• iPod nano banned by many gyms

    The iPod nano has become very popular with the gym crowd. It’s light, doesn’t skip, and is inexpensive enough that if it gets stolen, it’s not the end of the world. The bad news is, many gyms are banning the new version, due to the camera. Seems that recording devices in general are verboten in gym locker rooms, and something small and concealable like an iPod nano is… Read More

  • CrunchGear PSA: Don't buy the yellow iPod nano

    I got the yellow iPod nano thinking it would be more like the old brushed nanos with a little bit of color. Instead I open the box to discover it looks like something Elton John would wear on his head like a feather. This is not to disparage Elton John or feathers. It’s just that it’s a little bright. Read More

  • Rumor: 5g iPod nano rendering

    If we are to believe an iLounge tipster, this is what the next iPod nano will look like. The screen ratio will change from 1.33:1 to 1.5:1. the click wheel will be shifted down and shrunk a bit. And yes, it will have a camera. All this in a less scratchable plastic (eww, plastic) matte body. The same tipster states that this new nano will be released with the iPod touch which should be… Read More

  • The EagleTec USB Nano flash drive: it doesn't get much smaller

    Will you look at that. That’s one tiny flash drive. The EagleTec USB Nano takes small to a whole new, and welcomed, level. No longer are we going to be subject to large appendages sticking out of our laptop’s side. Oh now, now that this drive is out from EagleTec, chances are we’ll see ’em from other manufacturers too. But really, the EagleTec one seems good ‘nough. Read More

  • New underwear burns body fat when worn

    Japan-based chemistry company Teijin announced the development of underwear that can burn away body fat. All that wearers need to do is let the fabric hug their skin to generate friction resistance when they go about their daily routines. Read More

  • Coveroo: The Final Countdown for the Be Less Boring Contest

    Alright. You’ve been good kids for the past three days. Now I want to give you an iPod Nano. Here’s how to win. Read More

  • VIA makes Nano official in Samsung NC20

    No surprise here, but VIA’s issued a press release officially announcing that Samsung’s NC20, the 12-inch successor to the NC10 netbook, does indeed have a VIA Nano CPU – a fact that’s been known for quite some time now. Along with the news, we’ve got some official specs for the soon-to-be-released computer, although we still don’t have official pricing… Read More

  • Lenovo eyeing Ion, VIA netbook platforms

    We may see Lenovo netbooks packing NVIDIA and VIA chips pretty soon here. Digitimes is reporting that “Lenovo plans to launch 11.6-inch and 12.1-inch netbooks combining Intel’s Atom processor and Nvidia’s Ion platform in the second quarter of this year.” Read More

  • iPhone nano clones already available for your knock-off pleasure

    AppleInsider has received photos of an iPhone nano clone that copies the original iPhone almost perfectly but in a considerably smaller form factor. Read More

  • iPhone Nano rumor restarted with a case mockup

    Macworld is mere weeks and there really hasn’t been any substantial rumors besides this one involving a iPhone Nano. Ever since the original iPhone launched, Mac fanboys have been dreaming of a complete iPod-ish lineup that includes a small, nano version. It is widely known, and the source of many leaks, that iPhone/iPod case manufacturers receive basic specs and dimensions of upcoming… Read More

  • Incipio's Lloyd adds a microphone to your 4G iPod Nano

    iPod microphone add-ons have been around for…well…as long as the iPod and Incipio has a refreshed model dubbed Lloyd for the new(er) iPod Nano. It simply snaps onto the bottom located dock connector and even features a pass-through headphone jack. All this goodness, including noise reducing design, can be yours for only $17.95. Read More

  • Apple rolls out big 4th gen iPod nano patch

    Owner of a 4th-gen iPod nano? You might wanna download the 1.0.3 update for your new iPod. The 53MB patch adds Apple in-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic support along with fixes for some Cover Flow issues. Specifically the iPod doesn’t distort Cover Flow when using TV out slideshow and allows you to turn it off when rotating the iPod into a landscape position. So yeah, stop… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: New iPod Nano for $134.99

    Been waiting to pull the trigger on the new iPod Nano? Pull, damn it, pull! has the 8GB version for about $15 cheaper than most places. You can also get the 16GB version for $188.54, which is a little over $11 off the regular price of $200. The fourth generation iPod Nano has a new curvy design, shake-to-shuffle feature, and an accelerometer for games, videos, and photos in… Read More

  • UK participant in Apple's "Back to School" promo getting the 4G Nano

    Well isn’t this a load of crap. Apple’s annual “Back to School” event just finished up here in the States, but is apparently getting underway ‘cross the pond. Because of the timing, those lucky Brits will get the new iPod Nano announced last week, with our students getting hosed with the previous generation. More details on Apple’s UK website. via TUAW Read More

  • How to crack open the three new iPods

    This is kind of a tradition now: new iPods launch and some chump has to tear ’em apart. RapidRepair happened to chronicle the whole thing and provides instructions for us common folk for when we need to repair our new iPods. 4G Nano, 2G Classic, 2G Touch. Read More

  • Review: iPod Nano 4G

    If you don’t own a Nano, get one of these. If you do, you can probably do to wait. The improvements to this model are manifold but not amazingly compelling, especially considering we haven’t had much time to play with the genius features yet. Read More

  • Apple store back online, new iPods ready for you

    There you go kiddies. Apple has opened its floodgates for the masses. The new 120GB iPod classic, NIKE+ iPod Touch and 8GB Nano are shipping today, with the 16GB Nano’s shipping early next week and $79, two-way headphones shipping next month. Read More

  • Apple's fourth-gen iPod Nano: new screen and 8 color options

    Just as we expected, Apple has upgraded the iPod Nano to the thinest evah, with an elongated screen, increased storage capacity, voice recorder, and nine color options. The screen will iPhone-ish rotate between landscape and portrait modes thanks to accelerometers making Cover-Flow and movie viewing more viable on the small iPod. New Genius playlists can also be created on the fly. 8GB for… Read More

  • Last minute Apple "Let's Rock" rumors

    With the Apple press conference mere hours away, the ‘ol rumor mill is work’n overtime. Quoting long time sources, AppleInsider claims that the iPod Shuffle is going to five color options and while the Classic is only going to be available in two. The real news is that the third-gen Nano is getting a whopping nine color palette and will… Read More

  • Is this the 4G iPod Nano?

    Here we are, friends: a semi-possibly-real picture of the iPod Nano 4G. As we see, it’s fairly blurry and it’s similar to the leaks we’ve seen so far so this either means we’ve got a good Photoshop on our hands or we’re going to be like kids on Christmas on Tuesday.

    via Nowhereelse Read More