Wacom adds a pair of pro tablets with improved pens

That there crazy bit of digital psychedelia above is being shown off on one of Wacom’s new pen tablets. The peripheral maker is debuting two devices today that comprise its newly branded Pro line of slates, focused, as the name implies, on creative professionals. The biggest upgrade to the Cintiq Pro 13 and Cintiq Pro 16, however, actually comes courtesy of their input device.

The new Pro Pen 2 promises four times the accuracy and pressure sensitivity of its predecessor, according to the company, coupled with a more natural-feeling feedback on the tablets’ coated glass surface. That input is coupled with multi-touch functionality for pinch to zoom and the like. They’re also compatible with Wacom’s ExpressKey wireless remote for accessing shortcuts.

The 13- and 16-inch tablets clock in at 1920×1080 and 3840×2160, respectively, and feature edge-to-edge glass and slimmer profiles than earlier models, coupled with pop out and stand that’ll be sold separately.

The 13-inch is due out next month, priced at $1,000; the 16-inch will run $500 more when it drops in February.