• Review: SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse

    The video’s a little longer than the others because I… I mean you love hearing my voice.
    It’s another one! For our fourth mouse in the glorious Mouse Review Week here at CrunchGear, it’s the SteelSeries Ikari laser mouse. Sounds serious! We’ve already handled mice for the large-handed and small-handed — will this be the one for the rest of us? Let’s… Read More

  • Maclaren Wheel Covers: You're a dirty, dirty baby

    Maclaren invented the umbrella stroller and now, interestingly enough, they’ve invented one of the strangest, OCD-inducing accessories I’ve ever seen. They’re now offering front wheel covers for their umbrella strollers, an idea so strange that I just can’t understand why anyone would want this but, as Greg at DaddyTypes points out, this has been out in Japan for a… Read More

  • Sascha Segan to Apple: Just tell the truth.

    PC Mag’s Lead Analyst for mobile, Sascha Segan, called out Apple (and AT&T, Delta, and corporations in general) in a piece today for their lack of communication with consumers, and has succinctly outlined what most of us have probably felt for some time: it’s time to open up. Be it App store rejections, billing errors, or any other flaw, people are more likely to forgive if… Read More

  • Mirror's Edge launch dates announced, Time Trial mode detailed

    It seems the rumors from yesterday about ME for the PC slipping to 2009 are true, but console owners will only have to wait till November 11th. EA and DICE announced today that a demo will be released prior to launch for Xbox 360 and PS3 owners, which will feature the prologue, tutorial and a portion of single-player story mode. If you’re feeling super anxious then you can pre-order… Read More

  • FriendFeed's New Design Is Live

    FriendFeed has pushed out its new design to users. The lifestreaming service, which was beginning to get unwieldy, has been cleaned up. Friends lists are more customizable. Co-founder Bret Taylor explains in a blog post: The new design offers friend lists to help you organize your subscriptions into groups. Now you can get updates from specific groups of people separately, or you can add… Read More

  • How to: Host the most kickass Rock Band 2 party

    It’s been five days since the release of RB2 and the weekend is almost here. Any plans? No? How about you, yes you, host the most kickass rock-n-roll RB2 party this weekend? We will, with the help of Wired, provide you with a handful of options to unleash the maximum potential of your newly purchased RB2 software. Read More

  • Integra now shipping DTR-7.9 and DTR-6.9 THX receivers

    The latest receivers from Intergra are now available, and wow are they spiffy. Both the DTR-7.9 and the DTR-6.9 sport the heralded THX Loudness Plus certification with the former earning the Ultra2 Plus cert. as well and the later the Select2Plus certification too. The big boy is equiped with five HDMI 1.3a – little guy gets four – and will upscale component video to 1080p through… Read More

  • Financial sector crisis is a field day for domain squatters

    I don’t pretend to understand the reasons behind the current financial meltdown, but I do know that the topography of the money business is going to be changing soon. I don’t have any way to capitalize on that (I just cower here in a corner, nervously stroking my Benjamins), but domain squatters do. By now every possible merger, acquisition, and bailout is reflected in domain… Read More

  • Sergey Brin Launches A Personal Blog, Talks About His Risk Of Parkinson's

    Google Cofounder Sergey Brin launched a personal blog today at too.blogspot.com. In his first blog post, he explains the blog name: “Welcome to my personal blog. While Google is a play on googol, too is a play on the much smaller number – two. It also means “in addition”, as this blog reflects my life outside of work.” In the second blog post, he gets a little… Read More

  • Final 100 Tickets For Grassroots Roundtable And Austin MeetUp

    Next week is our MeetUp in Austin, Texas, but before we party we are going to tackle the issue of how to use the Web to build grassroots support for a business, a cause, or a political candidate. Everyone loves to give lip service to grassroots campaigns, but do they really scale? When do they work and when is it best to use traditional mass marketing and outreach? To help answer these… Read More

  • TiVo: Give me Hulu.com access and I'll be yours forever

    I have a proposal for you TiVo. If you give me Hulu.com access, I will buy your expensive lifetime subscription plan. The implantation has to be better than the lackluster YouTube support though, along with giving full and complete access through a browsable interface too. You see TiVo, the YouTube access is great, but I really don’t want to watch babies laughing or unicorns prancing on… Read More

  • Asus unveils the world's first Skype-certified Videophone, AiGuru SV1

    A few weeks back, an AskSlashdot post asked readers for recommendations on establishing 2-way communication between the writer’s house and that of his parents. For the most part, the majority of solutions involved server racks, ip tables, and other such ventures into the depths of the uber complex. If the post had shown up a few weeks later, I probably would have mentioned ASUS’… Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk Live Video Stream

    Here’s the live stream from TechCrunchTalk, a series of four panel discussions focusing on start-ups and the investment climate in the UK and Europe, live from London between 3pm and 6pm GMT: Live streaming video by Ustream FYI you can interact with the chairman/moderator, Mike Butcher (Editor, TCUK), by sending an @mbites to Twitter. Read More

  • Lazertag looks like I wanted it to look when I was a kid

    This shot of the Lazertag Multiplayer Battle System, $80 from Amazon, looks so cool that I might need to get me some. The new guns have recoil and rumble as well as a shot blast system for simulating a shotgun. As John Brownlee points out, a lot of us 80s kids never got to play Lazertag because a police officer shot a kit who was playing it in the dark. I suspect that the story was urban… Read More

  • Exclusive Peek At Meebo's Upcoming Community Chat

    Instant messaging service Meebo has given us a demo of its upcoming “Community IM” platform, which allows websites to seamlessly integrate a browser-based chat window very similar to Facebook Chat. Meebo announced the upcoming community chat feature last July, with initial partners including DanceJam, myYearbook, AddictingGames, Sugar Publishing and Tagged. Flixster will be the… Read More

  • End of the world delayed while Large Hadron Collider cooling problem fixed, smashing to resume next week

    When it comes to running a gigantic machine capable of ripping a hole in the space-time continuum that could suck the entire earth (and more) into oblivion, it’s probably safe to assume that you can never be too careful. This week was supposed to be the week that the Large Hadron Collider sent two proton beams careening at almost the speed of light in opposite directions on a literal… Read More

  • Scammer breaks cover in San Fran – I need your help

    I’ve been working on a Craigslist scammer for a few weeks – transcripts to come – and I wanted to see if any of you guys knew of this area in San Fran. The address is 179 W Anderson Street. Is this a house or a business? Read More

  • Wordia is out to get Dictionary.com with… a video dictionary?

    Brit/US entrepreneur Michael Birch has not been resting since exiting from Bebo recently. He’s invested in a new startup which launched today, founded by former TV-producer Edward Baker, an ex-TV producer. But this is not your obvious startup – dictionaries are not exactly hot right now. So why do another one? Read More

  • Asus recovery DVDs contain software pirating tools?

    According to PC Pro, there are some Asus recovery DVDs floating around containing some pretty weird files. A reader reported that the DVD that came with his notebook contains a directory named “Crack” that’s full of serial numbers for various software, a directory full of confidential Microsoft files containing information about certain PC manufacturers as well as more… Read More

  • Who Are the Richest People In Tech?

    Forbes has once again released its list of America’s richest people and, not surprisingly, Bill Gates topped the list with an estimated wealth of about $57 billion. But Gates isn’t alone as the only technology titan on the country’s list of the richest people. On the list again this year is Gates’ old partner Paul Allen, Sergey and Larry from Google, and Steve Jobs. … Read More

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