Wacom Launches Bamboo Paper On Android, Windows 8 And Kindle Fire

Drawing tablet and digitizer hardware maker Wacom is expanding the availability of its homegrown note-taking app today, with a launch that brings the previously iPad-only app to devices powered by Android and Windows 8, and to Amazon Kindle Fire tablets. The note-taking app is optimized for handwritten notes and doodles, and works with Wacom’s Bamboo line of tablet styli, and the Intros Creative Stylus, as well as general purpose devices from other makers.

Wacom’s entry into note-taking software started last year, but the new project uses its new Wacom Ink Layer Language to allow users to share and edit their work across platforms and devices. It also introduces a key new handwritten note taking app to devices like the Surface Pro 3, which so far works with OneNote for cloud-based handwritten notes, but not much else besides.