• Handshake Horror: The Awareness Spreads.

    Now even mainstream journalists are picking up the no handshake banner and running with it. Neil Swidey, writing for the Boston Globe, says “Last month, swine flu officially became a pandemic. Public health officials have said so-called “social distancing” strategies — sharply reducing contact with others — have proved most effective in slowing the spread of… Read More

  • AT&T Is A Big, Steaming Heap Of Failure

    When Om Malik of GigaOM said he was breaking up with his iPhone 5 months ago because of the failures of AT&T, I must admit, I thought he was overreacting. I was wrong. Since I switched to AT&T from Verizon just over 2 years ago to get the iPhone (which, of course, AT&T has exclusively in the U.S.), there have been no shortage of shortcomings by AT&T. But as of late, I’ve… Read More

  • A handy-dandy computer hardware chart

    Ok, so you passed you Comptia A+ exam. Welcome to the club. Let me suggest that you print out this hardware chart. Trust me, it will come in handy. No matter how much of a hardware geek you are, there is no way you can name by sight alone the different types of CPU sockets or some of the more obscure types of RAM. There is nothing wrong with having this cheat sheet in your toolbox or on your… Read More

  • The Viliv S7's battery gets tested in Korea

    Viliv went all official on the S7 a couple of weeks ago. The hot convertible tablet definitely sparked my interest, especially the 4700mAh lithium polymer batter that is said to have up to 9.5 hours. That’s hot. Well, some folks in Korea got their hands on the portable and put that battery to the test. The results really aren’t that surprising. Read More

  • Namco releases Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network

    Namco, creators of such classics like Pac-Man, Galaga and Dig Dug, have announced Museum Essentials for the PlayStation Network. Now you can play the aforementioned games along with Dragon Spirit and Xevious on your PlayStation 3. There’s even Xevious Resurrection with co-op gameplay. This can be all yours for only $10. I know what I’m doing this weekend. Read More

  • The Mario family tree

    I doubt that many of us knew just how vast the Mario family tree was. This infograph, made by a dedicated gamer, clearly shows the 28 year history of the brand. Yes, the graph really isn’t really in true family tree format, but as the creator points out, it’s just a video game and it works just fine the way it’s currently displayed. Read More

  • Video: Pyro Love

    YouTube is filled with TF2 fan videos and tributes, but I’ve never seen one this well done. The video is a bit long at 8:29 and takes a few minutes to get going, but it actually has a compelling story. I think Bob Ross, the gentle painter, would appreciate the message that everyone needs a friend. Read More

  • Now there's a real-time stream for the carbon footprint of electricity

    RealTimecCarbon is a new joint project by Dynamic Demand, AMEE and Demand Logic. It’s a pretty clever idea. As they explain, the amount of pollution caused by using a single unit of electricity changes throughout the day. This is because the “generation mix” on the grid changes. Sometimes there are more coal power stations running, for example. Other times there’s more… Read More

  • UK Startups: Get your funding while you still can

    You think you have it bad, Mr.-Silicon-Valley-entrepreneur-trolling-Sand-Hilll-Road-for-cash? Try life in the UK. Out of 39 firms that were active investors in British start-ups over the last five years, only thirteen venture firms have £5 million or more left in their coffers to invest, according to NESTA, the UK agency that advocates for start-ups and also sponsored the recent Traveling… Read More

  • Review: Casio EXILIM 5.1MP camera phone

    Lets get a few details out of the way first. The Casio Exilim is one of the most expensive Verizon phones available at $279 with a 2-year agreement. Only the HTC Touch Diamond and Touch Pro cost more. Not only that, the Exilim is loaded with a dated OS and is rather bulky. The only selling point that this phone has is the 5.1MP camera, so that’s what I spent most of my time testing. I… Read More

  • The TechCrunch Europe Guide to (Startup) Life

    TechCrunch Europe is planning a new series of articles on common issues faced by startups, especially European ones. For this we’re going to ask the people who know – you, our readers. We’ll be producing a series of articles, the first two articles of which will be: The TechCrunch Europe Guide to choosing your co-founders. The TechCrunch Europe Guide to bootstrapping… Read More

  • Belgian Tax Watchdogs Tracking Facebook, Netlog Updates

    Not entirely unexpected, but still weird to see it confirmed and acknowledged: the federal tax administration in Belgium, my home country, is keeping tabs on citizens (article in Dutch) via their Facebook and Netlog profiles and their activities on eBay and other social networking sites. Accountants are quick to point out the watchdogs can’t actually use any of the public status… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Cowtown Edition

    Geek Weekend: Columbus, Ohio
    Have a custom stylus fabricated! Monogrammed, Zelda-ed, whatever
    Fox is recasting Futurama! Read More

  • "Reading Lamp." Very clever.

    In one of those rare collisions of good design and practicality, this lamp appears to be the perfect thing for your bedside. It’s simple enough: when you’re not reading your book, you place it on the lamp and it extinguishes the light. Pick it up; place saved, light on. Brilliant! Read More

  • Tiny coil gun powered by camera battery is cute 'n deadly

    It’s only deadly to paper, but hey. We here at CrunchGear love our coil guns. Tesla coil guns, Wiimote coil guns, robot coil guns, we’ll take ’em all. What can I say, it’s just good fun for the whole family! This one is for baby. Read More

  • Averatec's new all-in-one is the choice for the discerning evil genius

    Take a look at that computer. I understand it’s not going to look quite that jet-black in real life, but come on. If you were an evil genius and you were outfitting headquarters, you can streamline both your hideout and your purchasing process by getting a bunch of these. Black and imposing, yet fast enough to crunch those evil numbers your henchmen are always dealing with. Read More

  • Walter Cronkite, news icon of the 60s and 70s, dies at age 92

    One of the most trusted names in news for decades during an era when America needed honesty and good reporting has died today at the age of 92. Walter Cronkite reported on the Moon landing, the assassination of JFK, and the Vietnam war, among countless other subjects. It’s a stretch calling ourselves “journalists” when compared to guys like Walter, but if we may be allowed… Read More

  • Arduino GBA touch-screen mod

    Not a lot to say about this little hack but it’s basically a Game Boy Advance attached to an Arduino device running a touchscreen. The stylus sends data back to the Arduino which connects to the GBA via a patch cable. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Penumbra Collection (scary) for $5

    Looks like GamersGate is having a promotion, they’ve had crazy prices all week. If you’re not familiar with the Penumbra collection, it’s a series of creepy first-person adventure games. There’s a lot of puzzle solving and not a lot of shooting, and they’ve got a great atmosphere. I started playing one but got stumped partway through and have been too scared busy… Read More

  • Smoke up! Palm Pre's gotta new commercial

    Whip out the bong, kids, and start in on that Afghani Kush because Palm has a new commercial. Put it on repeat if you’re on LSD. Read More

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