Wacom’s Intuos 3D package bundles a pen tablet with 3D design software

Wacom’s IFA announcements thus far have centered around the company’s consumer-facing Bamboo line. Earlier this week, the tablet maker showed off two new versions of its sketchpad digitizer, in keeping with what’s been something of a broader trend at this year’s show.

Unveiled this morning, the Intuos 3D is a bit closer to the company’s root’s. The offering is essentially a bundle that integrates Wacom’s Intuos pen tablet offering with Pixologic’s ZBrushCore 3D design software.

According to the company, the integration between hardware and software goes deeper, offering an approximation of the tactile feedback one gets with real-world modeling. I mean, hey, just look at how happy the guy is to be using it in the above picture.

The Intuos 3D’s natural and intuitive pen works seamlessly with Pixologic’s powerful ZBrushCore software, built from the same ZBrush foundation that top professional film and game studios have been using for their 3D creations for years.

The $200 bundle is designed to be an end-to-end entry level 3D modeling package. Once a design is created, it can be uploaded and shared via the online 3D modeling community Sketchfab or sent straight to Shapeways to be printed out. It will also ship with “special offers” from both of the services.

The package goes on sale late next month through Amazon and Wacom’s own site.