• Ubisoft delays three heavy hitters till Spring

    Some of you may be weeping uncontrollably after I tell you that Far Cry 2, Tom Clancy’s End War and Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway is being delayed until sometime in Q2 and I’m sorry for that. Not so sure what’s causing the delay, but those three titles are Ubisoft’s big hitters for 2008. Maybe they’re riding on Assassin’s Creed’s… Read More

  • Workhound raises £100k for jobs aggregator

    Workhound, a recruitment aggregator startup, has raised £100,000 in first round funding from angel private investors. It currently lists over 700,000 vacancies across some 1,300 recruitment sites and offers contextual search, data mining, bookmarking and salary tracking. Founder Howard Lee maintains that since no UK job site has more than 5% market share – even though recruitment… Read More

  • Crucial SSD line from Lexar makes me drool a little bit

    I’m a big fan of Crucial. I have 2GB of RAM in my MacBook from them. I’m also a big fan of today’s announcement regarding their new SSD for notebooks. The 2.5-inch drive will come in 32GB and 64GB models with a low latency of 1ms. It’s hot swappable and slides into the SATA port or you can get an external kit, SK01, that converts the drive for compatibility via USB. Read More

  • Behold the Zune 3 aka iZune aka Zune Phone aka iPhone/iPod killer

    The folks on the Zune team are no doubt hard at work on the third-gen Zune and here are some renderings and specs of what it could/should be. The likelihood that we’ll finally see the Zune phone is more than apparent with popularity of the iPhone, announcement of Android and the downfall of WinMo. If MS doesn’t pull this out soon, they’ll be dead in the water. Not as a… Read More

  • N2N Commerce Dumped By Victoria's Secret, Found in Deadpool

    Breakups are always tough, but when you are a small tech company which depends on a single partner for survival, they can be literally devastating. That looks to be what happened to Boston-based startup N2N Commerce, an e-commerce software company that was building a modern e-commerce platform for Victoria’s Secret, and had at least 70 employees. Boston is a small town. Two… Read More

  • Look what happens when you don't log into WoW for a little bit

    Friends, that is what happens when you “quit” games like World of Warcraft only to start playing again a little later. You’ll have left your toon decked out like a Williamsburg hipster-jerk: cloth hat, mail armor, plate bracers, a purple shirt and a monkey for a pet. Don’t let that happen to you. Penny-Arcade Read More

  • Predictive text from the BBC

    The BBC Technology news team has come up with a somewhat yawnsville list of predictions (sorry guys) for the new year. In short they predict WiMax being adopted in Europe, the continuing rise of VOIP, ‘Ultra-mobile’ PCs taking off (can’t we just call them small laptops?) and IPTV coming of age. The list is royally and expertly fisked by mobile expert Ewan Spence who points… Read More

  • Mobile HDTV? Korea brings the future to you

    Even if you thought you didn’t need hi-def TV in your car, or while walking on the street, or while frolicking in the fields, Korea will convince you otherwise. Those crazy guys at LG have invested seven billion woolongs, er, won, in R&D just so that you can watch “Desperate Housewives” on the bus as it airs. They’ve made it so no extra frequencies are required, just… Read More

  • Will the Rails war cross the Atlantic?

    First, a brief introduction: Ruby on Rails (or “Rails” for short) is an open source web application framework designed to increase the speed and ease with which database-driven web sites can be created. Got it? Good. Because it is in theory quick to create sites with Rails, it has become associated with Web 2.0 startups who want to launch quickly, especially social networks. Twitter… Read More

  • Top BitTorrent'd TV shows, movies of 2007: 'Heroes' & 'Transformers'

    Using Mininova as a reference point, TorrentFreak compiled a list of the top BitTorrent downloaded movies and TV shows. With some 2.4 million downloads, NBC’s “Heroes” was the most downloaded TV show in 2007, followed by “Top Gear” and “Battlestar Galactica.” On the movie side, you’ve got “Transformers” followed by “Knocked… Read More

  • Future of Web Apps has a US fan. In a bad way.

