• Guy quits job via Mario-like video game

    Wow, interesting to see someone actually quit their job nowadays but a game developer for 2K Australia did just that. And he went out with a bang, too, creating a browser-based Mario-inspired game with several short levels with thank you’s, reasons for quitting, and so on. Read More

  • Video: Chevy Volt mule test drive

    Ah, the Chevy Volt. Will it ever make it to market and/or will it save GM? That’s a another post entirely. Anyway, GM-Volt.com founder got behind the wheel of a Chevy Volt prototype and seemed impressed. This mule drive was a battery-only demo and didn’t show off the engine generator switchover, which is what many of us onlookers are curious about. That point and how a $40,000… Read More

  • Kid breaks arm, gets bionic LEGO cast

    No fair! I wish I had a broken arm with a bionic LEGO cast that allowed me to accessorize with several wonderful gadgets like flashlights and voice recorders. Lucky! Read More

  • Anybody else just get a freaky loyalty call from T-Mobile?

    My G1 just rang with an unfamiliar 1-800 number. Uh oh, I thought, one of those singles lines I spend so much time on is trying to collect. I answered and after a second, a recorded voice said “Hi! This is a free call from T-Mobile to thank you for your loyalty.” It then repeated this message in Spanish and hung up. Seriously? Read More

  • Updated: Spoonfed launches events app for the iPhone as TimeOut freelancer appeals for free developers

    It looks like the guys at Spoonfed have stolen a march on Time Out and other event guides with the release of their iPhone app, the Spoonfed Events Radar, available free from the App Store as of today. The launch is the first step of the startup company’s mobile strategy which extends the Spoonfed events listings database to the mobile platform, making it easier for Londoners to find… Read More

  • Majority of author's new novel written on his smartphone

    Over a period of three years, fantasy author Peter Brett wrote 100,000 words on his HP iPaq during his long subway commute. And here I get all excited when I manage to post a new word I learned to my blog, while sitting at a bar. Given the length of most epic fantasy novels (or cycles) I would have thought it an impossible task to thumb out more than, say, 5-10% on something like a smartphone. Read More

  • New LAN Warrior system from iBuyPower looks solid and portable

    I don’t usually like the squat little portable cases you see around that are made for portability, but this one does it right. iBuyPower has used NZXT’s Rogue case and filled it with things you probably wouldn’t expect in a LAN-going box. Liquid cooling, room for 4-way SLI and a huge amount of RAM, and even two optical drives if you want. I guess the Rogue case… Read More

  • Associated Content Raises $6 Million For Publishing Platform

    Online publishing platform Associated Content has closed a $6 million, Series C financing round funded by SoftBank Capital, Canaan Partners and AOL CEO Tim Armstrong. Associated Content secured $10 million in Series B Financing from SoftBank, Canaan, and Armstrong in 2007. The company also closed $5.4 million in Series A funding from SoftBank in 2006. Founded by Luke Beatty and originally… Read More

  • Center'd Gets A Facelift, Introduces Semantic Analysis For Smarter Local Activity Guide

    Center’d, a local activity guide headed by former Yahoo Local GM Jennifer Dulski, is getting a major upgrade today. Alongside a completely revamped homepage, the site is launching a reworked search engine that it says should outperform the keyword searches found on most other local sites. Center’d has compiled a database of around 1 million entries for various activities, each… Read More

  • Senseg: Amazing haptic technology that could be coming to a device near you

    Senseg.com is a haptic interface company based in Helsinki, Finland. I met with the CEO, Ville Makinen, who showed us two simple implementations of the system. Instead of using vibrating motors, the device surface is completely motionless. Instead, the Senseg system stimulates your fingers or hand with an electrical field to simulate the feeling of friction or texture. The only way I can… Read More

  • Is the DDR3 push starting now?

    DDR3 as a premium RAM technology has been around for a good while now, but the price of setting up a DDR3 system has been less than cost-effective. The benefits of DDR3 haven’t been great enough to justify the huge price gap between common DDR2 and the newer standard. But the changeover has to happen sometime, and it looks like Samsung got a little impatient. They’re offering… Read More

  • After Being Upstaged By Google, Wolfram Alpha Fires Back With A Leaked Screenshot

    Today was supposed to be a big coming out party for stealthy search engine Wolfram Alpha. Computer scientist Stephen Wolfram gave the first public demonstration of his knowledge mining search engine at Harvard. But to be honest, not too many people were paying attention because A) who wants to sit through a two-hour Webcast and B) Google decided to tease its own efforts at adding structured… Read More

  • Hitachi develops world's most powerful li-ion battery for hybrid vehicles

    Hitachi seems to have made a major leap forward in the development of “green” vehicles. The company claims it has developed the world’s most efficient lithium-ion battery for hybrid cars, topping previous Hitachi batteries by an impressive 70% in output density. Read More

  • Mapping Facebook's Popularity Around The World

    We all know that Facebook is growing like a weed, especially internationally, but which countries are really seeing the most growth? TechCrunch alum Nick Gonzalez has put together a new tool called CheckFacebook designed to help users do exactly that. The site is primarily meant for advertisers, who can use it to gauge where to deploy campaigns, but it also offers an interesting look at… Read More

  • As Phorm screws up – again – Feeva is in the rear view mirror

    It’s clear now that Phorm is slowly but surely deadpooling – and I don’t use that phrase lightly. It’s lost the battle to convince customers that its ‘deep packet inspection’ technology isn’t an invasion of privacy (whether it is or not is now almost irrelevant, that’s how it’s seen). It’s been exposed as having had dealings with… Read More

  • CrunchDeals: Red Microsoft Zune 30GB for $99

    Want a Zune? Actually, do you want a cheap media player ’cause they don’t get much less expensive than this. Sure, this model is the last generation, but you still get all the goodies of the new models. The player is available via eBay through the Best Buy Outlet so you can purchase with confidence. Oh, and the shipping is free. Read More

  • Cablevision to offer fastest broadband speed in America: 101 megabits per second down, 15 megabits per second up

    Never have I been happier to be a Cablevision subscriber. The New York area company will offer the fastest broadband in the United States starting next month. Top speed is said to be 101 megabits per second downsteam, and 15 megabits per second upstream. My [private high-def BitTorrent site whose name I’ve removed] account is jumping for joy. Read More

  • Hulu Now The Number Three U.S. Web Video Site. Soon To Be Number Two.

    Just last month, we wrote that Hulu had gained some 10 million viewers to become the fourth largest video portal on the web. Now, it’s slain another rival to the list: Yahoo, to move into #3 — at least in terms of videos viewed. To be clear, the new March U.S. numbers released by comScore show that Hulu is still slightly behind Yahoo’s video properties when it comes to… Read More

  • Slush Mug lets you make Slushees at home

    If you like Slushees but you hate the inconvenience of getting out of your car, entering your local convenience store, and paying upwards of two dollars, might I suggest the Slush Mug, a $10 mug with a freezable core that allows you to make your own slushalicious treats at home with just six hours of prep time and another six minutes of stirring. Read More

  • Video: GE's microholographic storage disc explained

    OK. This is an official GE video so once you get past the first 50 seconds of fluff, it explains how microholographic discs work in everyday speak. Seriously, it’s 1:52 out of your life and you’ll probably learn something about next-gen optical media. Click through to watch the video. Read More

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