• CrunchDeals: Samsung SMX-F34 camcorder for $249

    Nice deal on this Samsung SMX-F34 flash memory camcorder with 16GB of built-in storage for $249. Normally selling for around $299, it’s currently priced the same as the memory-less version, the SC-MX20, which I reviewed last fall. Read More

  • Sony looking to expand PlayStation Network to other hardware

    Sony recognizes that the PS3 hasn’t quite sold what it hoped (expected?) it would, and that this is a hinderance to the growth of the “brand” as a whole. Solution? Leverage all the other stuff Sony sells—Blu-ray players, HDTVs, etc.—and throw the PlayStation Network on there. That way, Sony can sell you hot content even if you’re not a PS3 owner. Read More

  • SNL Star Trek skits new and old

    Trekkies are an odd bunch and SNL did a great job poking fun at them back in 1986 with help from Shatner. Last weekend SNL continued the tradition with the help from the new actors and Leonard Neomy. Watch the new and old videos after the jump. Read More

  • Virgin Mobile shares spike with news of Q1 earnings

    Virgin Mobile USA’s shares jumped 57 cents (20%) to $3.47 in midday trading on news of its better than expected (i.e. positive) first quarter earnings. The wireless carrier reported $13.4 million (19 cents/share) in net income for Q1 2009, almost triple (2.85 times, to be more precise) that of 2008 Q1’s $4.7 million (7 cents/share) earnings. Overall revenue increased 2.2% to… Read More

  • Apple Harpoons An iPhone App Due To Fail Whale Sighting

    Apple has a lot of silly reasons for rejecting iPhone apps, but Twitter seems to bring out some of the best of them. A few months ago, Apple rejected the popular iPhone app Tweetie because it featured curse words in the trending topics area — something which obviously the app has no control over. Today, it appears another app has been rejected because of Twitter — only this time… Read More

  • Channel your inner Zack Morris with the 'Brick Style Mobile Phone Holder'

    Miss the 80’s? Me neither. If you have a friend or loved one who does, though, perhaps you should buy them this Zack Morris-style cell phone holder. Yes, it’s a cell phone holder that looks like a gigantic old-school cell phone from the decade that time, common sense, and style forgot. Read More

  • The Motorola W7 Active Edition is good for you, because gestures burn calories or something

    Gesture controls for phones (or any other gadgets) sound like a great idea on paper. “Wow,” you think, “I can shake my phone to change the song! That’s so convenient!” So you get your phone, you load your songs, and you shake. Shake. New song! Shake. New song! A day or two goes by, and it hits you like a breakdancer’s foot to the face: you can shake your… Read More

  • SocialMedia Unveils New Interactive Ads, Scores IDG As Partner

    Social interaction is one of the driving forces behind the web right now, with Twitter and Facebook both growing at phenomenal rates. But outside of social networks, advertisers have largely failed to get in on the action – on most web pages, banner ads usually consist of a flashy logo and maybe some clever text, without any content that is actually personalized to you. SocialMedia… Read More

  • Wii Fit Balance Board now comes in 'knockoff blue'

    Looking for a Wii Balance Board but don’t want to have to buy Wii Fit just to get one? Well you, my friend, are in luck. Read More

  • Watch Out Google, Obama's Antitrust Chief Is Looking To Make An Example Out Of You

    The Obama Administration’s new chief antitrust enforcer at the Department of Justice, Christine Varney, is making it very clear that she is going to be much more aggressive in bringing antitrust actions against large, American corporations. The Bush Administration took a hands-off approach to antitrust enforcement, and that is about to change. Varney needs a high-profile case to make… Read More

  • Microsoft Surface SP1 adds features, better support

    This last Friday, a few of the developers behind Microsoft Surface took some time out of their schedules to meet with us and talk about what’s coming in their Surface Service Pack 1, due to be rolled out today. Now, it’s called a service pack for a reason — as opposed to a fun pack — this update is a response to the requests and concerns of the community using and… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: 1.25TB HP MediaSmart home server for $548

    Costco has a pretty enticing deal for those of you looking for a home media server. You can get the HP EX485 750GB MediaSmart Windows Home Server for $547.99 which includes an extra 500GB Western Digital SATA drive for a grand total of 1.25 terabytes. Read More

  • Why the Star Trek IMAX isn't real IMAX

    Didja catch Star Trek last weekend? Some people did ’cause the movie brought in an estimated $72.5 million. Anyway, one of Joel Johnson’s friends just so happens to be an IMAX engineer and offers up an explanation on why the new Star Trek isn’t a real IMAX film dispite being shown on IMAX screens. She goes into a bit more detail than “it isn’t IMAX… Read More

  • Sharp announces a bunch of new AQUOS LCD TVs (D series)

    Sharp Japan today announced the AQUOS LCD TV D series [JP,] consisting of a total of four new models sized between 32 and 52 inches. The TVs will hit stores in Nippon June 10th with Sharp yet to reveal their international distribution plans. Read More

  • Video: Turn right to the final frontier with Garmin GPS devices

    Sure this is old as all get out and Star Wars is better than Star Trek, but if you want your Garmin StreetPilot or Nuvi to sound like Scotty on the toilet you can download and install these Star Trek sounds at your leisure. Read More

  • Colorware does up the Kindle 2

    Who wants a boring, stock Kindle 2? No one! Thank God Colorware now has a multitude of colors available to spice up the Amazon Kindle 2. Read More

  • Verizon HP Mini 1151NR netbook launching May 17th?

    May 17th is shaping up to be a big day for Verizon if this rumor is correctly stating the launch date of upcoming netbook. That day is also the launch date of the portable hotspot, MiFi. The HP Mini netbook comes packing integrated 3g wireless for Internet connectivity and will be available for $199 with a two-year data contract. Yeah, it’s a bit pricey. Read More

  • Center for Disease Control releases report on "wireless families:" One in five fams are cellphone only

    The CDC’s report on wireless substitution – aka canceling your land line for a cellphone – is out and we discover that one in five U.S. households have cut the cable, an increase of 2.7 percent over six months ago. Another tidbit: one in every seven American homes (14.5%) took all their calls on cellphones despite having a landline. The report polled 12,597 families for… Read More

  • BlackBerry Onyx or Driftwood spotted

    Praise jeebus! I knew this day was coming. Images of a purported T-Mobile 3G BlackBerry surfaced late last night, but it’s unclear whether it’s the rumored Onyx or Driftwood. If it is a T-Mobile device then it’s probably the Driftwood since it’s the only one that supposedly supports UMA. Contrary to what you see in the image, BGR says the Driftwood aka 9600 will have… Read More

  • Go Nordic With TechCrunch, May 27, Stockholm

    TechCrunch Europe is putting together a round-table event in Stockholm on May 27. TechCrunchTalk Nordic, at the Elite Palace Hotel, St Eriksgatan 115, Stockholm (3pm to 8pm), will be an afternoon of panel discussions, presentations and pitches followed by a networking reception. We’ll be bringing together the startup, Angel and VC communities together to debate the next phase of the… Read More

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