• Sony Ericsson: We're totes OK, don't bother us

    Ericsson, phone-switch-maker to the stars, has “no plans to abandon its joint venture Sony Ericsson” said an Ericsson spokesperson, thereby ensuring that shiz is going to hit the fan sooner than later. As we pointed out before, S-E isn’t doing too hot and they just lost their North American President, Najmi Jarwala, who was probably ousted for not selling Sony Ericsson phones… Read More

  • Activision's DJ Hero Web site is now live (but don't expect too much information)

    Heads up, wannabes. The Web site for Activision’s upcoming game DJ Hero has now gone live. There’s, like, zero information on the site as yet, except for a “sign up to be the first to know” sign-up button. Read More

  • GDC 09: Team CrunchGear invades San Francisco

    Just a quick note to folks to let you know that Devin and I will be in San Francisco this week for the Game Developers Conference. If you’re in or around San Francisco and would like to meet up then give us a shout in comments. We’re not sure what to expect, but we’ll be reporting live from Moscone starting on Wednesday with Nintendo President Satoru Iwata’s keynote… Read More

  • Earthcomber Drops Patent Lawsuit Against TechCrunch, Loopt

    Just a housekeeping item: the ridiculous patent infringement lawsuit brought against us and mobile social network Loopt (details here and here) by Earthcomber is history. The company walked away from the lawsuit. We criticized being included in the lawsuit because we are nothing more than a search filter on Loopt. And the Earthcomber founder appeared to include us out of spite for not giving… Read More

  • Vuze BitTorrent client now streams video to PS3, Xbox 360

    Those of you who stopped using Azureus when it mutated into Vuze may want to reconsider your decision. The BitTorrent client now supports video playback on the PS3 and Xbox 360. That is, once the computer on which Vuze is running and your PS3 or Xbox 360 are on the same network, Vuze will play the video and send it to your TV, no matter what file format the video is in. I just tried it out… Read More

  • Former MSN Exec Named RNC New Media Director

    Todd Herman, former Microsoft and MSNBC.com employee and streaming media expert, has been named the Director of New Media for the Republican National Committee. Herman founded and ran SpinSpotter, a startup that provides tools to detect spin in news stories. Here’s a snippet of Herman’s bio from SpinSpotter’s website: Todd wrote the initial strategy and business plan for… Read More

  • Jive.ly – a one-man attempt to better Twitter?

    Jive.ly is a new app in full beta, billing itself as a Twitter-like site for mobile. Created by UK-based developer Martin Buhr, the app is designed as a place to update your social network accounts with images and videos from a mobile without having to hook up third party services like Twitpic. It enables quick, simple posting of video, images and text to your user feed from any mobile device… Read More

  • AQUOS A: Sharp to roll out "green" AQUOS LCD TVs

    Sharp Japan announced three new “green” AQUOS LCD TVs today [JP], the so-called AQUOS A series, which follows the BD and E series. The new models come in three different sizes: 40 inches (LC-40AE6), 46 inches (LC-46AE6) and 52 inches (LC-52AE6). All TVs feature full HD resolution. Read More

  • Acer aiming for the netbook sweet spot with 11.6-inch model

    This could be big (figuratively). Acer’s apparently planning to roll out a newly-designed Aspire One netbook with an 11.6-inch screen at 1366×768 resolution, an Intel Atom Z530 CPU, and a more advanced graphics chipset with hardware H.264 decoding. The platform that the netbook will use sips only 4.3 watts of power, so the standard battery should last around four hours while a… Read More

  • Review and Contest: Ipevo Wi-Fi Phone for Skype S0-20

    Short Version: If you’re looking for an alternative to using your computer’s built-in mic and speakers or a wired headset for use with Skype then Ipevo’s handset could be right for you. It has one simple purpose and works quite well. Battery life is fairly good and call quality varies based on signal strength. Compared to competitors like Belkin, the Wi-Fi Phone for Skype… Read More

  • Find Love On Your iPhone With Match.com

    Online dating site Match.com is releasing a native iPhone application for its 15 million members to date on the go. The app allows users to edit their profile, upload photos, and even has an opt-in to a location based feature that allows them to see singles in their area. The last feature seems to be the most innovative one-there is definitely a market for location based dating on iPhones… Read More

  • Apple discontinues Bluetooth headset, the world mourns

    Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the Apple Bluetooth Headset. After a valiant struggled against cheaper Bluetooth headsets – this one was $99 – it succumbed to relative disinterest and malaise. Read More

  • World's least expensive car, India's Tata Nano, now available: Less than $2,000

    The world’s least expensive car, India’s Tata Nano, was introduced a little more than a year ago, and it’s now available for purchase. That car, which starts at a mere 100,000 rupees (around $1,982), is supposed to help bring modern, automobile transportation to, initially, India’s less affluent. It’ll be released in other regions in the coming years. Read More

  • Find Love On Your iPhone With Match.com

    Online dating site Match.com is releasing a native iPhone application for its 15 million members to date on the go. The app allows users to edit their profile, upload photos, and even has an opt-in to a location based feature that allows them to see singles in their area. The last feature seems to be the most innovative one – there is definitely a market for location based dating on… Read More

  • Samsung’s $469 N110 replaces NC10, clears 7-hour battery mark

    It appears that Samsung still has the netbook to beat in the N110, the $469 replacement of the NC10 that increases battery life to over seven hours of real world use, swaps in a glossy lid, and rounds out the front corners while staying under three pounds with a six-cell battery. Read More

  • Fox Breathes New Life Into Redlasso

    Redlasso, the troubled video startup that was effectively sued into oblivion last year by major networks including NBC, Fox, and CBS, is back from the dead. The site has just closed a deal with Fox, allowing it to offer embeddable video content to bloggers for the first time since last July. Launched in late 2007, the startup helped bloggers find and embed video clips about recent news… Read More

  • Netflix not throttling service

    Neil Hunt of Netflix notes that the company is not throttling service and instead chalks up previous claims of throttling to ISP failures rather than anything in the Netflix servers. Whew. Read More

  • What recession? The Sanwa throat microphone should improve call quality (but you'll look odd)

    Go ahead, walk around your local mall with this Sanwa throat microphone and see what happens. Created by Japan’s Sanwa, and modeled after similar throat microphones used by elite military forces around the world (supposedly), the mic wraps around your throat and is supposed to improve call clarity. Read More

  • Gaming service nixed for Nokia's N73

    Although Nokia had previously promised to bring its gaming service to the firm’s hot N73 (they’ve sold roughly 20 million of these badboys), as of today, all bets are off. Citing the phone’s “limited computing power,” Nokia has decided to pull the gaming plug on the N73 before someone gets terribly hurt disappointed. Now back to your regularly scheduled mobile… Read More

  • How will The Cloud change the way we think about music ownership?

    One of the highlights of last week’s SXSW show, aside from seeing the Austin Crew again (hi, guys!), was when I spent some time talking to a few of the guys from Rhapsody, just like I did last year. The conversation touched a number of topics, but the one I found most interesting for us here at CrunchGear (and, maybe, for the broader TechCrunch audience) was the changing notion of… Read More

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