• At what point do you start worrying about the RFID tag in your passport?

    Does your passport look like this, with a strange-looking symbol on the bottom? Then you’re in luck, for your passport contains an RFID tag! Now, we’re not exactly the tin foil hat types, but news that one of those security researcher types has managed to copy sensitive data off various passports in San Francisco without the owners’ knowledge does annoy us. What’s worse… Read More

  • The Early Adopter Gets the Worm

    There are a dizzying number of cool new services, applications, and gadgets available to citizens of the world today. New stuff is coming out all the time and it can be hard for us Internet experts to keep up, let alone average human beings. For example, my dad — no Internet slouch — had no idea what Hulu was. How is he expected to care about the difference between Twitter or… Read More

  • Mario Kart tops best-selling games of 2008

    The five best-selling games in the world for 2008 have been announced based on sales data from various reports by video game industry analysis firms NPD Group, Enterbrain, GfK, and ChartTrack. Topping the list is Mario Kart Wii at 8.94 million units. How do you like that? Read More

  • Google's Task List Turns Up On The Android And iPhone

    When Gmail Labs added a Task list to Gmail in December, it turned out to be an extremely popular feature. Now the Tasks app is going mobile, and is available on Android mobile phones and iPhones through the browser on those devices. Both of those browsers are based on Webkit). Simply point your mobile browser to gmail.com/tasks. If you’ve already installed Tasks on Gmail, they will… Read More

  • A balsa woodbox playstation mod

    Cramming vintage gaming consoles into random containers isn’t a thing just for the handy geeks. This guy over on Ben Heck’s forums shows that anyone can do it and all it takes is a some balsa wood. You have to give it to the guy for constructing it but the result definitely isn’t the epitome of portability or ergonomics. And balsa wood? Did this guy ever take woodshop? More… Read More

  • VPL-FW41: Sony presents new LCD/BrightEra data projector

    Sony Japan today announced theVPL-FW41 [JP], an LCD projector that uses BrightEra technology and is primarily aimed at businesses. The company’s proprietary BrightEra imaging technology is supposed to guarantee a higher aperture ratio, superior resolution and brighter image. Read More

  • One of RIM's BlackBerry data servers is down, causing sporadic outages

    No matter who you are, which carrier you’re on, or which hardware you carry: network outages can find you. More at 11. Sorry – us cellphone bloggers don’t often get the chance to fearmonger, so I had to pounce on the opportunity. Word on the street is that RIM’s having a bit of an issue with one of their servers. If you’re one of the lucky bunch that happens to… Read More

  • ASUS announces new Eee 1000HE with N280 CPU and 9.5 hours battery life

    Available for pre-order through, of all things, ASUS’ Facebook page, the Eee 1000HE is promising a staggering 9.5 hours of battery life at a suggested retail price of just $399. Read More

  • Yahoo! Stops Serving Ads In RSS Feeds

    Yahoo! has discontinued its Ads in RSS service, which enabled network publishers to insert contextual advertising into syndicated content and get a piece of the action thanks to a revenue-sharing program. Yahoo refers to Ads in RSS as a beta program, but it was launched quite a while ago; it was formally introduced in November 2005. Now that Yahoo is pulling out of the RSS advertising… Read More

  • Greek site outs upcoming dual SIM Samsung B5702

    Quick! Somebody call Mario and Luigi! The Interpipes appear to be developing some serious leaks! But in all seriousness, what gives? It’s 2009.  How about tech/gadget companies get with the times and start proactively providing product images instead of forcing us to rely on unofficial (and often times blurry-beyond-recognition) product shots? Lucky for us, Greek site Techblog.gr has… Read More

  • iTunes drama: What exactly did Steve Jobs say to Sony?

    You’d think that the music industry would be grateful for Apple, which, with the launch of the iTunes Store in 2003, pretty much saved its keister. Not so, according to the old gray lady! In the negotiations leading up to tiered pricing and the removal of DRM, Steve Jobs and Sony’s music chairman, Rolf Schmidt-Holtz, got into a little bit of an argument over the phone, which the… Read More

  • Can't afford a G1? T-Mobile will now let you split the bill across 4 months

    Whether you only upgrade once every two years or every time a new handset drops, following the latest in mobile hardware can be an expensive hobby. Lookin’ to keep sales up in the face of an economic slump, T-mobile has introduced a new means of paying for your latest gear fix: the Equipment Installment Plan. Read More

  • A video-conferencing iPhone in the works?

    Apple was recently granted a gigantic patent covering everything that is the iPhone and a closer look reveals that serious video capabilities might be coming in the next iPhone. Apparently video recording is mentioned frequently throughout the entire document but a few images and sections explain a video conferencing capable phone. Read More

  • Wiggio Comes Out Of Beta With A Yammer For College Students

    College students now have their own Yammer. Last week, Wiggio came out of beta with a new look and a slew of group messaging and group management features. For each private group that you create, Wiggio provides a Twitter-like message stream from all the group members. But it also includes a slew of other features such as a shared calendar, mass text and voice messaging, file-sharing… Read More

  • Cake maker messes up cake, hilarity ensues

    A customer brought a picture of her boss into a bakery to be made into a cake — so far so good, right? She handed the photo over on a USB flash drive and when she returned to pick the cake up she found that instead of the photo of her boss immortalized in frosting, the bakery had drawn the spitting image of the actual thumb drive she’d given them. Read More

  • He said/she said: Flash not coming to iPhone

    So now PC World is reporting that Flash won’t be coming to the iPhone because: “It’s a hard technical challenge, and that’s part of the reason Apple and Adobe are collaborating,” Narayen told Bloomberg Television at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “The ball is in our court. The onus is on us to deliver.” Read More

  • Re-Rumor: HTC Rhodium to hit Sprint lineup 3Q 2009

    Looks like it’s time to double-down on some of last month’s full 2009 HTC lineup rumors.  According to PPCGeeks forum ‘regular’ jlechner’s family friend (yea, it is a bit of a stretch), Sprint is expected to launch a CDMA variation of the HTC Rhodium in the 3rd quarter of 2009. This somewhat far-fetched speculation is bolstered by the lone fact that the forum… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 640GB hard drive for $59.99

    Newegg has a pretty good deal on a 640GB Western Digital hard drive. It’ll set you back just shy of sixty bucks, which includes free shipping. It’s an OEM model with a 7200 RPM spindle speed, 16MB of cache, and a 3.0Gb/second SATA interface. Read More

  • German Social Network Wer-kennt-wen.de Bought By RTL

    Wer-kennt-wen.de, one Germany’s largest social networks, has been acquired by The RTL Group, one of Europe’s largest media conglomerates. RTL reportedly bought the remaining 51 percent of the company (RTL already own 49 percent of the company). WKW currently has 5.5 million members. WKW’s founders, Fabian Jager and Patrick Ohler, will be staying at the social network. The… Read More

  • Fujitsu unveils new and pricey high-end speakers

    Fujitsu Ten today announced two new time domain speakers for the Japanese market [JP] (there is no word on a possible release outside Nippon at this point). The TD712zMK2 and the TD712zMK2-S, which is basically identical to the former but comes with a shorter stand, go on sale at the end of this month. Read More

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