• CrunchDeals: Activation fee waived by T-mo

    Starting today until the 18th, T-mobile has waived the $35 activation fee for new customers. That’s all. Nothing else to see here. T-Mobile Read More

  • CrunchGear/TechCrunch/MobileCrunch Barcelona Meet-up report

    Proof: It was not a total sausage party. There was sausage, obviously, but it was chorizo. It has been said that there is no party like a CrunchGear party because a CrunchGear party never comes to an end. This, friends, was true about our strange little meet-up in a weird paella place near the Fira last Wednesday where I got to meet some cool… Read More

  • Next motherboard revisions of Xbox 360 will have 65 nm CPU, GPU

    [photopress:opus.jpg,full,center] The next two Xbox 360 motherboard revisions will be called Opus and Valhalla. Quick, somebody call CNN! Wanton speculation points to Valhalla being the final motherboard revision for the Xbox 360, though that depends on the further success of the console and what Microsoft has in store for the next generation Xbox. (Keep in mind the Xbox 360 will be three… Read More

  • Facebook Group Wants to Draft Lessig For Congress

    With the death of California Representative Tom Lantos on Monday, a special election will be held in April to fill his seat in Congress. Will Stanford Law professor Lawrence Lessig run? Already on Facebook, a “Draft Lessig for Congress” group has formed (with 554 members as of this posting). Lessig, who has long been a champion of Free Culture as a lecturer, intellectual… Read More

  • 'Elmo Live' at Toy Fair 2008

    Here’s a video from Toy Fair 2008 sent to us from Fisher Price. It includes footage of the new “Elmo Live” doll that’ll undoubtedly be making kids go absolutely ape until their parents buy one for them. It’s surprisingly lifelike, although in real life we’ve never seen whatever the hell it is that Elmo’s supposed to be, so it’s a bit hard to… Read More

  • New video and voice chat features coming to PS3?

    Hark! Someone over at NeoGAF.com spotted the above image on the official PlayStation website, hinting at the possibility of in-game XMB (Cross Media Bar) messaging. The text says, “Talk to others during game play, say hello anytime you’re online, or have a video chat with an Eye camera, USB Camera, or headset.” The image was pulled off the server rather quickly. So long… Read More

  • AT&T Tilt getting ROM update today? [Update]

    Not sure how reliable this is, but it’s rumored that AT&T will be releasing a ROM update today for the HTC Tilt. I liked the Tilt when I had one despite it running Windows Mobile. Below are a list of things that 1.61.502.0 are supposed to fix. * Device freezing during unlock process when a password is enabled on the device.
    * Pocket Outlook unresponsive when launched while on… Read More

  • Olympus e-430 specs leaked: 12MP, less bulky, Live View

    [photopress:olympus_e_430_1.JPG,full,center] Looks like details of the Olympus e-430 have leaked to a Russian Web site. That’s where all the best leaks occur. The 3-430 has a 12-megapixel image sensor and Live View, which turns the LCD in the back into more of a point-and-shoot screen. You look at the LCD instead of through the viewfinder, just like a point-and-shoot. (I think Olympus… Read More

  • Wal*Mart kicks HD DVD to the curb

    If I weren’t hungover you’d see a Wal*Mart logo on the truck with some HD DVD logos sticking out of the pile. Just imagine that. K? THX. Things couldn’t possibly get any worse for the HD DVD group today, but they did. A buyer for Wal*Mart is reporting that the giant retailer is kicking the format to the curb and will be Blu-ray exclusive by June. Enough about my family and on… Read More

  • LG's PG6000, LG6000 show evolution in TV design

    [photopress:lgfashion.jpg,full,center] LG pimped out (get it?) its new line of HDTVs at London Fashion Week because when you think of fashion, you obviously think of television. The LG6000 leads the line as a 1080p LCD and comes in 32-, 37-, 42- and 47-inch sizes. The two largest have that 100Hz thing that makes images more film-like (you’d have to see it in person to know what I mean). Read More

  • Another Vice President Parachutes From Yahoo, Lands as CEO of Xobni

    At Yahoo, they don’t have golden parachutes, they have purple ones. Yahoo’s vice president of social search, Jeff Bonforte, is among the thousand or so employees being laid off. (The picture at left is of him skydiving with the parachute Yahoo gave him as a signing bonus when he joined the company a few years ago). His last day is today. But Yahoo’s loss is startup… Read More

  • CloudBook unboxed and riddled with problems [Update]

    Our pals over at Laptop got their mitts on the CloudBook and they’ve run into two major problems. I guess it’s three, but they’re only reporting on two. They can’t even get it past the start screen right now is what I’m being told. LMAO. Here are the other two things they’ve run into. * The pointing device: The touchpad is a tiny stretch of plastic in the… Read More

  • Far Cry trailer

    http://www.brightcove.tv/playerswf It stinks. Don’t you agree? Read More

  • Video: Lego gun shoots stuff

    It’s a gun made out of Legos that shoots steel balls. Really not much more to it than that. Lego Machine Gun Part 1 [Brickpedia] Read More

  • Open Source may Create Security Risks for Mobile Phones

    To date, mobile phones have been relatively safe from cyber attacks when compared to PCs. Security systems have been able to block most viruses on cell phones, but the mobile industry foresees risks coming from the open software platforms that are looming in the near future. Google is backing the Android open source software which is in competition with LiMo Foundation’s Linux… Read More

  • Freewire TV reaches students, now aims for mainstream with clever IPTV app

    Inuk Networks, a startup IP TV service, is now sending digital TV to 40,000+ students in the UK. Its Freewire TV service is free to students with access to the JANET high speed network, which connects all UK universities. Over the next couple of months, Inuk Networks intends to add additional premium channels and aims to launch a residential IP TV offering through a partnership with Cable… Read More

  • Video: Doug on the phone with Comcast

    I realize Doug posted the transcripts about his recent disaster with Comcast, but I thought this video was a good representation of how things unfolded. It’s hilarious that the only discernible thing Doug says in this video is bullsh*t. via Consumerist Read More

  • Rush Limbaugh wants Apple to fix several Leopard bugs

    [photopress:rushmac.jpg,full,right] Rush Limbaugh needs your help, Apple. He can’t get Back to My Mac or Time Machine to work properly. The radio talk show host spent some time on his show recently pleading with Apple to fix certain problems introduced with Leopard. For one, Time Machine, the automated backup app, doesn’t work with Limbaugh’s Mail.app. (Limbaugh says he… Read More

  • TripAdvisor buys Holiday Watchdog, reviews site M&A begins

    TripAdvisor has bought Holiday Watchdog, a UK-based user-generated travel site, for an undisclosed amount, according to The Alarm Clock investment blog. Expedia-owned TripAdvisor generates user reviews of hotels and holidays. Holiday Watchdog, launched by founders Chris Brown and Chris Clarkson in 2004 from eStuff Ltd, said it had 1M unique users a month and joins Seatguru, CruiseCritic… Read More

  • Surprise! Guitar Hero: Aerosmith coming this summer

    Oh man, I gotta show this to my Uncle Archie. He LOVES Aerosmith. He should pick up Guitar Hero: Aerosmith this summer. It’ll have 30 or so Aerosmith tunes (and songs from other bands that have opened for Aerosmith?!) This is very interesting indeed. Let’s say the Guitar Hero franchise starts putting out band-specific titles. We could see tens or even hundreds of Guitar Hero… Read More

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