• Cast your unborn baby in bronze

    Daddytypes found a cool article on a company that is thinking about casting ultrasound pictures of unborn babies using 3D imaging and printing. Read More

  • The GarageBand Lesson Store Could Be Apple's Next Revolution In Music

    iLife ’09 is finally available on store shelves, and while most of the attention will probably go to iPhoto’s spiffy new face-recognition, there’s a feature tucked into GarageBand that might be making headlines very soon: premium lessons for piano and guitar, presented by the artists themselves. Dubbed ‘Lesson Store’, Apple’s online marketplace for… Read More

  • Confirmed, again: Sirius XM to charge for online streaming starting on March 11

    We’ve had confirmation of Sirius XM price hikes for about a week now, but now the company is actively promoting it. Go to either Sirius’ or XM’s Web site and you’ll see a kind note explaining how online streaming will no longer be free. You know, because upgrading the online feed to “CD-quality,” whatever that means, costs a bloody fortune. Read More

  • Power your notebook with a little foot power and the YoGen MaxT

    Perfect! Now you can go camping and not worry about recharging your notebook in the great outdoors. The YoGen MaxT produces enough juice when in use to power produce 50-60 Watts which is enough to keep your notebook running. All you need to do is push on the self-returning foot pedal to generate the power. Plus, an internal bank of AA keeps the power flowing while you give your leg a rest. Read More

  • Apple And IBM Resolve Employment Dispute; Papermaster Can Now Get To Work

    When Apple hired away Mark Papermaster from IBM as its new senior vice president of hardware engineering for devices, IBM struck back with a lawsuit attempting to bar him from switching jobs. Citing his non-compete clause, IBM convinced a judge to order Papermaster to stop working at Apple until the dispute was resolved. IBM even brought Papermaster’s children into it. Well, now he… Read More

  • DiiFii unboxes the Super Mario Nintendo DS Holder with verve, gusto, and more

    Everyone’s favorite (well, my favorite) videogame reviewer, DiiFii, is back with an unboxing of an oversized Mario figurine that holds a Nintendo DS in its outstretched arms. Watch for just over five minutes as this man-child of indeterminate age excitedly frees Mario from his twist-tie and cardboard shackles, wipes the dust off with what appears to be a pair of boxer shorts, and… Read More

  • There's now a six-cell battery for the HP Mini 1000

    Attention, HP Mini 1000 owners. It looks like HP has a six-cell battery for the netbook available from its parts Web site. The battery (part number 517581-001) is actually for the Mini 1000 CTO, but should with every shapes and size of the Mini 1000. Read More

  • Inside the Electro-Harmonix factory

    Joel at BBG got some great footage of the Electro-Harmonix factory, makers of the Voice Box that we showed you a few days ago. Apparently this little Mom and Pop in Long Island City makes most of the vacuum tubes for the world, an amazing feat in today’s transistorized world. Great stuff from a great company. Read More

  • iPhone software bumped up to version 2.2.1

    There I was, attempting to load my iPhone with the latest Fergie/Lady GaGa/Cyndi Lauper mashup, when word came down the pipes that the mighty makers from Cupertino had passed down a morsel of mending, a reliquary of repair. In other words, new iPhone software update yo. This latest revision is a minor one, only bumping the version number up a single digit – but that doesn’t… Read More

  • Golf: ‘OnPar GPS’ handheld due early next month

    Sure, it’s –65 out right now but it’s never too early to start thinking about golf. Savant GPS knows this and, as such, will unveil the “On Par” GPS unit in Orlando this weekend with retail availability slated for “early February.” Read More

  • CrunchDeal: All Steel Cake watches for $75

    Matt at Steel Cake Watches is offering his customers a considerable discount on all Steel Cake model, reducing everything to $75. Use the discount code “steel75” on checkout. Read More

  • Those PSP 2 rumors are rubbish

    As if we even need to relay this information, but those PSP 2 rumors from yesterday are completely baseless. Do not get excited, do not lose sleep. Go about your day as if you never heard the rumor. Read More

  • Poll: Will you buy a Kindle 2?

    Just to get a sense of interest in the Kindle 2, will you buy one if or when Amazon announces them in two weeks? I love the current incarnation only and precisely because it makes it easy to grab ebooks over the air. I consider the form and design to be sub-par at worst and acceptable at best. I, for one, would love to see something a little thinner and a lot more durable. Poll after the jump. Read More

  • AT&T launches the LG CF360, even they don't care

    Practicing a controversial new “Lets not tell anybody” marketing method, AT&T has quietly slipped the LG CF360 onto store shelves. The demand was overwhelming – at one AT&T spot in Galesburg, Illinois, one whole person waited through the night for the doors to open. Upon questioning, the anxious would-be CF360 owner responded, “Crap, I thought it was a new… Read More

  • Any luck at Circuit City liquidation sales yet?

    Circuit City Stores have been liquidating for almost two weeks now and hopefully some people have found decent deals at the sales. Most big ticket items are probably still not worth it thanks to shady liquidator tactics, but someone, somewhere hopefully scored something at a bargain basement price. Right? Read More

  • Oops! LG voluntarily recalling 45K LG 150 mobiles for lack of "certification"

    Do you live or work in Canada? Do you enjoy LG cell phones? Are you a proud owner of the dead-simple LG 150? Then here’s lookin’ at you kid! Your trusty mobile device is the lucky winner of a 45,000 unit (voluntary – i.e. LG is doing you a “favor”) recall! Apparently the LG 150 is “no longer certified as meeting the Radio Standards Specifications 102 (RSS… Read More

  • Fring Integrates Last.fm Into Its Mobile VoIP Client

    Mobile VoIP and IM service fring, one of the more popular mobile communication services around, is experimenting with porting a bunch of third-party apps to the fring client and will be announcing a number of those in the course of this year. Today, fring is launching a custom mobile-optimized Last.fm music radio add-on that brings a lot of the music recommendation service to the fring client… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 28-inch monitor for $369.99

    Costco members might be pleased to hear that there’s a 28-inch HannsG monitor for $369.99 after a $30 instant discount. Specs include a 1920×1200 resolution, 3ms response time, 500 cd/m2 brightness, 800:1 contrast ratio, HDMI/VGA/DVI connections, and built-in speakers. Read More

  • Mario Rand WOOO!

    This kind of reminds me of how I was acting last night after my brother-in-law and I finished a bottle of tequila. Unfortunately, my old Game Boy doesn’t have any batteries so I couldn’t recreate this beautiful and touching paean to one of the best games in the whole world. Video after the jump. Read More

  • Too much stress? Don't have a car? Try the Sound Accel Pedal

    Japanese gadget companies DO have a strange attitude when it comes to answer the question of how to relieve stress for Nippon’s exhausted salary men and house keepers. In the past, CrunchGear covered a stress-absorbing vase, a healing headset and a pocket calculator that can help you blow off some steam. And now comes the Sound Accel Pedal [JP]. Read More

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