• Playdom Extends #1 MySpace Game 'Mobsters' To The iPhone

    It’s been just under one year since social-gaming startup Playdom launched Mobsters, which has grown to become the #1 game on MySpace with 13.5 million total installs. Now, the company is taking the incredibly popular game mobile with its first iPhone App, dubbed Mobsters: Big Apple (iTunes Link). And while it may not be the first such mafia-related game on the iPhone, it still has a… Read More

  • Gaming Software Company Arkadium Acquires Advergame.com

    Arkadium, an NYC-based company that markets gaming software for brands, ad agencies, casino operators and online game websites, has bought Advergame.com for an undisclosed sum and has revamped its gaming portal GreatDayGames with a number of additional features to boot. According to the company, customized advergames offer a fresh approach to exposing consumers to a brand and “keep… Read More

  • Palm looking for a 3D graphics engineer for WebOS. Take a hint.

    Here’s an interesting job opening at Palm, posted exclusively on recruitment network Mary Margaret: apparently the company is looking for a graphics engineer who will work on webOS, the Linux-powered operating system that powers the Pre. More specifically, the company is looking for a Game Frameworks Engineer with development experience in the game industry and preferably with knowledge… Read More

  • FanDuel Turns Premium Fantasy Sports Social — And It's Legal

    The people that brought you HubDub, the prediction site that effectively turns news content into a game, have had a new idea. FanDuel is a premium, paid-for game focused on fantasy sports. Running in private beta for the last month, the game opens up today concentrating on baseball and NFL to begin with. Although the competitive space for daily fantasy sports is fairly new, there’s… Read More

  • Condé Nast Sheds Men.Style.com, Hires Consultants For More Cost-Cutting

    Nearly three months after shedding glossy business magazine Portfolio, publisher Condé Nast has hired external consultants from McKinsey to assist in some serious cost-cutting continuation, Yahoo-style. First online property to go after the word of the hire got out: Men.Style.com, the media company’s web-only brand for – you guessed it – men. Read More

  • Best Buy Goes All Twitter Crazy With @Twelpforce

    This is an interesting one: consumer electronics retailer Best Buy is encouraging hundreds of employees to handle online customer service and company promotions via Twitter, even airing commercials not mentioning their own website but merely the URL of the profile they created on the micro-sharing service (two spots embedded below). The new service, dubbed Twelpforce, was debuted over the… Read More

  • Google Wave Begins To Swell With Developers; Wider Release This September

    Google Wave, the search giant’s incredibly ambitious new Email/IM hybrid that was announced in May, is quickly picking up steam. As of last week the service was open to around 6,000 developers (most of whom had attended conferences like I/O), and Google is planning to send out an additional 20,000 invites over the next month. It looks like a big batch of them just went out, as… Read More

  • Apollo 11 moon walks superimposed on a baseball diamond for scale

    This is about the best illustration of the Apollo 11 moon walk I have ever seen. It clearly shows the small amount of ground that Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin covered during that first trip. Now how ’bout the map of the later missions when the guys went joy riding in a rover. I’m curious to see that to scale. [via PopSci] Read More

  • A Voltron movie? This too shall pass

    Transformers: explosions and robot balls. G.I. Joe: on track to be one of the worst movies ever. And after they make this Voltron movie, they’ll just need a Rescue Rangers movie to complete the reduction of my childhood to tacky Hollywood garbage. But the producer says something will differentiate Voltron” from the rest of the flock. Something special. Read More

  • Shadow Complex achievements splayed out for all to see

    I don’t quite see the appeal of Epic and Chair’s upcoming XBLA title Shadow Complex that was announced at E3, but I guess it’s because I think of Gears of War and Unreal Tournament whenever Epic comes up. Nevertheless, August 19th is fast approaching and Epic revealed the achievements today. Hit the jump for the latest gameplay trailer and the 12 achievements for Shadow Complex. Read More

