• Nintendo DSi gutted for your viewing pleasure

    Kids these days. When I got a new toy I never tore it apart to see how it worked. Or I’d at least take care of it for a couple of weeks before I started to disassemble it. It is interesting to see what’s inside however, and see where they’ve left room for expansion. Read More

  • Live From Google Campfire '09: Java Support Launches

    We’re here at the Google campfire event, where Google is celebrating the first birthday of App Engine and is planning planning to unveil new developer-related features. The event is being held in Google’s Building 43 instead of an outdoor amphitheater because of rain, but Google has decked out the room with a virtual fireplace, log podium, and atmospheric lighting. At this… Read More

  • Seesmic Unveils A Formidable New Twitter Client To Rival Tweetdeck: Seesmic Desktop

    I’m live blogging from video conversation platform Seesmic’s headquarters, where Seesmic’s founder Loic Le Meur, is previewing a new Twitter client. We reported earlier about the unveiling of the site. Le Meur says that this is still a work in progress and ongoing changes will made to the product. Seesmic, who also owns popular Twitter app Twhirl, has launched a new… Read More

  • Review: Guitar Hero: Metallica (Xbox 360)

    Short Version: If you’re a Metallica fan, this may quickly become your new favorite game. Drummers, too, will find the new Expert+ mode with double-bass pedal compatibility a welcome addition to the Guitar Hero series. Read More

  • ShoeMoney Sues Google Employee For AdWords Violations

    The constant hunt for valuable Google AdWords keywords is akin to Search Engine Optimization – a dark magic that can become very lucrative for those that can figure out how to best their competitors. It’s also very competitive, with companies bidding on keywords as they vie to outdo their rivals. Google has policies in place to protect companies from having their trademarked… Read More

  • Lenovo gets into PMP game with touchscreen MRT800

    PMPs are perhaps more popular on the other side of the Pacific, but they’re picking up here among people who perhaps don’t want to take up their phone or mp3 player’s memory with a bunch of movies. Lenovo you probably associate with Thinkpads and other quality laptop products, but like most electronics companies, they’re always itching to get into another market. In… Read More

  • Twitter Client Arms Race Continues – Seesmic To Up The Ante

    Seesmic will unveil a new version of it’s Twhirl Twitter client tonight at a press event starting around 6:30. Not many details on what they’re launching yet, other than the fact that they’ve rebuilt Twhirl, which has been downloaded 1.2 million times. Seesmic isn’t releasing details, but the site they’ve set up for the new product shows the screenshot above… Read More

  • Zero S electric motorcycle makes a wimpy noise but could be cool

    I like the idea of electric motorcycles — you take an efficient idea and make it even more so. The GPR-S is my favorite so far, but this one looks pretty solid as well, and you can even buy it. The whole thing only weighs 225lbs, of which 80lbs are battery, giving it about a 60 mile range. I know, not exactly a cross-country job, but great for jaunts around the city. Video inside. Read More

  • Who Has The Most Photos Of Them All? Hint: It Is Not Facebook

    Photo-sharing on the Web keeps getting more popular as people transfer more of their digital photos from their the black holes of their computer hard drives to social networks where their friends and family can actually see them. Although Facebook Photos has emerged as the largest photo-sharing service in terms of users and is one of the fastest-growing of any size, it is still not the largest… Read More

  • Twitter hands over personal details of @Skype registrant to Skype

    Of course, we know that Twitter names are something of a Wild-West environment right now. Anyone can grab a famous person name or brand and there is not much policing going on. After all, it would be almost impossible to police. But until now most thought that rogue accounts, once identified, would simply get shut down or perhaps just shut off and transferred to their rightful owner without… Read More

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