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MSI's two-screen wonder looks a lot like that extinct OLPC 2.0

<img src="" />Remember that OLPC design that had <a href="

LG's UHD TV: 3840×2160 pixels of goodness

Gigantic TVs aren’t really my area of expertise, but this one was so big and beautiful that I couldn’t help snapping a few shots as I drifted by it on my way to who knows where. This thing

TA Associates buys €60 million stake in European email marketing leader eCircle

<img src="" />Private equite firm <a href="">TA Associates</a> announced this morning that it has signed a definitive agre

Joy of Tech's Smartphone/Superphone/Flip phone/Landline/iTablet fight

<img src="">If this makes you smile, you're probably a nerd and there's nothing wrong with that. [via <a href="

Riding The Nexus One Wave, Google Releases The Android 2.1 SDK

<img src="" width="116" height="200" />One of the key features of the <a href="

Digg's New Head Of PR Comes Highly Recommended By Pandora

<img src="" width="182" height="200" />It took a little while, but Digg finally has a new head of PR. The company has hired Mi

Vote for the Computer Engineer Barbie

<img src=""/>I can't come up with a good reason why Computer Engineer Barbie is more socially-forward than Environmentalist Barbie, Sur

Dave McClure To Launch Early Stage Venture Fund

<img src="" width="215" height="142" /><a href="">Dave McClure

Review: Sprint Overdrive 3G/4G WiFi hotspot

Short Version: The Sprint Overdrive is a small, compact portable 3G/4G cellular data network to WiFi dongle designed for use by up to five people simultaneously. The best part is the ease of use and t

Sony’s Bloggie camcorders might be meant for video blogging

<img src="">Time to sweep up after CES. Devin tells me we have a hands-on with these cameras buried somewhere in our live video feed fr

Video highlights from CrunchGear's CES 2010 booth

<img src="">CrunchGear had its own booth at a CES event this year and of course we streamed all the interviews live. East Coasters ma

CES 2010 in Pictures: This is why Matt can't have nice things

We had to put down newspaper for the boy back at the hotel. It was a mess.

School district buys 131 iPod touches, for education

<img src="" />A school district in North Carolina just placed an order for 131 iPod touches to be used to help kids with their readin' an

Microsoft sez that software updates make releasing a new console soon unlikely, unnecessary

<img src="" />You knew this already, but Microsoft told the Guardian at <a HREF="">CES</a>last week

Sky News iPhone app hits the 1 million download mark

<img src="" alt="skynews" title="skynews" width="205" height="254" class="shot" />[UK] Consuming news-on-the-go is a perfect fit for the iPh

Netflix might still be coming to the Wii

The story here is that Reed Hastings, Netflix’s CEO of course, said at CES that the chances of Netflix launching on the Wii is “excellent.” That’s what he said. Excellent, not

DriverSide Scores eBay Partnership, Now Featured On eBay Motors Homepage

<img src="" width="215" height="126" />Big news for <a href="">DriverSide</a>, the <a href="http://ww

Yahoo Keeps Turning Off The Lights. Shopping API Goes Dark.

<img src="" width="215" height="184" />At least Yahoo is consistent. At a time when many tech companies

Dell outs the beefy OptiPlex XE desktop

<img src="">Some computer live a rough life as a POS system, signage computer, or <a href="

Chomp Now Live And Ready To Bite Into iPhone App Recommendations

<img src="" width="215" height="92" />Last week, we previewed <a href="">Chomp</a>,
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