• Exclusive: Behind the scenes at the Lego Prince of Persia pitch meeting

    Exec: Okay, team. Times are tough and my wife has put on 20 pounds since Christmas. We need a surefire hit to cushion our bottom line and get those investors off my back. Any ideas? Johnson, what say you? Read More

  • Acer busts out its whole new "Tempo" smartphone line

    Last week we saw a couple phones drop from Acer, namely the DX650 (which is weird) and the X960 (which is generic). Well, they’ve expanded the lineup and now they’ve got a few more phones ready to hit the market. They all run WinMo 6.1 and with a little luck and legwork we’ll have hands-on with all of them soon. Read More

  • Microsoft Updates Windows Mobile To Make It More Like The iPhone. (My Phone, Anyone?).

    Once again, Microsoft is throwing some flattery Apple’s way by following its lead. Earlier today at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft announced the latest version of its mobile operating system, Windows Mobile 6.5. The new OS takes cues directly from the iPhone. It has “an improved touch-screen interface, making it easy to take action with a finger”… Read More

  • Nvidia Plans To Power $99 Mobile Internet Devices

    Nvidia has announced that it plans to power $99 mobile internet devices with its Tegra 600 series chips, perhaps as early as this summer. What’s a mobile internet device (MID)? Well, it’s a gadget that fits somewhere in between a smartphone and a netbook. It’s compact and internet-enabled, but it can’t quite fit in your pocket or make phone calls. It’s… Read More

  • DIY Shoe Phone

    An enterprising Maker has managed to make the imaginary shoe-phone in Get Smart a reality. His gadget is just a cell phone stuffed in one shoe and a bluetooth headset in the other. He explains that he did this so that if someone were to rip apart the shoe you were using as a handset, they wouldn’t find a cellphone inside. Read More

  • Mobile Startups Whittled Down To The Last Five in Barcelona

    The Mobile Peer Awards in Barcelona – running alongside Mobile World Congress – are wrapping up here in Barcelona and they’ve announced the winners. Why the hell does this matter? Well, about 163 mobile startups entered, 42 got selected and only 20 got to present. That’s been whittled down to just five winners. Which are… Read More

  • Head-mounted ‘Third Eye’ camera

    This insanely-priced video camera straps to your head with an elastic band and captures video at a miniscule 320×240 resolution. Thankfully, it does 30 frames per second. That elastic, however, must be magical because this whole getup costs $299 at Hammacher Schlemmer. Read More

  • Sirius XM creditors looking to sack CEO Mel Karmazin if company files for bankruptcy

    This isn’t exactly new, in the strictest definition of the word, but why let that stop us? A group of Sirius XM creditors, creditors whose money makes the company hum on a daily basis, have threatened to seek the ouster of chief executive officer Mel Karmazin if the company files for bankruptcy. (Remember: that could happen as early as tomorrow.) The WSJ notes, however, that the odds of… Read More

  • Lenovo to break rules with 12-inch netbook?

    DigiTimes is reporting that Lenovo is prepping a 12-inch IdeaPad netbook called the S20. The machine will apparently use an Intel Atom N280 CPU while ignoring Intel’s specification that Atom-based machines must feature screens smaller than 10 inches. Read More

  • Add hard-core arcade action to your 360 or PS3

    We just spotted these controllers on DreamArcades.com. They are dual player arcade controllers for multiple platforms and are selling now for $269 plus $89 or so for the proper adapter. Not much information on the DreamArcades site – this doesn’t even seem to be linked off of the main page, but I would totally go head to head with anyone on these monsters. They work with PCs… Read More

  • iShred: To those about to rock, don't do it on the subway or next to me at the DMV

    iShred looks like an iPhone guitar app that actually looks usable, assigning chords to buttons at the top of the screen which are then played with a strum of the strings. Best of all, the system has a set of stompboxes for your amping pleasure including tremelo and looping. Overdrive, anyone? Read More

  • Stress ball gets the USB treatment

    If there’s anything missing from the standard stress ball, it’s a USB connection and a weird phallic shape. Luckily, Brando has us all covered with the $30 USB Stress Ball that, along with the obligatory squeezing motion, adds pulling, squashing, and twisting to the mix. Read More

  • Flash officially coming to Palm's webOS

    Woohoo. This MWC is turning out to be pretty darn good. Adobe announced today that Palm is joining the Open Screen Project, which makes Flash on the Palm Pre officially official. The OSP is a “broad industry initiative dedicated to enabling standalone applications and full web browsing across televisions, desktops and mobile devices taking advantage of Adobe Flash Platform… Read More

  • Windows Mobile 6.5 announced, Marketplace included

    Microsoft just took the wraps off of the latest WinMo release. Just like the dozens of leaked screenshots indicated, the OS has a totally revamped feel with a Zune-inspired user interface. The Marketplace and MyPhone are included too although details are a bit light at the moment. There isn’t any word about about paid apps or who will host the contents, although we expect those… Read More

  • LG Arena gets official at MWC

    As if we didn’t already know. LG officially took the wraps off the Arena today at MWC. It’s being touted as a multimedia device with an “exhilarating audio and video experience” coupled with LG’s ‘intuitive’ 3D S-Class UI. The Arena features a 3-inch WVGA touchscreen, 8GB of internal storage (expandable to 40GB), a 5-megapixel (AF/MF), a 1000mAh… Read More

  • Clarizen: Project Management for Non-Project Managers (Free 1 yr. Subscriptions!)

    Many professionals I know are not project managers by profession and yet most at some point or another have had the dubious pleasure of battling it out with a project management (PM) application—MS Project typically the nightmare of choice. It begins with lofty ideals of planning and running an organized project (for once). Yet what usually happens is that they end-up managing the… Read More

  • Happy Monday CrunchDeals: Dell Mini 9 for $199, cheap monitors and more

    Yama hama, great deals abound on this fine Monday morning. Case in point, the Dell Mini 9 netbook for $199 after $50 instant savings. Sure it’s only got a 4GB SSD and 512MB of RAM but deals like this help to push netbook prices down into gotta-buy-it territory. More CrunchDeals after the jump… Read More

  • Palm releases official webOS programming resource

    Itchin’ to develop for Palm’s webOS? Well, you’re in luck, friend. Today at MWC, Palm and O’Reilly Media announced that the first chapter in “Palm webOS: Developing Applications in JavaScript Using the Palm Mojo(TM) Framework” is available for all and it’s free. It includes info on the app model, framework and how to use the Mojo SDK. Palm’s VP… Read More

  • The Simpsons goes HD, gets a flat screen

    We knew this day was coming and boy was it great to watch the Simpsons in all their high definition glory last night. In case you missed it though, the new title theme is after the break. It’s worth two minutes of your time. Read More

  • New device from Sharp lets you track solar power generation via the web

    It seems Japan is all about solar power lately. On April 1, Sharp Japan will release the JH-RWL1 [JP], an Internet-enabled device that allows households to monitor the performance of their solar power generation systems remotely. Read More

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