  • Asus touchscreen netbook delayed until September

    Bad news netbook fans, the Eee PC T101 has been delayed until September of this year at the very earliest, meaning it might be delayed ever further. Asustek already missed their initial June launch date. Read More

  • Venture Capital Dollars Stabilize in Second Quarter at Mid-1990s Levels

    Venture capital dollars going to startups in the U.S. stabilized in the second quarter at $3.7 billion, according to the latest MoneyTree Report from PricewaterhouseCoopers and the National Venture Capital Association. The venture money invested in the quarter is still only about half of what it was a year ago (when it was $7.2 billion in the second quarter of 2008), but is 15 percent above… Read More

  • Digg User Voted Ads In The Wild. Mmmmm, IHOP

    A TechCrunch reader submits the screenshot above showing a user voted Digg advertisement for IHOP. As far as we know, this is the first time this has been seen in the wild. The ads were first announced last month as a new type of advertising platform. The more users who digg on the ad, the less the advertiser has to pay. The more it is buried, the more the advertiser has to pay, eventually… Read More

  • Adobe Unveils New Open Source Initiatives Targeted Towards Media Companies

    Adobe has rolled out two new open source initiatives aimed specifically towards developers for media companies and publishers. Adobe’s Open Source Media Framework lets developers build more robust, feature-rich media players optimized specifically for the Adobe Flash Platform. The second initiative, the Text Layout Framework (TLF), will help developers create sophisticated typography… Read More

  • SlideRocket Raises $5 Million For Online Presentation Platform

    SlideRocket, a startup that helps create online presentations, has raised $5 million in Series B funding led by Azure Capital Partners with Hummer Winblad Venture Partners participating. This new round of funding brings SlideRocket’s total funding to $7 million. The company also announced that Chuck Dietrich, former General Manager and Vice President at Salesforce.com, has joined… Read More

  • Microsoft pulls its head out of the sand, releases GPL Linux kernel modules

    Microsoft, not known for playing nice with anyone, has made a surprising about-face: they’ve released Linux kernel modules under the GNU Public License. That’s right: the company that’s been trying to scare businesses away from Linux and GPL code for years — remember in 2001 when Steve Ballmer called Linux a cancer? — has just released GPL code of its own. Read More

  • Updated: UK Angel network Angels Den plans startup 'marketplace'. But do they work?

    Something’s going on at Bill Morrow‘s investor network, Angels Den. Not only has key aid Rob Carter just quit – we don’t know why – but familar face Paul Walsh of Segala and Wubud is about to be announced Head of Digital. Paul has been singing the network’s praises for a while now. [See update below]. So does Paul Walsh’s appointment mean Angels Den… Read More

  • What's Up Next For Yahoo? Better Search, Customizable Content (How Fluffy Do You Want Your News?)

    Yahoo showed off a couple of new upcoming features during my briefing today on the new home page to launch tomorrow. The first is a tool, called Customizable Content for now, to dial how “fun” or “serious” you like your news. Want hard core serious stuff? Pull the slider to the right. Fluffy fun stuff to the left. Leave it in the middle for a mix. User testing for… Read More

  • Inspired By Japanese Food, Bit.ly Gets A Slight Redesign

    Yahoo isn’t the only site that is undergoing a homepage change. The URL-shortening service Bit.ly did a slight reworking of its main site today as well. And not surprisingly, it’s very Twitter-focused. The new design is called “Bento Box,” according to a post on the Bit.ly blog. This is named after the containers that Japanese food is often served in. The reason is… Read More

  • Chrome and PBR link up for Limited Edition Citizen PBR messenger bag

    What happens when you mix one of the best ‘budget’ beers with the best messenger bag company in the biz? The best messenger bag of all time! That’s right, friends, Chrome is giving away one (or maybe more than one, I don’t know) LE Citizen PBR bag. How do you win? I’m glad you asked because it’s the easiest contest I’ve ever come across. Sign up… Read More

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