• What Michael Birch Did after Selling Bebo and How He Thinks You Should Celebrate Your Birthday

    For all the billions of dollars created here, Silicon Valley is remarkably stingy when it comes to giving. I first wrote about this when I moved here in the great Web 1.0 Internet bubble. Back then, as companies went public all around us, one-third of households earning $100,000 or more gave $1,000 or less to charity—roughly half what the rest of the U.S. gave per dollar earned. And… Read More

  • Augmented reality: it's everywhere (in advertising)

    Condé Nast must be investing in augmented reality tech; there’s a nice, in-depth story on the stuff over at Wired. I kid, I kid — there are two. And I won’t disagree, it’s all very interesting, but I feel the same way about it as I do about 3D TV. Sure, it’s great when you see it and it’ll be awesome when it’s mainstream, but I’d prefer to… Read More

  • EyeWriter: low-cost, open-source eye-based drawing system

    Created as a tool for people suffering from full paralysis, this system is a pretty amazing piece of work. Its called the EyeWriter, and the project is led by a group of graffiti artists driven to help one of their own, Tony Quan, who is afflicted with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. I love this sort of grassroots innovation — and I wonder what they might get done if they had a lab and a… Read More

  • Microfridge keeps a single can cold, looks like crazy science

    This is the kind of device I would think to find in the Delorean from Back to the Future. Christopher Lloyd would look all crazy-eyed at you and say something like “They weren’t counting on this little puppy!” “What is it, a tactical nuke?” I’d ask, ever thinking of Starship Troopers. “Even better,” he’d say, eyes crazier than ever… Read More

  • Salesforce Opens Up Force.com Platform To Outside Partners

    Salesforce.com has continued to expand the capabilities of Force.com, its platform to build and deploy enterprise applications. The company recently rolled out Force.com Sites, which lets companies build and run their applications for internal use as well as for public use on Salesforce.com cloud computing platform. Today, Salesforce will be opening up an additional distribution channel off… Read More

  • OnOne's DSLR App for iPhone approved – go to it

    The very useful-looking DSLR Camera Remote app for iPhone has finally (finally) been updated to version 1.1. Those of you who haven’t been following along wouldn’t know that this is a major release, adding Nikon support to the mix. That’s great news for Nikon owners, obviously, but Canon shooters like myself also will find an improved interface, bugfixes, and new… Read More

  • Skygrid Furthers Partnerships For Real-Time News Widgets

    SkyGrid is slowly expanding its real-time financial news empire. The powerful business news aggregator, recently struck a deal with StockTwits, a popular site that lets you track real-time discussions about stock information on Twitter, to feature a live feed of real-time news. Tomorrow, SkyGrid will launch its real-time financial news widget on Zacks, an investment research site… Read More

  • PS3 Slim actually disassembled before your eyes

    Well, they got off to a good start, but Rapid Repair has been passed up by iFixit in the race to tear an unsuspecting PS3 Slim to pieces. What’s in there? Well, apparently, the whole thing is taken up by an enormous fan and the Blu-ray drive. Where’s the PS3?! Under the fan, I suppose. Check out the whole process here. Read More

  • Bacon-themed Oakleys: better than wearing real bacon? (No.)

    Here’s the thing. If you’re going bacon, you have to go all the way. Bacon-like has never been enough — and it never will be. This is why Bacon Bits will always outsell Fakin’ Bacon, and this is why it will always be better to fashion a pair of bacon goggles than wear a bacon-themed pair of Oakleys. Read More

  • I Like The Way You Move: Animoto's Custom Movie Montages Can Now Include Video

    Animoto, the startup that lets you automatically build custom music videos starring your own media, just got even more awesome. Tonight the site is launching support for video, which means you’ll be able to generate customized music videos featuring your home movies, along with photos and music, with almost no effort required. We first previewed the new feature last month, and now… Read More

  • Sweet macro mod for your phone's camera – got an extra DVD player lying around?

    Apparently, the optical qualities of a regular old DVD player laser lens make it a perfectly good macro lens attachment for many camera phones. I’m genuinely impressed with the quality of the pictures — perhaps I’m wrong about some of these tiny sensors. Read More

  • myYearbook Finds Profitability In Hyper-Competitive Social Networking World

    At best people consider myYearbook an afterthought in the social networking world – they weren’t even included in our 2009 Social Network valuation model because of a lack of available traffic data. And yet…the company has managed to achieve profitability, a goal some of its huge competitors are still struggling to reach. CEO Geoff Cook told me today that the company is… Read More

  • PS3 Slim, disassembled before your eyes (UPDATE)

    Update: iFixIt tore the PS3 down like the champs they are. Check out the Blue Philips Screw of Death! Rapid repair is breaking down the PS3 Slim as we speak. Actually, they’ve only just finished taking the screws off it. Want to be the first to know that it’s fusion-powered, or actually just two PS2s taped together? Keep an eye on the post, they’ll be updating it as the… Read More

  • It's time for The Pirate Bay to die

    You need only one word to describe The Pirate Bay. It comes from the Ancient Greek, is six letters long, and entered the English language in 1884, some 120 years before the Web site’s founding. When The Pirate Bay starts to compare its struggles to those of Western Europe during World War II—you know, the struggle against Nazi Germany—only one word is needed. That word is… Read More

  • Facebook accelerates past StudiVZ in Germany

    Facebook is now officially Germany’s biggest social network, quality newspaper FAZ reports. Latest numbers from Nielsen show that the world market leader increased it’s reach by more than 50 per cent from March to Juli 2009. Last month Facebook had nearly 6.2 million unique users in Germany. Not only could the US company overtake it’s arch enemy StudiVZ, which Facebook at… Read More

  • OS X drops Palm HotSync support, Newton support next?

    iSync 3.1.0, to be shipped with Snow Leopard, has struck another blow against Palm. What is it this time? They’ve removed Palm HotSync support, relegating thousands of Centro, Treo, Zire, Tungsten, and Palm Pilot users to the darkest corners of Obsoletia. When will this arms race end? Read More

  • First Twitter, Now The Web Starts To Embrace Bit.ly: Google, TypePad, CBS and yfrog

    When Twitter decided to start using Bit.ly as its default URL-shortener, usage exploded. But the service was able to handle the rise in usage, and has been steadily adding new features. And now other major players on the web are rewarding that reliability by also embracing it. Today on its blog, Bit.ly details a few of the new API uses and partnerships that they’ve been cooking… Read More

  • Twitter Flew Above The 50 Million Uniques Mark For the First Time in July

    July was a pretty monumental month for Twitter in terms of news and events. The microblogging site got a homepage redesign, officially adopted the word Tweet on its site, launched Twitter 101 and had a pretty serious document leak fiasco. And all of that took place in the only half of the month! Which is why it may be unsurprising that Twitter passed a fairly big milestone sometime in July… Read More

  • Backpack cooler bag features solar charging and built-in speakers

    What fun is going to the beach if you can’t bring a half-dozen portable electronic devices along with you? And let’s not forget how difficult it is to keep all those juice boxes cool. Yes, I said juice boxes. Drinking beer in the daytime makes me sleepy. Anyhoo, this bag features solar charging, speakers, and it’s insulated to keep your favorite libations cold. Read More

  • Right Before Facebook Bought It, FriendFeed's Real-Time Stream Saw A Flood Of Usage

    Some people still aren’t sure why Facebook would buy FriendFeed. While few would question the talent of FriendFeed’s team, many still considered it to be a product going nowhere. Think again. The new July comScore numbers are out, and they’re impressive to say the least for FriendFeed. First of all, its last full independent month saw an all-time high in unique visitors. But… Read More

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