• Best link of the day so far, you can thank me later

    The Internet is a great big place. Make sure you know where on it you are before posting on a forum. That is all. Thanks, Josh. Read More

  • Order this beer pong table NOW!!!

    I played a lot of beer pong and flipper in college. It was fun, but it got a little unsanitary when people forgot to wash the balls after each throw. Drinking beer with whatever filth is on the table or floor is disgusting. My alma mater had a huge contingent of engineers and quite a few of them were in my fraternity, which makes me wonder why none of them thought of this contraption made by… Read More

  • Update: Mass Effect for PC drops dial-a-DRM!

    Yesterday we brought news that the PC version of Mass Effect would have a DRM feature that would phone home every 10 days to make sure you weren’t playing with a pirated copy. It’s a sucky system and people were upset. EA, though, listened to us bloggers and other gaming fans and has announced that when the game ships it won’t have the craptastic DRM system. There will still… Read More

  • MSI launches new pop-can sized "Titan" computer

    I suppose it’s a little funny that of all the Greek gods, MSI chose the biggest to lend a name to their smallest computer. This thing is really tiny. It hides a DVD burner, a 2.5″ SATA drive slot, 2 PS/2 slots and 2 USB, ethernet, and a real audio card. It’d make a mean little dedicated media or torrent machine if you had it connected to some network-attached storage… Read More

  • VMWare Fusion 2.0 Beta 1 available now

    My hangover is killing any enthusiasm I have today and hindering my ability to form complete sentences, so you’ll have to bear with me. If you’re into Mac virtualization then you already know what VMWare does. As the headline suggests, Fusion Beta 1 is now out. You can find all the details here. Here are some of the more important changes. 1. When it launches, VMware Fusion 2.0… Read More

  • Sneak Peak At Android Apps Out of MIT

    A class at MIT built some mobile apps for Google’s Android operating system and presented them today. CrunchGear’s own superblogger Doug Aamoth reports on the seven apps—loco, Flare, GeoLife, Re:public, Locale, Kei, and snap—that he saw. Below is a slightly edited version of the original post: loco Loco is a mobile social network built on top an Android… Read More

  • Video: Sub-Zero vs Batman

    What do you guys think? Hit or miss? Check here for more details. Thanks for sending this in, Scott. Read More

  • Official: PS3 will "probably" see DLC for GTA IV

    Downloadable content? For my PS3 version of GTA IV? It’s more likely than you think, at least according to Sony Computer Entertainment’s Reeves, who wouldn’t go so far as to confirm it’s coming, but was very vocal in saying “probably” to videogamer.com. Downloadable content is one of the things Xbox owners like to hang over the heads of PS3 fans when it comes… Read More

  • Is Pownce Developing A MP3 Player?

    Daniel Burka, co-founder and head designer for Pownce, has generated some buzz by posting a screenshot teaser of an upcoming release (shown above). From what we can see in the shot – a search box, an upload link, and parts of the words “Artist” and “Playlist” – it appears to be some sort of browser-based music player. Just a couple days ago Pownce… Read More

  • Gears of War 2 trailer coming to XBL Saturday

    Before you watch your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, be sure to catch the Gears of War 2 game play trailer. It will be available on the Xbox Live Video Store at 7am tomorrow. The trailer is said to include a first look at chainsaw duels, bigass fire fights, and visuals that will make your eyes explode… with joy. Additionally if you’re interested, it will feature an interview… Read More

  • Texas wants Amazon to pay up, pardner

    Online retailer Amazon has some ‘splaining to do. Texas officials are investigating whether or not the online retailer has a distribution center in Irvin, Texas. If they do, Amazon will owe millions of dollars in back taxes. The Supreme Court ruled in 1992, that states can collect sales from out-of-state retailers, if they have physical presence in the state. Somehow the Irving… Read More

  • Parallels nows supports Vista SP1, XP SP3

    Parallels, the virtualization software that lets you run Windows apps on an Intel Mac, now supports Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The latest version, which was released earlier today, costs $80, the same as VMware’s competing application Fusion. I used Parallels once, sometime last year, and couldn’t couldn’t connect to the Internet within Windows. So I freaked out… Read More

  • Safari Search Plugin Inquisitor Acquired By Yahoo!

    Inquisitor, the Safari search plugin billed as “Spotlight for the web”, has been acquired by Yahoo. The plugin enhances the browser’s standard search engine by offering suggested links and bookmarks in real time as the user types. Yahoo has already made some minimal changes to the software. The plugin’s integrated Affiliate Links, which have been the source of… Read More

  • Hands on with Verizon Curve

    By now we’ve beaten the Curve into the ground but that doesn’t mean Verizon can’t try their hand at selling it. The 8330 on Da Big V has VZ Navigator, BroadbandAccess, and a 2 megapixel camera with flash. Thrill to Mobility Today’s rousing video review. Read More

  • Who says GTA causes violence?

    An 18-year-old kid in the UK was walking home after purchasing a copy of GTA IV when he was mugged and beaten by two ruffians who stole his game and broke his jaw. They were caught, likely for racking up a two-star wanted level. They should have hidden down with the bike in that alley. OK, this is getting way too real. You guys take care of each other out there, alright? The story here… Read More

  • Old rooftop antennae pose problem for would-be digital TV viewers

    Flickr’d Post 900 about the upcoming transition to all-digital TV next February. Folks who live in apartment buildings with a shared, rooftop antenna should be concerned. Since the new digital transmissions will be going out over UHF—most rooftop antennae are VHF-only—they’re going to have to convince they’re landlord or building owner or whatever to make sure… Read More

  • Apple agrees to refunds for power adapter buyers

    Just a quick note for those of you who purchased replacement power adapters for your iBook or Powerbook, the ones that cause sparks and start fires that burn you and your family alive: you’re getting a refund. Depending on which adapter you have and for which portable, you could receive up to $79 from Apple in a class action settlement. This is addition to the power adapter recall Apple… Read More

  • Zivity Nabs Napster Co-founder As CTO

    San Francisco based Zivity, a self described “community-powered showcase of female beauty,” will add a high profile technologist to their executive team next week. Napster co-founder Jordan Ritter, who was subsequently the CTO of Cloudmark and Columbia Music Entertainment (and a man who enjoys wearing sunglasses indoors), will join Zivity as chief technology officer. Zivity… Read More

  • TimeTube: The Timeline That YouTube Should Build

    TimeTube is a new mashup from Dipity, the interactive timeline site, that takes the mostly unsorted mess of videos that is YouTube and arranges them by date, offering a useful (and often unexpected) perspective on recent events. Links to each video are situated across a horizontal timeline, with emphasis placed on the most popular videos (they appear bigger). Users can expand or contract… Read More

  • RIAA tech chief thinks DRM is still the future, thinks fire is magic, thinks the Earth is flat

    Oops. Someone forgot to tell Hollywood bigwigs that DRM is dead, consumers don’t want it, and it doesn’t really work that well anyway. At a conference in LA this week, a member of the RIAA said that almost all digital distribution schemes they can think of use DRM. The problem with DRM is it locks you into an ecosystem that only works with the DRM your purchasing. And you… Read More

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