• Nokia And Microsoft Make An Unholy Alliance To Bring Office Mobile To More Phones

    Microsoft and Nokia announced a broad ranging alliance this morning which will bring Microsoft Office and other productivity software to a Nokia phones. The agreement marks “the first time Microsoft will make Office for non windows mobile phones,” says Microsoft Business Division President Stephen Elop. There are 200 million Nokia smart phones out there, and Microsoft wants… Read More

  • Now that he's talking… Here's 6 Questions Apple's Phil Schiller should answer

    So, apparently, Apple’s Phil Schiller is starting to talk about Apple’s missteps. After months of silence, one of Apple’s top executives (and possibly the most public-facing one next to Jobs) has started to reach out to the tech community to help explain Apple’s numerous, absurdly embarrassing blunders. Some may be satisfied with Schiller slowly sending private e-mails… Read More

  • Boxee Watches $6 Million More In Funding Stream In

    Boxee, the media center software startup, has won a lot of fans with its open approach to streaming content. And as a result it has won some more money, to the tune of a $6 million second round, led by Boston’s General Catalyst Partners. The new money will be used for growth: Both expanding the team and expanding the service’s reach in the market, we’re told. But why now? Read More

  • Sony Ericsson's Jalou, with Dolce&Gabanna branding, is, like, so hot

    Are you an English WAG? (And if you are, how did you hear about us, lol!) Good news, then, since Sony Ericsson just lifted the veil on this fashiony phone, the Jalou. I’ve been pronouncing it J-Lo, like the singer, all morning, so feel free to do the same. Read More

  • World ranking: New Yorkers pay lowest cell phone charges

    I’m aware studies comparing cell phone charges generally have to be taken with a grain of salt (especially cross-country studies like the following one), but this one coming from the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications is pretty interesting. It’s not really a “world” ranking, but the ministry compared [JP, PDF] cell phone charges in seven major… Read More

  • The HTC Touch Pro 2 is now available at T-Mobile. Too bad it's really $349.

    We’ve heard real good things about the HTC Touch Pro 2. The 3.6-inch WVGA screen is good, the slide-out keyboard is apparently awesome and HTC once again shipped a great skin for Winmo 6.1. It’s just too bad that at $349, it’s the most expensive handset available at T-Mobile just like we feared. Read More

  • Super-cute Hello Kitty USB flash drive

    Sanrio, the company behind the dream of millions of teenage girls around the world, cartoon cat Hello Kitty, is to celebrate the cat’s 35th birthday on November 1st. Reason enough to team up with design USB flash drive maker Mimoco and give us the Hello Kitty X Mimobot, quite possibly the cutest USB stick out there. Read More

  • Facebook Lite In Pictures. "So Much Damn Faster," Says User

    So, we’ve already explained why the newly revealed “Facebook Lite” at the very least wasn’t conceived to be a “Twitter-killer,” but it does look interesting. The service, which is currently being tested in India (and sadly, not in the U.S. despite the messages sent out last night), has an extremely clean look and feel to it — one that is reminiscent of… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: One Squid Two Squid Edition

    Sony’s new lithium batteries charge quick, love you long time
    DigiDudes: crowd-sourced keychain / tripod thingies
    New Microsoft Store logo: Pixelly Read More

  • There Is Life In Femtocells Yet – Ubiquisys Raises Another $11m

    “I suspect the femtocell has missed its chance,” wrote Charles Arthur in the Guardian recently. Not so fast. It seems the existing shareholders of femtocell manufacturer Ubiquisys beg to differ, because they’ve just pumped a further $11m into the company. The money will fund a range of consumer and enterprise products, to be deployed globally over the coming year. Read More

  • GigLocator, A Smart New Place To Find Gig Tickets

    GigLocator, a live music aggregator, launches today in open beta. It promises to offer a large collection of gig listings worldwide, sourced from major ticket providers and a number of independents too. It enables users of keep track of their favourite artists and venues while offering a discovery mechanism to help you find more gigs you might like. It has a smart search engine which knows… Read More

  • What Facebook Lite Actually Is. Hint: It's Not Twitter Or FriendFeed.

    So, the web pretty much exploded tonight over the appearance of something called “Facebook Lite,” a new service that’s apparently being beta tested by Facebook. But users who received the message that they were invited to test it out, were frustrated when the link didn’t work. There’s a reason for that: It was a mistake to roll the test out to most of these… Read More

  • Facebook Begins Testing Facebook Lite, A Faster Simpler Version Of The Service

    It looks like Facebook has tonight turned on a feature called “Facebook Lite” for some users to test out. We’re getting bombarded by tips about it, and some of us are seeing it as well. Unfortunately, it appears that it may not be fully ready for prime time yet, but we have more information and what looks to be a screenshot below, so keep reading. So what is it? Well, it looks… Read More

  • Use PlayOn to screw the man and get Netflix on your PS3 (and Wii soon)

    Microsoft might have scored an exclusive deal to keep Netflix Xbox 360 only and off both the PS3 and Wii. But if you’re willing to forgo the fancy UI on the Xbox, there is still a way to get Netflix on the PS3 and eventually the Wii too. Read More

  • Asimo costume: for best results, move robotically

    I’m still trying to decide what to be for Halloween this year, but this Asimo costume, made by a Honda engineer (they hate Asimo) just jumped to the top of my list… of things that would be too difficult to execute. I’ll probably just be a cloud again. Read More

  • EPA neither confirms nor denies the Chevy Volt's claimed 230 MPG

    I, and many of you, had a bunch of questions when GM announced that under the new EPA guidelines, the Chevy Volt will earn 230 MPG in urban driving conditions. After all the EPA hasn’t tested the Chevy Volt yet and GM was just going off the new criteria. Urban drivers could very well get 230 MPG if they only drive 40 miles a day, but once they go over that and the on-board 1.4 L… Read More

  • Hurricane Zune continues: pics of display stuff, release date from Best Buy

    I’m beginning to wonder whether someone is conducting this concert of Zune madness. The whole thing has been leaked, from the original unveiling to the specs, the approximate date, the pricing and models, and now the preorder tokens. On reflection, that last one isn’t exactly big news, but it does pin down the release date: September 15th. We had September 8th penciled in, but… Read More

  • A bunch of sweet vintage-y desk lamps for you to buy

    I may have thousands of dollars of specialized electronics sitting around my apartment, but I’m also a big fan of vintage stuff. I think there was a speet spot in the 60s where they were just making unbelievable lamps, for instance. And man could they make tables back before World War I. Sometimes you can pick these things up for peanuts, and sometimes it pays to have a little creativity… Read More

  • Trampoline jumps the VC ship for crowdfunding and closes a round in a fortnight

    Everyone knows how hard it is to raise funding right now. But the European VC market has been even more abysmal than the US one of late, with first round fundings thin on the ground and down-rounds aplenty. So one startup has decided to jump ship from the VC merry-go-round and seek a ‘third way’ for itself. Trampoline Systems , specialists in “social analytics” for… Read More

  • RFID-secured hard drive: sexy if it works

    This little drive may look modest, but not only is it packing 2TB of storage capacity, but it’s secured by RFID, meaning (one hopes) that it’s impossible to access unless you’re right there next to it. It comes with his ‘n hers encrypted RFID cards, so you can keep one wrapped in foil somewhere and the other on your person. It’s even fanless! But there is bad… Read More

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