Hands-On With The New iPod nano

Meet the new Nano: It’s definitely not the same as the old Nano. This upgraded model is more akin to the original Nano design with a longer screen and physical home button. The device is far smaller than you’d expect, and it’s mostly glass and aluminum with a bit of plastic to hold it together.

The UI is very similar to the old Nano’s stripped-down iOS except that functionality appears in little icons arrayed on the screen. The standard functions are still there – music player, FM radio, sports apps – but this one also plays back video and photos.

The Nano is, to be clear, the runt of the iPod/iPhone litter. It’s quite inexpensive, and the screen is far less interesting than anything else in the line. It’s great for casual use, and parents may consider it now as a good option for kids. While I still like the previous Nano for its size, this upgrade adds a bit more of the media features we’ve come to expect from iPods.

The Nano will be available in October for $149. It has a 16GB capacity.

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