• Samsung announces the world's first 64GB SSD full HD camcorder

    Samsung has just announced the H-series camcorders. Doug and I love Samsung’s camcorders and I think I’m ready to trade my SC-HMX10C for one of these. The HMX-H106 has the distinction of being the first camcorder equipped with a 64GB SSD. The HMX-H105 packs a 32GB SSD while the HMX-H104 is half that with a 16GB SSD. Bringing up the rear is the HMX-H100, which is sans SSD and… Read More

  • Full Stream Ahead: RipCode Raises $12.5 Million For Video Transcoding

    RipCode, a company that offers online video streaming and transcoding services, has closed a $12.5 million funding round led by Granite Ventures with participation from existing investors Hunt Ventures, El Dorado Ventures, Vesbridge Partners, and ATA Ventures. The company, which was founded in 2005, had previously raised $19.5 million in funding. As part of the deal, Granite’s Eric… Read More

  • Wireless Power: Wave of the Future?

    This year in CES we can expect some new products that feature a the latest wireless technology: wireless power. Of course, we saw stuff like this at last year’s CES and it wasn’t that cool, but still. Health hazards, efficiency, and cost have always been issues in the development of wireless power technology, but a growing number of companies are saying that they have solved… Read More

  • CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program contest winners!

    *Drum roll* And the winners of the first CrunchGear Loyalty Rewards Program are… Read More

  • Microsoft promotes Bob Muglia as one of four Presidents

    Capping a comeback from a demotion in the wake of Hailstorm’s failure to survive a privacy challenge led by bloggers, Server and Tools senior VP Bob Muglia was promoted to President of the Microsoft group. Muglia now commands a Microsoft unit with some 22% of the company’s $60 billion in revenue. Significantly, Muglia’s ascension puts him in a Gang of Four with… Read More

  • NSFW – Britney has her Twitter hacked, and it ain't pretty

    Handing your Twitter account to minions to post for you is common in the celebrity game, though some, like UK TV presenter Jonathon Ross, like to do it themselves. That latter strategy may well have been proved to be the wiser one. The perils of handing the Twitter keys to others has just been proved by singer Britney Spears. Most people know that it is her staff, not her, that updates her… Read More

  • MacWorld Keynote 2009: We'll be there

    MacWorld keynote? What? Isn’t Jobs dead? Who the hell is Schiller? Where am I?! Read More

  • Amazing mechanical watches from history

    I’m a watch fan but I’m mostly ignorant of how progress was made from, say, the Antikythera mechanism to TokyoFlash. As one might expect, there are a ton of one-offs, ingenious ideas, and mechanical indulgences which signalized the advancement of the art of the timepiece. There’s a great list here of some of the most influential watches and watchmakers in history. Read More

  • 1,000 free accounts on LiveAps for TechCrunch readers

    Privately backed LiveAps Liveaps is a drag’n’drop page webpage builder not unlike a kind of Dreamweaver for those who want to build a site visually. There are a number of competitors out in Europe these days, not least of which is Webnode which showcased at Le Web in December. However, LiveAps founder Paul Christian tells me the site has been re-jigging its model since last year… Read More

  • Point, Veoh. Court Upholds DMCA Protections In Suit Brought Against It By UMG.

    For those Web companies that comply by it, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act is turning out to be their best friend. Last week, Universal Music Group (UMG) was denied a summary judgment by a Los Angeles court in its copyright infringement case against Veoh. (Court order embedded below). UMG wanted a summary judgment against Veoh, arguing that it could not hide behind the safe harbor… Read More

  • China's Internet censorship getting more and more sophisticated

    Looks like China is working extra hard to prevent its citizens from freely expressing their opinions online. We’re on the good side of the Great Wall, so none of this affects us here per se, but it’s always fun to explore China’s Internet censorship. Read More

  • Psyko's 5.1 headphones are totally insane

    I’ve tried on some true surround-sound headphones before, and let me tell you that it really does make a difference. The ones I tried though, although they sported multiple speakers within the cups, aren’t nearly as radical as this setup from Psyko Audio. How would you like to actually have speakers all around your head? The Psyko solution, it must be said, will almost certainly be… Read More

  • Picasa Finally Hits The Mac, Squares Off With iPhoto

    Picasa, the popular free photo management software made by Google, has finally made its way to the Mac. The application has long been noticeably absent on the Macintosh – especially given the fact that it has been available for Linux (which typically lags behind Macs and Windows) since 2006. It’s also a direct competitor to Apple’s long running iPhoto product, which has… Read More

  • BFG Tech's new Phobos high-end system looks amazing

    We saw a leak of the touchscreen interface that BFG Tech’s new Phobos system sports a few weeks ago, but the whole thing is a bit more impressive. Of course, some configurations will run you $8000! These systems are completely no-holds-barred. Like other super-high-end setups like the Blackbird, it uses only the best components and cost be damned. Check out the specs. Read More

  • I want my flying car – kitchens of the future

    Remember when they said we’d all have flying cars by now? Food would be in pill form, and we’d all have wristwatches that we could watch TV on? Well “they” also predicted that kitchens would be all fancy and technological too. Check it out. Read More

  • Diving mask captures HD video

    Hot damn, I kind of wish I snorkeled more. I did it once and haven’t done it since. I gotta get back into it! Why? Because a company called Liquid Image is releasing a diving mask rigged up with an HD video camera, lights, and a microphone. Read More

  • Will Meg Whitman Be The Next Governor Of California?

    After picking the wrong horse in the Presidential Election (where she might have become Secretary of the Treasury if John McCain had won), former eBay CEO Meg Whitman now looks to be laying the groundwork for a run at the governorship in California in 2010. (The current Governator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, cannot run for another term under existing laws). Whitman today resigned from all… Read More

  • Is CES even necessary anymore?

    This is dedicated to my friends (and enemies!) who’ll be spending this week, know colloquially as Hell Week, in Las Vegas for the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES. While I feel for y’all—I was scheduled to attend until three weeks ago, when an angel descended from Heaven and told me, sweetly, I didn’t have to go—I can’t help but feel that the show is largely… Read More

  • VixML: A Revolutionary New iPhone Development Platform For The Masses

    The iPhone is the hottest platform around, leading some small-time developers to overnight riches and spawning over ten thousand apps in only a few months. But without knowledge of Objective-C or the intricacies of the iPhone SDK, many talented designers have no way of getting their wares onto the App Store. Today, Viximo has released a landmark new development platform called VixML that… Read More

  • Buying a new TV or using an old tube TV with a converter; which uses more energy?

    Environmental magazine Plenty got a doozie of a pickle of a question concerning the upcoming switch to digital TV. The gist of the question is: Which would use less energy: an old, analogue tube TV plus a converter, or a brand new digital set? Read More

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