• Israeli Entrepreneurs: Know What Game You Are Playing

    TEL AVIV– The other day I spoke at an Israeli event called Techonomy where six handpicked Israeli startups were demoing new products. The companies were impressive, the audience packed, it was sponsored by blue-chip tech names, and well-heeled experts were on stage offering feedback. In fact, it could have been just like a Silicon Valley event a la TechCrunch 50 in every way except… Read More

  • Why Did Sergey Brin Stop Blogging?

    Remember back in September 2008 when Google co-founder Sergey Brin started a personal blog? TechCrunch was the first to spot it, and it was interesting enough for the Wall Street Journal and the NY Times to pick up the story. Of course, it was the actual content of the second blog post (the one after the obligatory introduction one) that was the real story there. After all, an executive of… Read More

  • Italian Football Referees Banned From Using Social Media

    For your Saturday morning reading: Channel4 reports that the new President of the Referees’ Assocation in Italy wants to stop officials from participating in conversations on social networking sites and message boards, and refrain themselves from blogging. The President in question, Marcello Nicchi, was only elected to the position last month and one of his first moves was the release of… Read More

  • WiMAX for EVAR! or so says Clearwire chairman

    AT&T and Verizon might have the lion’s share of the mobile broadband market, but don’t count Sprint and Clearwire’s WiMAX out just yet. The chairman of Clearwire was nailed down for an interview at CTIA where he championed the high bandwidth wireless solution by talking about the low capacity of VZW’s and AT&T’s 3G network. And how WiMAX can even handle… Read More

  • Brit firm developing solar powered parking spots

    This comes from the, “well duh!” file. A UK firm is developing a canopy designed to be mounted over a parking spot with solar cells, so people driving all-electric vehicles can charge while parked. This sounds like a really great idea. Imagine being able to charge up your car while you’re at work. Read More

  • Surface app for doctors improves their bedside manner

    This isn’t exactly headline news, but along with the 56-inch monitor we saw yesterday, it looks like displays in hospitals are going to be getting pretty fancy over the next couple years. After all, they have the latest technology for just about everything else. Might as well go the whole hog. Wireless ruggedized tablets capable of withstanding an arterial spray, 4K displays for… Read More

  • Samsung Mondi given some video time

    .The upcoming Samsung Mondi broke a few days ago and was recently spotted at CTIA. The large MID sounds great on paper thanks to some killer specs, most notably being the WiMAX internet connectivity and a 4.3-inch touchscreen. However, the Windows Mobile 6.1 underpinnings with the TouchWIZ OS is somewhat of a turnoff. That being said, this basic video has certainly peeked our interest. This… Read More

  • Facebook's Newest Funding Source: You

    Facebook is testing a new virtual gifts product that allows users to give “credits” to other users. The idea is that you can give other users these credits in addition to or in lieu of commenting or liking a message or status. So if for example I say “out walking the dog,” other people can throw some credits my way. VentureBeat has an exclusive overview. Here’s… Read More

  • Mooch Takes Aim At GameStop With Video Game Swapping Market

    Mooch is a new video game trading site looking to help users trade games directly with each other, allowing them to bypass middleman stores like GameStop and save money in the process. Depending on how new and popular the games being traded are, members can expect to save as much as $30 per trade, and simply have to mail their games to each other after establishing a trade on the site. Mooch… Read More

  • Power Glove: Reloaded features accelerometer, Arduino chipset

    You know, I love the Power Glove. Obviously, because it’s so bad. Not rad bad, but bad bad. It never really worked right, and despite mods like this one over the years, it’s never really found a real audience outside of the ironic crowd (I own two). I really don’t know why Nintendo hasn’t released a Powii Glove yet, but if they make it like this thing, I’m… Read More

  • DIY: Tesla Coil Gun

    Obvious warning: Don’t let your kid play with this. Hell, you probably shouldn’t play with it. But this DIY project could make a great, but deadly, weekend project. Basically, it is comprised of a auto ignition coil, power relay and a broken power drill. The project might be a bit more than the average nerd can handle, but what the hell. What do you have to lose? It (probably)… Read More

  • Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aime puts foot in mouth regarding used games

    This interview happened at the very end of GDC, but until this part was highlighted I had no idea of the extent of Reggie Fils-Aime’s… whatever it is. He regards the used game industry as a threat to Nintendo, understandably, but also to consumers. Wait, what? And just wait till you read the quote. Read More

  • Film camera "disguised" as enormous film canister

    These aren’t exactly for the super-spy in your life, but for the ironic enjoyer of all things meta and mash-up, they might be perfect. It’s hard to say how big these cameras really are, but if that cup and saucer is any indication, they ain’t small. Still, the classic shape and coloring of the film canister version is very appealing. You can tell people that’s where… Read More

  • TekCase for DS Lite, DSi adds protection and extra battery life

    The TekCase from TeknoCreations adds a bit of bulk, protection and battery life for your Nintendo DS Lite or Nintendo DSi. A hard polycarbonate shells protects your precious handheld and adds up to 3x the battery life for extended gameplay. The case charges over USB and comes with a USB wall adapter. Read More

  • Alaska Airlines offering free wi-fi at Sea-Tac airport

    Airlines aren’t generally the swiftest on the uptake; their business practices are decades and decades years old and the age of the mobile phone has only just this year begun to make itself apparent to them. So I’m not surprised that it’s taken until 2009 for something as cheap to implement, yet important and helpful, as free wi-fi to start gaining ground. Alaska, my… Read More

  • Golf hole's tee box is 1,400 feet above the green

    The Legend Golf and Safari Resort in South Africa features a world-class golf course with each of the 18 holes designed by a different professional golfer. The true magic is found in the “Extreme 19th” hole, though, which is a 630-yard par three with a tee box that’s only accessible by helicopter and looms over 1,400 feet above the green. Read More

  • Phase 2 Strikes Deal With IBM To Sell Lotus Products To SMBs

    Phase 2 International, an SaaS provider has partnered with IBM to provide “Lotus On-Demand,” a suite of enterprise products, consisting of Lotus Notes (enterprise email messaging), Lotus Sametime (secure instant messaging), Lotus Quickr (document sharing), and Lotus Connections (corporate social network). The software is meant for small to medium sized businesses and is priced… Read More

  • Visiting crap gadget maker Thanko in Tokyo (photo gallery)

    For a geek, living in Tokyo has many advantages. Being tempted to go check if infamous crap gadget vendor and USB specialist Thanko is for real, isn’t one of them. But I finally went to Akihabara, the world’s geek heaven in the center of Tokyo to find answers. And the rumors are true, Thanko does exist. Read More

  • Review: Cake Mania 3 for the iPhone/iPod Touch

    It’s no secret that my favorite Nintendo DS game is Cake Mania 2 (published by Sandlot) and my favorite Xbox game is Fuzion Frenzy. What these two games from two separate platforms have in common is Hudson Entertainment. And bless their hearts for bringing Cake Mania 3 to the iPhone. Read More

  • Nintendo DSi: First US commercial, Japan gets more DSiWare

    Nintendo’s first US commercial for the DSi made me ROFL and plays up the picture editing effects on the DSi. Check it out and a trailer for Japan’s latest batch of DSiWare after the jump. Oh, and if you missed your opportunity to grab our early copy of Rhthymn Heaven then we’ve included the commercial for that as well. Read More

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