• Ex-Vidoop Employees Launch iPhone Development Outsourcing Service Urban Airship

    I spoke today with Scott Kveton, a former developer with deadpooled open-ID startup Vidoop, about the startup, Urban Airship, he and 3 other fellow ex-Vidoopers launched today to assist iPhone developers with push notifications and iPhone storekit provisioning (you can find a comprehensive story about the fall of Vidoop here). iPhone app developers can outsource these cloud-based services to… Read More

  • LaCie bridges the multimedia gap with the LaCinema Classic Bridge

    Step back. Western Digital might have a real contender in the LaCie LaCinema Classic Bridge media player and it actually supports 1080p content. The LCB is straightforward and appears to be simple to use. Plug in an external hard drive the Bridge relays all media content to your TV for playback. But this, too, will need some updates if it’s really going to compete with the WD TV. Read More

  • 10 DTV Tips and Tricks

    The switch to all-digital television is almost here. Really, it happens this Friday, June 12, 2009. It was suppose to happen back in Februray but Obama and Congress delayed the transition a few months back. It’s probably for the best though. The extra time hopefully means that more folks are ready. We’ve compiled a list of tips and tricks that will help ensure you’re getting… Read More

  • NEC develops unmanned, self-flying drone for civilian use

    NEC has announced the development of an unmanned drone [JP] that can fly by itself to a specific location and send back positional information and video images. The company says it’s the first drone made for civilian applications that can transmit both kinds of data at the same time. Read More

  • EA has "maxed out" the Xbox 360

    Speaking to OXM at E3 last week, SVP of EA Games Europe Patrick Soderlund, stated that the Xbox 360 has been “maxed out.” I’m not entirely sure what he means by that, but I’d assume he’s referring to what EA can do with the console’s hardware. On the flip side, Soderlund said that EA has yet to “max out” the PS3. He’s a bit of a waffler… Read More

  • Rugged LG AMOLED displays withstand hammer blows

    Thank god they’re finally making some strong screens. I have to replace my display every single time I hit it with a hammer — that’s unacceptable! LG’s display, shown here, was being hit repeatedly by a mallet during a demo at Computex. The simpler construction of an OLED display means it can be more robust to physical abuse. Now you can throw that Wiimote all you want! Read More

  • Want an iPhone 3G S? Already have an iPhone 3G? Be prepared to pay $700 to upgrade [Updated]

    Better read the fine print, friends. Apple said today that the iPhone 3G S costs $199 (16GB) and $299 (32GB). But that’s the price only for new AT&T customers. The price if you’re already an AT&T customer and/or are upgrading from an iPhone 3G? Try $699 (32GB), $599 (16GB), and $499 (8GB). To quote Peter Ha: “HOLY SHIT.” Read More

  • Real Racing: electrifying gameplay, jaw-dropping graphics – a must-buy

    WOW. I can’t put my iPhone down. Seriously — I’ve stopped writing this review two three times now to go back and play another race in Firemint’s recently debuted Real Racing. With truly electrifying gameplay combined with jaw-dropping graphics, Real Racing provides a rich, gripping and realistic experience for anyone who is blessed with the chance to play it. Ok… Read More

  • Getting to know Grand Central Dispatch, OpenCL, and your 64-bit OS

    Apple’s Snow Leopard update for OS X is a major update, despite the fact that it doesn’t tout “300 new features” like the last one. For $29, there’s no reason to expect anything but bugfixes, but in fact this is probably the most important OS X update for years. While Leopard essentially completed the OS, which was in need of completing since it was introduced… Read More

  • Tweeting WWDC

    /* widget config */
    var jtw_search = ‘apple or 3gs or wwdc’; /* keywords or phrase to send to search.twitter.com and display */ The words “iPhone 3G S” are on everyone’s lips here at the Moscone Center and the world is tweeting along. Here’s a selection from around the globe. Read More

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