• Sony Ericsson Xperia torn apart on video, piece.. by piece.. by piece

    Anybody who’s still aching for the Xperia X1 to slide its way to their region might want to look away, else see the guts of their beloved handset splayed out like some sort of science project. A gent going by Cyk1 has slapped on a pair of white gloves (classy), grabbed the closest guitar pick (hey, it’s good for unlocking latches without marring the plastic), and torn the X1 down… Read More

  • Confusion: Gears of War 2's release up in the air in Germany, Japan

    This statement from a Microsoft spokesperson, as told to Edge, has the Internet mildly interested: We can confirm that Gears of War 2 will not be available in Germany or Japan indefinitely. Then, a short time later, Microsoft rushed to clarify the statement, saying it had “no announcement” has been made regarding the game’s release in Japan. When you consider that Gears of… Read More

  • Knight Rider poll results and a poll aboutThe Big Bang Theory wall thingie

    Okay, First things first. 74% of the poll takers aren’t fans of the new Knight Rider; not a big surprise. More importantly though, the Big Bang Theory investigation thickens as there wasn’t a clear cut answer about WTF that thing is on the apartment wall. There were two common themes from my question yesterday though: either a some sort of keyboard/piano action or an… Read More

  • Contest: Who would buy this?

    From Brando: Millennium Series Pistol Lighter! Come with White LED and Bank Note detector. Your mission: describe the person who would buy this. I’ll send you something from the pile o’ gadgets in my office. I’m thinking female drug dealer working at a Times Square electronics store. Read More

  • IMScouting Pulls Off Ambitious Soccer Data Play

    If Content is king then Data is its prince. And generally speaking, the more unique and difficult it is to gather, the greater is its value. A recent example of this is RepairPal which applies a narrow and deep approach to collecting data on automobile parts and repair prices in the US. The data collection is anything but trivial and requires significant manual labor, but the outcome could be… Read More

  • Mamiya's medium format digital: the 28-megapixel DL28

    I feel safe in my conviction that I’ll never be using one of these Mamiya beasts, or its Leica, Leaf, or Hasselblad cousins. They’re just too… big. As medium-format digital photography becomes more capable and affordable, it eats away at the hearts of the last die-hard filmies (which I’m one of at times). After all, when you can hit the shutter and get a 160MB 16-bit… Read More

  • CrunchGear Live Podcast

    You can chat with us during the show via AIM by pinging username “crunchtips” or call into the show at (646) 200-4163 should the mood strike you. Here’s the link for today’s show… Read More

  • PSP firmware v5.0 flawed, v5.01 coming soon, says Sony

    http://www.viddler.com/simple_on_site/e3cc97f7 Good afternoon, PSP owners. If you have yourself an 8GB or 16GB Memory Stick Pro Duo and have had some issues downloading content from the PlayStation store then you’re not alone. For some reason you’ll be prompted that your memory card doesn’t have enough room when, in fact, it probably does. Sony will be pushing out an… Read More

  • trueCall: The British invention that stops nuisance phone calls

    Have you heard of this trueCall device? Two Brits designed it, and what it does, or aims to do, is sit between the outside world and your landline telephone in order to weed out unwanted calls. You set up a whitelist and blacklist—all whitelisted phone numbers come through without hassle, while all blacklisted numbers are greeted by an automated “leave me alone” message. When… Read More

  • Juvenilia: My HAWT CRACKING WAREZ from 1991

    I’m at home in Columbus right now and I was digging through my old papers and found this little collection of floppy disks containing all of my cracking warez. As I recall, I wrote the viruses on the VIRUSES disk from a book by Cue Publishing (??) and BlueBoy was supposed to be a wardialer and the name was based on BlueBoxing, which I read about in an article on Kevin Mitnick in PC Magazine. Read More

  • Rackspace Acquires JungleDisk, Slicehost To Take On Amazon Web Services

    Web hosting provider Rackspace has acquired JungleDisk, an online backup service, and Virtual Machine provider Slicehost in a deal designed to help bolster its offerings against top competitor Amazon Web Services. The announced acquisition price is $11.5 million in cash and stock, with the possibility of up to an additional $16.5 million depending on performance. Jungle Disk is a file storage… Read More

  • T-Mobile G1 getting its first Over the Air update tomorrow

    Jeez! Less than 24 hours after the G1 made its official debut, T-Mobile has let it be known that an OTA update is already on its way to knock out a few issues that have popped up since the handsets left the factory. According to a post on the T-Mobile forums, it’ll make its way to handsets as early as tomorrow: There is already an OTA update scheduled for this phone, which will be sent… Read More

  • One more new Apple Get a Mac ad: Bake Sale

    Apple wasn’t done the other day when it released two new Get a Mac TV spots. Suprise, suprise; this new one stabs at Vista too. Got to say Apple, it’s kind of getting old. We get it, Vista isn’t all that great. Time to move on. Read More

  • Internet Winter Hits Mahalo; Cuts 10% Of Staff

    In a post on his blog, Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis has announced that his human powered search engine has laid off 10% of its staff. Along with the layoffs Calacanis writes that the company will be doing some “smart things” to help cut costs, including outsourcing much of its editorial department to freelancers instead of in-house staff. Calacanis pegs the number of full-time… Read More

  • OWC Quad interface Blu-ray drive: Firewire 800/400, USB2, eSATA

    This is sorta neat. It’s the OWC Memory Pro Blu-ray Quad Interface—a mouthful to describe an external Blu-ray drive that can connect to your Mac or PC four ways. That is, Firewire 800, Firewire 400, USB 2.0 and eSATA. Too bad Firewire 400 is on its way out, though. The drive, which starts at $499, can read and write Blu-ray discs, DVD, DVD-RAM (that’s still around?) and CD-R/RW. Read More

  • India activates 4 cellphones per second

    India saw 9.9 million cellphone activations in September which is 3.9 activations per second. Pretty nuts, right? The market is 310 million right now with 27.5% penetration, meaning 3/4 of the country will still be heading to the local Tata store to pick up the latest models. GSM dominates the Indian market with 75.2% of the total. It recorded a monthly gain of 7.65m in September, its second… Read More

  • Officially official: BlackBerry Bold on November 4

    AT&T just told us that the BlackBerry Bold will be released on November 4 for $299. That’s the same price as the 16GB iPhone 3G, natch. That’s the official date. No rumors, no “sources,” none of that nonsense. Be there, or not. Read More

  • Electronic Arts sued for copyright infringement of UNLV fight song

    Bad news for Electronic Arts today, with word that the composer of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) fight song is suing the publisher for copyright infringement. The suit, which alleges that EA used the song “Win With the Rebels,” asks for $150,000 per violation. That totals to $1,500,000 since the suit claims the song can be heard on 10 EA games. The games are NCAA… Read More

  • Today's video meme Is "Violent Mac vs. PC Ad," please react accordingly

    When you’re a Mac you’re a Mac/You’re a Mac all the way/From your first cigarette to your last dying day. Slightly NSFW. via BBG Read More

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