• Hulu mastermind leaving at end of '08

    The brains behind NBC’s wunderkind video site, George Kliavkoff, is leaving NBC at the end of ’08. George came to NBC over two years ago as the companies chief digital officer and laid the groundwork for Hulu’s success. Under his watch, Hulu became a digital revenue cash cow for NBC and a legitimate alternative to YouTube for content providers. The site might not post as… Read More

  • Follow election coverage on satellite radio with Ron and Fez

    Just a quick heads up to satellite radio listeners, Ron and Fez (noon to three) will be hosting some sort of election night extravaganza tonight starting at 7pm EST. Best of all, it’ll be on both XM and Sirius—XM channel 202 and Sirius channel 197. Of course, you could also stick to the more “traditional” POTUS (XM channel 130) for your satrad election coverage, but… Read More

  • Yammer goes down, companies all over go silent

    Back in the heady, sunlit uplands of Summer 2007 we used to complain when Twitter went down, so useful had it become. Even Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis once decided Twitter was so crucial to his business that he would pay $100 a year for a premium account. Well, as we all now know, a few people cottoned on to that idea, and so Yammer was born to bring the usefulness of Twitter to internal… Read More

  • Jury: Samsung violated Pioneer's plasma TV patents, has to pay $59 million

    A federal jury found yesterday that Samsung willfully infringed two of Pioneer’s patents covering plasma televisions. As such, the Korean electronics giant will have to cough up (“cough up” is the technical term, mind you) some $59 million, payable to Pioneer. As you might expect, Samsung plans to appeal the ruling forever and ever. Sorta interesting: a Japanese… Read More

  • Glam Media Blames Economy, Slows Down Payments To Publishers

    Glam Media, the always interesting womens network (and now men’s network) is back in the news this morning. Glam is both a direct publisher of content and an advertising network. A big part of their business model is float management – making sure that they collect money before they pay it out to partners. If they pay too soon, they could get hit with bad debt when advertisers… Read More

  • Spider Wave: A head massage thingy that makes you smarter, look stupid

    I am skeptical if the Spider Wave, a new head massage device from Japan, can really make you smarter but that’s what Hiro Corporation, the website-less company behind the thing, tells Japanese media. Users are supposed to spread the 10 spider legs (made of stainless steel) on the top of the top of the head and turn the device on. The legs will then start moving, giving you a gentle… Read More

  • Microsoft cut ‘half’ of what it wanted to include in the NXE

    The New Xbox Experience comes out in just a few days (or you can illegally download the leak, doesn’t bother me one bit), but did you know that Microsoft “pulled a Longhorn” with it? That is to say, lots of things that were initially promised have not made the cut, primarily due to time restraints. Speaking to CVG, the head of Xbox Live in Europe, Jerry Johnson, said: Half… Read More

  • Another Facebook Search Snafu: Obama's Pig With Lipstick

    Facebook has a history of somewhat erratic search results, particularly for searches on political candidates – a bug last year caused zero results to show up for searches on Ron Paul, for example. Today a reader notices that searches for “Barack Obama” on Facebook gifts turns up just one result – a pig with lipstick. A similar search for John McCain shows a normal… Read More

  • Joshua Goldman reviews some camera

    http://www.cnet.com/av/video/flv/newPlayers/universal.swf CNET’s Josh Goldberg reviews the Canon PowerShot SD something or other for CNET, proving that even the habitually drunk can review cameras intelligently. JK – We love Josh and he used to write for us so check out his work. He’s doing quite a few video reviews over at CNET and we’re very proud. Read More

  • DIY: Keyboard thumbtacks

    Geek up your cube with an old keyboard and a bit of hot glue. It only takes a few minutes to construct these little thumbtacks but you will get hours of enjoyment staring at your creation rather than working. Read More

  • Mobile Eye-Track: Olympus develops awesome head-mounted display

    Olympus presented the newest (wireless) version of its awesome Mobile Eye-Trek, a head-mounted display, during the Digital Content Expo 2008, which was recently held in Tokyo. In contrast to other head-mounted displays, this model is meant to be used virtually anytime and anywhere. Users can view what is like a 3.8-inch screen placed 50cm in front of the eyes without getting bothered with… Read More

  • ASUS to release 12-inch netbook by year’s end?

