The PenMoto, Reborn

We covered the PenMoto when it was still a gleam in its creator’s eye and, sadly, it was never completed as the designer, Kelvin Geis, cancelled it on Kickstarter. Well, friends, the PenMoto is back and it’s better than ever.

The new project involves the same pen mount product – a magnet holds your Wacom or drawing pen in place so you can use the keyboard and then flip it back into your hand when you’re ready to draw – and $25 gets you one pen ($35 for international orders). However, Kevin has improved many of the features and reduced the manufacturing complexity considerably. Previous backers of the project will get the pen for free when it is manufactured.

Why did they cancel the previous project?

We took a chance by canceling the previous funding’s momentum, but this is what we improved.

-Self-Sizing Rings (no need to measure your finger)

-Adaptive couplers for nearly any Pen or Stylus

-Simplified Pledges

-Stylish, Lighter, and more Comfortable

-Four alternatives for Manufacturing

So there you have it: the pen holder of the future is still alive and kicking and waiting for your pledge.

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