• AIM Is Now Faster, Better, More Streamy

    AOL has been seriously testing lifestreaming in various betas for AIM and AIM Connect for a few months now. At TechCrunch50, AOL just announced that lifestreaming will come out of beta on September 22 and will be part of the AIM product portfolio across Windows, Macs, the Web, iPhones and Windows Mobile. Last week, the paid version of AIM for the iPhone was updated with lifestreaming… Read More

  • NEC, Casio and Hitachi make cell phone op merger official, want to go international

    The first rumors started spreading about two weeks ago, and it was officially announced yesterday: Major Japanese cell phone makers Hitachi, NEC and Casio are merging their mobile phone operations to become Japan’s No. 2 maker (following Sharp). The name of the new venture will be “NEC Casio Mobile Communications”. Read More

  • Motorola wants everyone to Cliq, looks beyond T-Mobile

    Last Thursday, Motorola announced its first Android-based smartphone, Cliq, alongside its new custom Android interface, MOTOBLUR. Although no specific availability or pricing information was released, it was pretty clear (read: T-Mo’s CTO was on stage) that T-Mobile would be the exclusive carrier of MOTO’s new Hail Mary device. But that was so last week. Read More

  • TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    TC50: CrowdFlower Crowdsources Mundane Labor To The Cloud

    For any business, from a startup to a large company, mundane, yet time-intensive tasks like transcribing video or removing spam comments from blogs, can be a waste of employee time. TechCrunch50 startup CrowdFlower CrowdFlower provides Labor as a Service (LaaS) by letting clients access an always-on, scalable workforce. Unlike traditional methods of outsourcing and hiring, CrowdFlower’s… Read More

  • Chrome Hits Version 3 Just A Year After Its Launch. Still No Mac Version.

    Two weeks ago was Google Chrome’s first birthday. Today, they’re already releasing the third finalized version of the browser, promising that is is the fastest and most stable version yet. Along with the announcement, Google has some pretty impressive statistics. Among them: Read More

  • Hyperbole: Get ready for Sony Ericsson to change the way you listen to music, *forever*

    Apparently Sony Ericsson will change the way we all listen to music, forever. Let’s see… headphones or speakers, and my ears. That’s how I listen to music; maybe you guys do it differently. Read More

  • TC50: Trollim Lets Coders Battle For Programming Superiority

    Coding is a highly competitive industry where programmers are often pitted against each other based on level of skill and ability. TechCrunch50 startup Trollim has created a competition platform and social network for programmers that assesses their coding skills through coding battles. Users are identified as “trolls” on the platform and once a user signs up, he or she fills out… Read More

  • Moto Cliq pre-orders to begin on October 19th?

    This pamphlet, purportedly leaked fresh from someone in the know at T-mobile, is fantastic for two reasons. For one, it says “298 minutes away from cake.” which, while we have no idea what the hell it means, sounds intriguing. Beyond that (and that’s really the primary draw here), it also happens to list the pre-order date for Moto’s new Android-powered baby, the… Read More

  • TC50: CitySourced Lets You Report Pot Holes And Graffiti On The Go

    Ever seen a nasty pot hole or a wall full of graffiti and wished you could report the problem on the go instead of writing a letter or email to your city bureaucracy? TechCrunch 50 startup CitySourced is launching an a slew of smartphone applications that let you file an issue to your city from your phone, aiming to crowdsource this information for cities. It’s pretty simple. The app on… Read More

  • Harper Collins Turning An Excellent Mad Men Website Into A Book

    Mad Men fans rejoice. Soon, you will have your own coffee table book based on the best Mad Men fan website out there, The Footnotes of Mad Men. Publisher Harper Collins has signed a deal to turn site into a book called The Mad Men Files. It will be written by Los Angeles-based writer/blogger Natasha Vargas-Cooper, who also runs the site. As she writes on the blog, “It will be glossy… Read More

  • TC50: Affective Interfaces Monitors And Deciphers Facial Expressions Of Web Users

    Sentiment detection is fast becoming a popular method of deciphering Tweets, news stories and other content on the web. TechCrunch50 startup Affective Interfaces, which launched at the Business Applications session today, has built emotion sensing technology that detects a web user’s facial expressions via a webcam. Affective Interfaces’s SaaS uses a webcam to monitor facial… Read More

  • First impressions of the Viliv S7

    This, my friends, is the Viliv S7. Mr. DHL just dropped it off. Let me say that this is one nice convertible, touchscreen netbook. Many commenters on the last post concerning the S7 baulked at the price, but I can tell you now that I’m holding it that the Viliv S7 is solid, well built, and a fantastic form factor. So far I love it besides a few small but important details. Read More

  • TC50: Metricly Aggregates And Mashes Up Business Data Into A Simple Online Dashboard

    For any web-based small business or startup, there is a plethora of online real-time business data, such as page views, ad impressions, financial information, that need to be tracked frequently. TechCrunch50 startup Metricly, which launched at the Business Applications session, helps online businesses create easy-to-use dashboards to track their key metrics and better understand their… Read More

  • Of course the Zune HD has been torn apart and photographed

    It’s a tradition around these parts to photograph a dissected gadget. This time around it’s the new Zune HD which looks just as good on the inside as it does on the outside. Hit up anythingbutipod for the complete gallery of the teardown. Read More

  • TC50: ClientShow Allows For Real-Time Collaboration During Creative Pitches

    When pitching a creative idea to a company, often the mechanism by which you pitch the idea to clients is as important as the pitch itself. TechCrunch50 startup ClientShow, which is presenting during the Business Applications session, is hoping to help creative, advertising and marketing professionals show, pitch and sell their work to clients more effectively through real-time collaboration… Read More

  • Tumblr Adds a Real-Time Wire And A MarketPlace For Designers

    Microblogging service Tumblr is introducing a few new features today. My favorite is the Tumblr Wire, which is replacing the popular page. Tumblr Wire is a discovery page that shows a constantly-updating stream of images moving across a grid. Each image links to a Tumblog that was updated recently. The selections are random and photo-heavy, but it also highlights text in a big, fancy font. … Read More

  • Logitech Lapdesk N315 features slide-out mouse pad

    Logitech’s got a new lap board doodad on the market called the Portable Lapdesk N315. It’s a $30 accessory with a non-slip grip and slide-out mouse pad. Read More

  • Tesla Puts Another $82.5 Million In The Tank

    Tesla has finalized an $82.5 million series F funding round, according to a spokeswoman for the company. Tesla raised $82.5 million in funding from Daimler, Fjord Capital Partners, Aabar and other undisclosed investors. We have been informed that Tesla CEO and PayPal founder Elon Musk was not an investor in this round. This adds to the $50 million Tesla received from Daimler in May, bringing… Read More

  • HP prettifies Mini 110 with three-dimensional design by Tord Boontje

      If you follow the Dutch design scene as closely as I do, you’ll be thrilled to hear that the one and only Studio Tord Boontje has created “the industry’s first three-dimensional PC surface technology” and worked it into HP’s Mini 110 netbook line. Read More

  • MetroPCS wants a CDMA/LTE smartphone in 2010

    The fact that they’re only the 5th largest carrier in the United States hasn’t kept MetroPCS from dreaming big. Far from it – they’re gunning for the big boys today by announcing their vendors for the eventual big switch to LTE. From the looks of it, they’ve got a pretty solid team lined up: Ericsson will be handling the new network infrastructure, and Samsung… Read More

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