    DigiTimes is reporting that ASUS is planning to release a 12-inch Eee model similar to the company’s 10.2-inch S101. The netbook would be part of the “ZX” series, which was apparently originally supposed to be a line of full-fledged notebooks. ASUS opted, however, to “deliver a high-end Eee PC product to the market.” Aside from the ZX series detail, the netbook… Read More

  • HTC to sell Touch 3G and Touch HD in Taiwan, G1 to land in China in the first half of 2009?

    While it’s all still hearsay at this point, Digitimes is reporting that China’s Commercial Times newspaper has sources indicating that HTC might begin pushing the G1 in China within the first 6 months of next year. HTC is also giving their home country of Taiwan a bit of handset love, albeit not in the form of an Android phone. The Touch 3G was just launched there yesterday, and… Read More

  • BD+ Blu-ray copy protection cracked (again)

    Slysoft cracked the BD+ Blu-ray copy protection either a year ago or six months ago (depending on what you consider “cracked.”) That’s all well and good, but it’s not an open source solution; if you wanted to incorporate Blu-ray playback in your indie media player (like VLC or mplayer, which is my favorite) you’d be S.O.L. UNTIL NOW! Read More

  • The NAD T 587 gets shipping date

    I first spotted this unassuming and unannounced Blu-ray player on a shelf shoved in a corner of a CEDIA ’08 booth and now the company gets official on the NAD T 587 Blu-ray player. The player’s CEDIA fact card already indicated that it supports Profile 2.0, BD-Live, 1080p24/60, Ethernet, HDMI 1.3a and has a MSRP of $1,499 so the only item we were scanning for in the press release… Read More

  • Trackstar 6000 USB racing setup for serious drivers

    If you really, really like racing games, you could plunk down a couple hundred bucks for a good wheel and pedal set made of plastic and rubber or you could really let everyone know that you’re serious with one of these Trackstar 6000 sets. It’s probably closer to the steering wheel and pedals in your actual car than anything else, as the wheel features fluid damped steering and cam… Read More

  • Review: FURminator Pet De-Shedding Tool

    Sometimes, the simplest tools are the best: the wheel, the hammer, the chopstick. Today, we can add to that list the FURminator, the pet de-shedding tool. You might say “Oh, it’s just a pet brush.” Yes, it’s just a pet brush. It might be the best pet brush you’ll ever buy. Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Free tall cup of coffee from Starbucks today

      Starbucks is giving out a free tall cup of its delightful brew today for anyone that asks for it. Originally, the coffee shop simply asked that you come in and tell the lady or gent behind the counter that you voted and then you will get a free cup but that is illegal in some states as it can be construed as a gift for voting. So now all you need to do is stroll in to your local… Read More

  • Open Source Collaboration Software Maker Open-Xchange Secures $9 Million

    Open-Xchange has closed a Series B round of venture funding to the tune of $9 million. The round was led by German venture firm eCAPITAL Entrepreneurial Partners AG and joined by BayBG and existing Munich-based investor BayTech Venture Capital. Open-Xchange received a total of $8.8 million in a Series A financing round from angel investors and BayTech back in 2006. Built as open source… Read More

  • BlackBerry Bold for sale and shipping from AT&T's website

    The BlackBerry Bold has been a long time in the making but AT&T finally has the so-called “unequivocally the best piece of hardware that RIM has ever put out” up for sale at ATT dot Com. It’s yours with a two-year contract price of $299 and free shipping. Sure, it might be a 100 bones more than a iP3G but don’t you think the Bold is a bit more upscale for corner… Read More

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