• Daily Crunch: Toddler-Proof Desktop Edition

    Bumptop: A better Windows desktop
    Facebank 2: The creepiest piggy bank ever?
    LightPot is a light and… a pot. For flowers. Read More

  • Zooming In On ClosR And Zoomorama

    To be perfectly honest, I’d never heard of Zoomorama until they commented on this post about the upcoming Web Trend Map from Information Architects. I was planning on doing a review of the web application soon, but now a new, similar online tool called ClosR landed in our inbox, giving me the perfect excuse to test both at the same time. Both ClosR and Zoomorama enable you to upload… Read More

  • Wii Sports Resort in June – that means MotionPlus in June

    According to this astonishingly brief article, Nintendo has announced that Wii Sports Resort is definitely coming out in June (in Japan at least, US in July) — which suggests the hotly anticipated MotionPlus accessory will be coming out too. That’s about what we expected; hopefully they’ve worked out the hiccups. To be honest, though, I couldn’t care less about the… Read More

  • Now what could Apple want with 100 million 8Gb NAND flash chips?

    So Apple’s just placed a huge order with Samsung. What could it mean? Well, NAND chips are like the basic unit of flash memory. If you have an iPod Touch, baby Zune or something like that, chances are it’s got a couple of them in there. 8Gb is handy for making 8, 16, and 32GB size devices, so it’s no surprise when Apple orders some — they go through a lot. But 100 million? Read More

  • Seagate delivers new drives for hot and heavy 24/7 usage

    Seagate is claiming that their new SV35.5 series is the next step in hard drive technology, though it’s nominally just a new type of drive intended for video surveillance recording and other heavy 24/7 use. Seagate has also stated that these drives are intended for end users that constantly shuffle and read massive files that require a larger processing load. Sounds like your average… Read More

  • Orchestrate: SaaS Task Management For Service And Maintenance Businesses

    Orchestrate is a new management platform built for service and maintenance companies that allows businesses to collaboratively create and use schedules, projects, and tasks. While similar SaaS solutions have existed for some time, Orchestrate tries to separate itself from the pack by offering location-specific tasks. This distinction makes it ideal for service companies that frequently have… Read More

  • It's Watching: Gmail Can Now Tell Which Of Your Contacts Are Awake

    Gmail Labs continues to make an awesome product even better. Tonight the site has introduced ‘Sender time zone’, a feature that allows users to quickly tell if their contact is likely awake or sound asleep, based on the time zone their Emails are being sent from. The feature takes advantage of the time zone data often included in Email headers, showing a green light for contacts… Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk Nordic Roundtable – Stockholm – Wed, 27 May

    TechCrunch Europe will be hosting a “TechCrunchTalk Nordic” Roundtable event in Stockholm on 27 May. What are we talking about here? An afternoon of presentations, interactive panels, Q&A’s and startup pitches, followed by networking in the evening. Following on from the TechCrunch Brunch we held in Helsinki in November last year, we’ve been keen to assemble a… Read More

  • LightPot is a light and… a pot. For flowers.

    As weird as it sounds, this LightPot is actually something I’d pick up in a second — if I didn’t get the feeling that they’re going to be incredibly expensive. It’s still in prototype phase, created by Studio Shulab, but they say they’ll have it in stores pretty soon, and in different colors even. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: EA Sports Plug N' Play for $9.36

    This, my friends, is one of my most cherished possessions. I bring it with me on any trip, whether for business or pleasure. I believe I paid about $30 for the EA Sports Plug N’ Play when it first came out but DeepDiscount.com is selling it for $9.36 with free shipping. Read More

  • Leena And Mike Take The Tesla Model S For A Test Drive

    Michael and TechCrunch writer Leena Rao are currently at Tesla’s showroom in Menlo Park, CA for a special event showcasing Tesla’s new Model S sedan, which was unveiled last month. They’re streaming live using Qik. They took a brief test drive – the first, the company says, with any press. Because the Model S is not currently street legal (something about no front air… Read More

  • Review: Ultrasone 15G headphones

    We’ve seen Ultrasone gear before: the Edition 9 mega-headphones and the rather more affordable HFI-580s, both very good pairs of cans. If you’re looking to spend under a bill, though, there’s really only one option from the German super-lux audio guys: the 15G. They’ve been around for quite a while, but as long as we’ve got this headphone roundup going on, we… Read More

  • Will Wright to EA: peace, we out

    What I’d like to think is that after the DRM debacle with Spore (which Wright recently teased them for, saying “That goes in the category of corporate learning”), golden egg-laying legendary developer Will Wright decided it would be better if he and EA were just friends from now on. EA, you can keep the cassette tapes and that shirt he gave you. Oh, and the rights to all… Read More

  • Ztail Launches Innovative eBay Guarantee For Worry-Free Shopping

    Today Ztail is introducing an innovative new service that may be exactly what online stores need to bolster sales during the recession. The service revolves around eBay, acting as a pseduo-insurance policy that guarantees that customers will be able to resell the items they are purchasing right now for a substantial amount a year down the line. Even better, the service is totally free for… Read More

  • News Flash: Amie Street Swallowed Songza Six Months Ago

    For months, popular music store Amie Street has kept a deal it forged with Songza, a media streaming service, under wraps. But this tweet (and a fair amount of research on our part) has uncovered the news: Amie Street acquired Songza back in October 2008, and planned to keep the deal under wraps until they were ready to announce whatever it is they have in store for the product. Amie… Read More

  • She's a brick – dananaaana – mouse (that's gold)

    Throwing ergonomics and good taste out the window, the gold brick mouse has to be one of the silliest products I’ve ever seen. I honestly can’t imagine who would spend $35 on a product like this, unless they were drunk. Can anyone honestly tell me that they want one of these for anything other then a gag gift? Read More

  • SDC Will Strengthen Google's Position In The Enterprise Cloud

    Google announced yesterday that they are going to strengthen Google Apps security by adding a Secure Data Connector (SDC) to its engine. SDC is built around having an agent inside the firewall, which connects to servers inside of Google. This gives Google servers policy-controlled access to data businesses have chosen to expose. Basically, SDC allows secure access to data behind firewall for… Read More

  • Today on the CrunchGear Live Podcast

    We talked about the following interesting and provocative topics: GM and Segway announce two-wheeled urban transport vehicle Greg Kumparak at CTIA 2009 Motorola’s Co-CEO Sanjay K. Jha got $104 million last year, you got laid off Live sports + Twitter is actually a good mix Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aime puts foot in mouth regarding used games Matt Burns’ cross-country Ford… Read More

  • Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg Preaches That The Stream Will Bring Us Closer Together

    Facebook’s members may have initially reacted with horror at the new homepage redesign which introduces a Twitter-like stream as the main interface. But Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg thinks that advertisers are going to love it. In a speech today at a digital advertising conference, and a subsequent blog post, she preached the many benefits of the stream and even had some data to back… Read More

  • The iRiver P7: The portable media player that automatically converts your videos for you

    You’re looking at the P7, iRiver’s latest portable media player that runs circles around the iPod. The big thing this go-around is that it automatically converts your videos to make sure they playback flawlessly. How well that actually works, in the Real World, isn’t quite known yet; it’s new, you see. Read More

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