• Some folks still don't know about the digital TV transition

    Oh me, oh my! The most vulnerable segment of our population, the old and useless, don’t seem to know much about the upcoming transition to digital TV. Some simply don’t know what’s going on—chalk that up to the horrendous ad campaign the government has run so far—while others, like 69-year-old ray of sunshine Bertha Graham, refuse to acknowledge the transition… Read More

  • What else can you get from AT&T for $199?

    Before you blow your 2-year-contract wad switching to AT&T on Friday, why not switch for some other compelling handsets on AT&T Wireless. Before you say “OK! Lets!” how about we take a walk through AT&T’s website to see why, specifically, the iPhone is basically saving AT&T’s ass. Read More

  • Happy Bungie Day!

    If you haven’t already been informed of this then I have great news for you! Today is Bungie Day and to celebrate you can download a gaggle of Halo 3 goodies from Xbox Live that include themes, gamer pics, and the ultra frosty Cold Storage map as well as a price drop for the Legendary Map Pack down to 600 MS points. I guess I should dig up my copy of Halo 3 and take out Gear of War. Yes… Read More

  • Review: MSI Wind

    For those of you looking for a reason NOT to buy the MSI Wind, I can’t really give you a good one. It’s a great little machine. Go ahead and buy one if you’ve been waiting. For everyone else, read on for the pros and cons of this aggressively-priced, yet impressively-performing netbook. Read More

  • Review: Nokia N78

    Nokia’s N-Series is an odd amalgam of high-tech and low, melding some of the best smartphone technology with phones that haven’t changed much since the first proto-Finns heaved their bark boats onto the rocky beaches of Soumenlinna and began fashioning crude cellphones out of cork and shale. Much has changed about the Nokia line over the years but all of the phones are… Read More

  • Google Lets You Monitor Access To Your Gmail Account

    Gmail has introduced a new privacy feature that will let users see how many computers their account is open on, and also allows them to sign-out remotely. Basic information is displayed as part of the page’s standard footer, and users looking for more detailed information can view a log that displays the most recent IP addresses to access the account, along with the type of access… Read More

  • Atlus announces Persona 4 (I'm excited)

    You may have read my recommendation of Atlus’ monster hit, Persona 3: FES in a not-so-recent CrunchArcade column. It’s a great game, and as you can guess from the “3” in its title, part of an ongoing series. Atlus just announced the next entry in the series, unsurprisingly titled Persona 4. I thought I’d mention it in case you hadn’t taken my advice… Read More

  • Segway CTO to join Apple: Didn't Jobs hate the Segway?

    Flickr’d The Segway, seen here in all its inelegance, was a milestone in something or other. All the more reason, then, to applaud the company’s CTO for accepting a position at Apple. Doug Field, if we’re to believe random posts on a Segway message board, will become Apple vice president of product design. When the Segway was first introduced, it was universally teased… Read More

  • Twitter May Buy Summize

    Twitter may buy Virginia-based Summize, a Twitter search engine, says Jason Calacanis. A source close to Twitter says that the two companies have been in discussions around a merger over the last couple of weeks, but won’t comment on whether an actual sale has occurred, or the terms. The deal certainly makes sense. Unlike rival Friendfeed, Twitter still lacks a search feature. And… Read More

  • Exilim gets "pre-record" ability with firmware update

    How cool is this? The Casio Exilim EX-F1 is a freak camera to be sure, but if they’re going to continue expanding its capabilities with stuff like this, it’s going to be the most popular freak on the block. You could already turn back the clock with the EX-F1 in certain modes by holding down the button halfway, but now you can put on a mode that will recapture the last five seconds… Read More

  • World's biggest, most expensive game of Duck Hunt

    The ST-2 Shooting Simulator from Marksman Training Systems is, I suppose, the most advanced fowl-blasting training environment available. It amounts to a large projection screen and a camera you stick to your gun; the hit detection system is a mystery to me, although I’m fairly sure it doesn’t use the Zapper method. Considering it takes up an entire room, I think this system… Read More

  • Old NES cartridge modded into portable emulator

    Ah nostalgia. An enterprising individual over at the BenHeck forums has “basically cannibalized a OneStation” into an old NES cartridge that runs on three N-cell batteries (commonly found in certain scientific calculators). The innards of the cartridge house a 99-in-1 chip which should provide nearly endless hours of entertainment and contain most of your favorite NES… Read More

  • iPhone hacked to run Flash Lite

    This is as far from an Adobe sanctioned product as you can get but it’s still pretty cool. Thomas Joos created a little Flash client in the iPhone and it seems to work quite well. As a proof of concept it’s great but as a big “Nah nah nah you can’t have official Flash so just suck on this for a while” it’s not so great. via Giz Read More

  • Images of the BlackBerry Thunder media player surface

    I can’t say that this excites me very much and I doubt it will excite any of you, but BBSync has some exclusive images of the Thunder’s (9500) music player. Apparently the Thunder’s music player will be carrier specific (BOO!) with the ability to purchase songs on the fly. We know the Bold will ship with Media Sync and it makes me wonder why the Thunder won’t have it. Read More

  • Is that Wall-E? No, it's a GameCube!

    Holy snikes! This Wall-E movie has all the critics gushing, and for good reason. It’s a movie about a robot in the future. That has two thumbs up written all over it. Now you can replicate all the fun at home, maybe, by transforming your Nintendo GameCube into Mr. Wall-E himself. One of the more thorough case mods I’ve ever seen, that much is true. Too bad the GameCube had so… Read More

  • Maybe SSDs do save battery life after all

    You may remember a story a little while back suggesting that SSDS did not in fact save battery power. Well, that really pulled the tail of the great cat “The Internet,” resulting in heavy criticism of the testers’ methods. People feel that the higher-end SSDs may have been using more power, but the tests ignored that their higher capacities meant they would do more work… Read More

  • Segway CTO Joins Apple: The Beginning Of The Jobs Transition?

    Tim O’Reilly broke the news late last night that the CTO of Segway, Doug Field, is leaving to become VP of product design at Apple. Doug had been in charge of Segway’s entire engineering team since day one. John Grohol, Segway’s former Web Architect, wrote on Segway Chat earlier today: Doug has been the driving force in making the Segway what it is today and will be… Read More

  • They use computers in classrooms now!

    Reuters, the chain of family restaurants that doubles as a news organization, has an adorable piece today illustrating the type of impact technology had had on education in the United States. Kids now type answers to math problems on their state-subsidized MacBook in Boston; Google Docs is used to write “What I did during my summer vacation” (“Daddy drank a lot of beer and… Read More

  • My Yahoo Rolls Out New Interface, Tries To Fend Off iGoogle

    My Yahoo, the leading customized homepage provider, has finally rolled out its redesigned interface to all of its users. Yahoo has allowed users to upgrade to the new interface for over a year, but has taken its time in rolling it out to everyone. New features in this release include: More modules from content providers (New York Times, WSJ, etc.) More modules that integrate content from… Read More

  • ‘FriendMobilizer’ brings Facebook to Windows Mobile

    MoDaCo is reporting a new standalone Windows Mobile application that brings Facebook to the small screen. While it’s no secret that you can access a mobile version of Facebook from just about mobile browser, FriendMobilizer cuts away a bunch of the fluff and loading times, with the added bonus of sending status updates and friend requests to your Windows Mobile Home Screen every… Read More

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