling Captures What You Draw On Paper Digitally (Amazing Video)

    Wacom’s Inkling Captures What You Draw On Paper Digitally (Amazing Video)

    Wacom has announced a pretty amazing product today, the Inkling. This so-called Digital Sketch Pen allows you to capture whatever you draw or write on a sketchbook or any kind of paper in digital form, “stroke by stroke”. Just insert a sheet of paper or a notebook into the receiver, use the Inkling Digital Pen and transfer your works to your computer to refine them digitally… Read More

  • The PenMoto, Reborn

    The PenMoto, Reborn

    We covered the PenMoto when it was still a gleam in its creator’s eye and, sadly, it was never completed as the designer, Kelvin Geis, cancelled it on Kickstarter. Well, friends, the PenMoto is back and it’s better than ever. The new project involves the same pen mount product – a magnet holds your Wacom or drawing pen in place so you can use the keyboard and then flip it… Read More

  • The Wacom Bamboo Stylus Is Coming To America For $30 Mid-May

    Wacom sort of announced the Bamboo Stylus a few days back at a European event which left us here across the Pond feeling a bit left out. Our European friends and foes found out that the upcoming stylus was hitting retailers next month for £25, which works out to be an expensive $41 USD. Good news — well, for some. The Bamboo Stylus is hitting American stores for a much more modest… Read More

  • Wacom Outs First Its iPad Accessory, The Bamboo Stylus

    It takes a novel feature or clever gimmick for a touchscreen stylus to make news. The niche product hasn’t been innovated since aliens built the pyramids. But Wacom is now making a touchscreen stylus. That’s news. Read More

  • Wacom Cintiq 21UX: Now this is a touchscreen

    Pressure-sensitive tablets are nothing new but how about a tablet that can sense 2048 levels of pressure? This $1999 Wacom tablet has a 21.3-inch touchscreen as well as rear toggle buttons for performing actions without having to lift your pen. Read More

  • Wacom proves that size does matter, and pressure sensitivity too

    Wacom had this awesome big touchscreen with a big line to use it. I’m really not much of an artist and probably would have drawn something obscene anyway, so I resisted the temptation to hang around. Of course, Leonardo here was just starting some masterpiece so I probably wouldn’t have gotten a shot anyhow. The screen looked really nice and didn’t appear to have any lag… Read More

  • Wacom Ships Widescreen-Compatible Graphics Tablets

    There are two brands serious graphics artists will probably never abandon: Apple and Wacom. Anyone who does any real digital designing knows that a Wacom tablet is as necessary to them as paint brushes are to a traditional artist. The problem facing many of them now is that Apple (and other computer manufacturers) are tending toward widescreen (closer to, if not, a 16:9 aspect ratio)… Read More