• WinMo easier to use than iPhone? Consumer Reports says yes

    Listen up, people. Consumer Reports is a great publication if you’re in the market for a toaster or AA batteries. In the interest of self-disclosure, I plan to read the hell out of their reviews when I’m shopping around for my next steam iron. Read More

  • An In-Depth look at Nokia’s hardware damage labs

    Of all the complex and expensive toys that have become standard objects in our lives, mobile handsets probably get the worst treatment. Think about it: they’re the result of many hours of engineering and design and cost hundreds of dollars to obtain, yet within days of purchase they’re generally being smashed into coin-filled pockets or carelessly tossed into cupholders. How do… Read More

  • Nokia E71 on Rogers for $50 with 3-yr contract

    I have to say, as interesting a phone as the E71 is, I’m not sure a three year contract is something I’d be willing to agree to. I mean, who does anything for three years? Well, laying out only $50 for all the capabilities of the E71 — full HTML browsing, GPS, tons of stuff available for the S60 OS — is a pretty good deal if you’re already into that Symbian thing. Read More

  • Good and bad news in the world of online Black Friday Finances

    Despite the ongoing economic woes, comScore is reporting online sales figures totaling $534 million for Black Friday – up 1% from last year. Spending on Thanksgiving also rose 6% over 2007’s figures. The increase showed a better-than-expected economic performance in the online sector. Not surprisingly, analysts are pointing to deep discounts and aggressive promotions as part of… Read More

  • Vuvox Brings Rich Slideshows To eBay Auctions

    Earlier this year Vuvox, a startup that generates rich interactive slideshows, was acquired with little fanfare by eBay. Vuvox slideshows put the generic, thumb nailed images on eBay to shame, allowing users to include video, audio, and impressive photo collages into an embeddable Flash widget. But until recently users had to go to Vuvox’s homepage directly if they wanted to include… Read More

  • The reviews are in for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, but should you play it again?

    The PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, which will be downloadable via Steam, comes out on Wednesday. The reviews embargo, however, must have lifted overnight in Europe as magazines there already have posted their reviews online. EuroGamer—the review written by one of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun gents—gives it a 9/10, calling the game groundbreaking and so on while acknowledging that… Read More

  • Truly Comcastic service, for real this time

    We’ve made it a sort of hobby to post our Comcast experiences here at CG, more often than not because they’ve been terribletastic and we needed to be angry publicly for our own satisfaction. This time however it’s quite a different case so read on if you’d like to hear that rarest of tales: a tale of good customer service. Read More

  • Review: Samsung Highnote (Sprint)

    Short Version: The $99 Samsung Highnote is a capable music phone with a 3.5mm headphone jack and built-in stereo speakers. If music’s your thing, the Highnote could serve you well. Read More

  • What do you get from T-Mobile for being a longtime customer?

    Nothing, basically. My brother recently received the above e-mail from T-Mobile saying he’d be receiving a special gift in the mail for being a longtime customer. What he received for being with T-Mo for over 10 years was pretty underwhelming. Read More

  • Is print dead?

    I’m in Barcelona for Nokia World, and at the little “Blogger’s Lunch” today we got to discussing various trends in entertainment, media, content distribution, and other things of interest to folks who spend the bulk of their day keyed into the online world. Several of the folks at the table exclaimed “Print is dead!”, going on to say “Someone just needs… Read More

  • Guitarist hopes to rejoin band with help of cyber-hand

    A guitarist for a British band, The Long Blondes, suffered a stroke some time ago and has been unable to use his right, or fretting hand since (he’s a lefty). However, the modern neuroscience has provided him with effective therapy in the form of a crazy-ass mecha-glove (the Saebo-Flex) that holds your hand in a “ready” position, then assists you mechanically when you choose… Read More

  • LaCie intros the CurrenKey: a flash drive destined to be lost

    Flash drives are easy enough to lose when they actually look like a piece of technology so why even buy LaCie‘s CurrenKey ’cause you know its going to get lost anyway. It looks like a coin, for goodness sake. The USB 2.0 drive is even constructed out of metal so it’s going to feel like a coin, too. Read More

  • Peek contest winners!

    Who knew a simple little gadget like the Peek could garner so many entries? Not me – that’s for sure. It only does e-mail! Without further ado, the following two individuals have won themselves a Peek e-mail device provided by Target. Don’t forget about our Livescribe smartpen giveaway. Read More

  • Early look at the Neuros LINK internet video box

    CG reader Shaila was kind enough to send in some early impressions and info about the Neuros LINK box that we reported a couple of weeks ago. Keeping in mind that Neuros is currently in a gamma testing phase and is offering a generous four-month, no questions asked return policy on the $300 pre-production units, it seems that the system currently consists of little more than a small form factor… Read More

  • The iPhone case that's designed for the blind and visually impaired

    Okay, we have here the greatest iPhone accessory ever invented. It’s the Silicon Touch iPhone case, and it makes using the iPhone a hell of a lot easier for the visually impaired. (Random fact: I’m legally blind in New York without my glasses.) It’d work with an iPhone App to make it so that people can feel what they’re typing, be it the SMS icon or actual… Read More

  • BMW using MS Surface as car configurator

    Now, you could just go down a list and tick the options you want, but that wouldn’t really be posh enough for you, would it? You’re getting a Bimmer, and you want the experience to be luxurious and classy from start to finish. And that’s why they’re employing a Microsoft Surface to choose your options and check out your car’s features instead of a good old piece… Read More

  • This Bear Market, Brought To You By Jack Daniels

    File this one under “Unfortunate Ad Placements.” On a day that the Dow dropped 680 points (7.7 percent), MarketWatch ran the Jack Daniels banner ad in the screenshot above (sent to us by reader Scott Murff). The ad shows the “countdown to the close” of the market in minutes and seconds, suggesting that might be a good time for a drink. Juxtaposed with the… Read More

  • Blockbuster OnDemand unboxed

    The BlockBuster OnDemand set-top streamer is now available and for those interested in the nitty gritty, here are some of the first screen caps and product shots by Dave Zatz. So far it seems like the set-top box is just your average, post-beta but not quite production ready device. The big surprise for me is that Blockbuster OnDemand is not purely a streaming service. Video can be played… Read More

  • More robot ocean-gliders taking to the seas

    We mentioned these ocean-heat-powered water gliders quite some time ago, and it seems they’ve become more popular in the mean time. These unmanned aquatic vehicles have proven to be a very efficient way of mapping and monitoring the oceans, and new types are being created by oceanographers to investigate this or that quantity or location. I saw one in motion on the BBC series Oceans, and… Read More

  • Scott E Vest does that Cyber Monday thing, too: Microfleece Pullover for $20 less

    Heads up, people who need a jacket with 4,500 discrete pockets. Scott E Vest, in honor of Cyber Monday, is extending its Thanksgiving sale through midnight tonight. That means you can grab the Microfleece Pullover for $40, which is a $20 savings. (You need to use the promo code SAVE20.) You can also get the Scott Jordan Signature System for $270 (when using the SAVE70 promo code), which is a… Read More

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