    You’ve no doubt heard of The Future of Web Apps conference put on in London (and now other parts of the world) by UK entrepreneur / geek Ryan Carson (pictured) of Carsonified. I’d argue that it was his first FOWA London conference in the UK in early 2005 which helped kick-start the Web 2.0 movement here. Well, a US firm called WebGuild has decided they quite like the FOWA brand… Read More

  • Artificial intelligence expert claims sex with robots a real possibility

    Sex with robots?! One day, maybe in a dreary Los Angeles, that could actually be a possibility. David Levy, noted chess player and artificial intelligence expert, says in his book “Love and Sex with Robots” that people will one day create robots that look and act close enough to humans that you’ll have no qualms sleeping with them. And of course, Levy expects the Japanese… Read More

  • Plaxo's For Sale

    Plaxo, the Sequoia-backed start that transformed itself from a hated spam monster into a mild mannered and interesting business social network, has started a sale process according to a source. They’ve hired an investment bank, Revolution Partners, who are spearheading the sale effort. We do not know what price Plaxo is looking for. The company has raised $28.3 million to date over… Read More

  • Nokia 5610 incoming with FCC's blessing

    I actually almost took this phone’s little brother, the 5310, when I switched over to T-Mobile. Nice and compact, decent media playing ability. Looks like the 5610 sports all the good stuff the 5310 has, but better camera and battery life and probably a lot of changes that would be more noticeable to a person who had the old version. I imagine you can expect it to bust into your… Read More

  • TheBizmo music store widget launches in UK

    TheBizmo is a new ‘online music store in a widget’ which is being launched by UK firm UGC Ltd in partnership with London-based investment and advisory firm Ariadne Capital. Essentially it is an embeddable Flash media player (or widget) complete with a store. Since it does not operate a full-blown portal, the store is effectively wherever the widget is, allowing fans and bands to… Read More

  • Back to Widget Basics: Hyplet Creates Embeddable Business Cards and Flyers

    We’re not exactly sure how long it’s been around (it appears to have launched late this Fall), but we recently came across a simple widget service with no press coverage to date called Hyplet that helps you create digital business cards and flyers. You can spread them around the web by embedding in blogs, social networks, websites, and emails. Hyplet’s end product is… Read More

  • And we're off: CES 2008 Meet-up

    The whole team is gearing up for CES next week and we’re ready to walk the halls, drink the whiskey, and eat the bad food so you don’t have to. If anyone in Las Vegas wants to meet up with the CG crew for wings, beer, and shop talk, drop us a line at tips @ crunchgear.com and we’ll try to plan an impromptu evening meet-up on Tuesday night. More info as we get it, but as you… Read More

  • Skype coming to PSP

    It’s been long rumored that Skype would be coming to the PSP and it appears we’ll see/hear something official at CES. This is a bit of surprising move because it has to make one wonder why Sony would be releasing another Mylo that’s had this functionality since the first one. I’m all for it either way. Just makes me scratch my head and wonder if the PSP group talks to… Read More

  • The Apple Keynote Index Fund

    Ever wish your parents invested in IBM way back when it was still hot? Well here’s a way to make some quick and easy money in tech without having to rent out your body. If you buy Apple stock (MSFT… OK… APPL) the day before the MacWorld keynote (this year it’s on January 15th at 9am) and sell it 48 hours later, you’re almost guaranteed a small win. This… Read More

  • Freemusiczilla: Best Music Downloader I've Tested

    Freemusiczilla is desktop based software that basically lets you download any song you can stream on the Internet. There are lots of services like it, but none are as easy to use, or work as well, as Freemusiczilla did in my testing. The software is Windows only. One you’ve downloaded it, any song that plays on a site (MySpace, imeem, Pandora, Last.fm, Skreemr, Seeqpod, etc.) is noted by… Read More

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