This Week On The TechCrunch Droidcast: SHIELD Me From These Idiots, I Want A Wacom And Google’s Now Octopus

Midweek, we’re here for you! Our hump day tradition of the TechCrunch Droidcast continues into its third episode with your host Chris Velazco, myself and special guest Romain Dillet delivering some worldly charm.

This week, we’ve got some new Android-powered hardware to discuss, including the Nvidia Shield portable gaming console and Wacom’s new Cintiq Companion Hybrid combo Android tablet/PC or Mac drawing tablet. Both niche devices, but good examples of what Android can do when it isn’t just being used for phones or tablets.

We also get into Google’s native app strategy, prompted by the Keep update that came out today. Is Google Now the future? Are all apps destined to become features of that on-demand, contextually aware service? Spoiler: We have no idea.

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Intro music by Kris Keyser.