• AdBrite Takes In Another $23 Million

    Ad networks are still catching money like rain. AdBrite raised $23 million from existing investors Sequoia Capital and Hedge fund Artis Management, reports Dan Primack. This is on top of $12 million, the company has already raised. In October, comScore ranked AdBrite as the 26th largest ad network after MySpace. Its ads reached 71 million people that month, representing a 39 percent reach… Read More

  • The Onion's Our Dumb World: Best use of Google Maps yet

    The Onion, America’s finest news source, is good. Google Maps, Earth’s finest online map software, is good. Put the two together and you get Our Dumb World, a new series from the satire specialists depicting our silly planet in a bold, ne’er before seen light. We learn many things with Our Dumb World. For example, Spain didn’t cede control of the New World because it… Read More

  • A chance to demo your startup

    UK digital networking event Mashup will be running another of its mashup Demo events for startups and growing companies in the digital sector on Wednesday December 5th. It’s an opportunity to demo your services to an audience of investors, corporates, bloggers, journalists and industry influencers. It will be held at the offices of Sun Microsystems in central London. There are still a… Read More

  • Rockband Band mockumentary

    http://www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?umid=127799 The behind the scenes story of the Rockband band. Read More

  • I Love (TwistTogether) Lamp

    Over the weekend my roommate and I dropped by Cafe Habana in NYC’s Nolita and we enjoyed some great food and coffee. On top of the great eats, Cafe Habana is an eco-eatery by way of biodegradable corn-starch cups and silverware, post-consumer recycled paper goods, and high-efficiency light sources. One such light source caught my roommate’s eye and it was the neatest fixture… Read More

  • Google Desktop for Macs now supports Gadgets

    Well, this seems rather pointless, but Mac users now have the option of installing a new version of Google Desktop that allows you to install gadgets. What is Google Gadgets? Nothing special, really. They’re just mini-apps that you can add to Dashboard to show you things like the weather, photos, and e-mail. Said Gadgets are installed into the Dashboard rather than having a separate… Read More

  • This Week in CrunchGear

    This week CrunchGear readers got to see the story behind the Rock Band Band, win an iPod Classic or Zune 2, make a call on the new Helio Mysto, and anger both Michael and Scoble with our Kindle review. We’re all gearing up for CES and 3GSM next year and planning a Holiday Guide next week, just in time to help pick a PC out for Grandpa. Read More

  • Verizon to test standards-based 4G network in 2008

    How’d you like to have maximum rates of 100 Mbit/s down and 50 Mbit/s up on your phone? It’s coming to certain test areas next year and, if successful, should be rolled out by 2010 at the latest. Read More

  • Facebook Competitor College Tonight "Goes Public," Raises $1.6M

    College Tonight, one of a group of startups that is trying to win over Facebook’s core college membership, has raised a $1.6 million round of financing. Oh, and they went “public.” This isn’t really going public, though. They’ve merged with a barely alive public entity called Simex Technologies (SMXT), which is trading at $0.49 per share on the Nasdaq pink sheets. Read More

  • An interview with a Warez Site Owner

    Warez Site Owners are just like you and me. They start sites, post links to pirated stuff, and make a little money. Heck, my grampy got his start in early pirated player piano scrolls after disembarking on Ellis Island and ending up in the Polish ghetto. His site — actually a stand on the Bowery — was called GeorgezH()tDiddi3z and it helped him buy a nice house in Ohio and bring… Read More

  • When will Wii get downloadable movies and TV shows? BONUS: Artificial Wii shortage is false

    I wish my Wii could download movies and television shows. It can’t…yet. That might change soon or it might change later or it might not change at all. Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime isn’t sure yet. He’s still too busy trying to produce enough consoles to meet demand. After that’s taken care of, he says that his company will begin to explore other channel… Read More

  • Five incredibly annoying features of modern day video games

    1UP, only slightly more credible than “7-10″ IGN, has compiled a list of dumb gaming trends that annoy it so, so much. Among them, pay-to-unlock features (see The Godfather for Xbox 360), fixed save points (the ribbons in Resident Evil, for example) and unskippable cut scenes aka the whole of the Final Fantasy series from VII on. Remember when games were an innocent distraction… Read More

  • New cyber-style cold war coming next decade?

    Prepare yourself for some hard-hitting, sensational news. The next decade will bring us a computer-led cyber war the likes of which ye have never seen. Our only chance of survival is to lock down our computer systems with state-of-the-art security software, according to a recent report. Oh by the way, the report was written by McAfee, a company that just happens to sell security software. Read More

  • AT&T's CEO confirms 3G iFones

    Randall Stephenson, AT&T’s CEO, confirmed yesterday that the 3G iFones will be coming next year, but a specific time line was not revealed. The battery life of 3G handsets today sucks, to say the least, and Apple is aware of this and it’s in their best interest to work those kinds of kinks out before putting a 3G version on the market. I wouldn’t expect this till late… Read More

  • CG Editor John Biggs in New York Times (twice!)

    It’s a proud day for CrunchGear.com as our own intrepid Editor-in-Chief, John "Key Krusher" Biggs has been published on The New York Times’ web site with two eyeball-melting articles about personal technology devices. Take a hit off of the Lenovo ThinkStation D10 if you’re nasty or chill out with the Nokia N82 if you wanna slow things down a bit. Either way… Read More

  • Exclusive: Helio Mysto outed

    Look what I found today. The first official pics of the Mysto from Helio. The CDMA version of the U600, of course. Ain’t she a beaut? No word on specs or release date, but it’ll run $150. Can’t wait for this slick slider to make its way into my hands. Wondering where I found this gem? I’ll never tell. Read More

  • Way to be awesome, Denver International Airport

    DIA joins the short list of American airports that offer free wireless Internet access. Other airports include San Diego, Fort Lauderdale, Las Vegas, and Portland (Oregon), to name a few. Denver International has seen a ten-fold increase in users since the service was made free. Previously, the service had been set at $7.95 for a 24-hour connection. I really hope other airports follow suit. Read More

  • Phone Unlikely to be Cause of Death in South Korea

    MobileCrunch reported earlier today that a cellphone may have caused the death of a quarry worker in South Korea. According to new reports this afternoon, the man may have died of other causes. The worker was found with a melted cellphone in his pocket yesterday but he also had a broken spine, broken ribs, and heart and lung injuries. According to the Yonhap news agency, the National Institute… Read More

  • Helio Mysto unveiled

    Peter Ha grabbed the first images of the Helio Mysto, the successor to the Drift. It’s essentially a CDMA version of the Samsung U600. No specs yet but the U600 has: * 3.2 Megapixel Camera
    * (Half Shutter, Auto Focus, Flash)
    * 262144 Color TFT Screen (2.22”)
    * 103.2×49.3×10.9 mm
    * 60 MB + microSD
    * Video Recording (MPEG4, H.263)
    * Music… Read More

  • iDesktop.TV: A Better YouTube Interface?

    If you’ve ever been frustrated with how videos are organized on YouTube, check out UK-startup iDesktop.tv. It is just easier on the eyes. From TechCrunch UK: iDesktop.tv – a relaunch of YouTubeDesktop – is basically an Ajax interface onto YouTube videos with a few more features added, chiefly the ability to download videos to your desktop. I know there are apps for this… Read More

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