• Verizon Wireless BlackBerry Tour 9630 goes live

    Looks like McAdam was telling the truth after all, I just hope for VZW customers sake that he was telling the truth about everything, too. Earlier today, Verizon went live with the BlackBerry Tour 9630 teaser site and we’d assume its launch is imminent, but you can never tell with these sorts of things. Read More

  • BOKU Launches, Makes Some Mobile Purchases For Mobile Payments

    Dead simple mobile payments for micro-transactions on the web are slowly gaining traction and a new, well-funded player has entered the growing space. Recently launched mobile payments startup BOKU has acquired competitors Paymo and Mobillcash and raised $13 million in Series A funding from Benchmark Capital, with Khosla Ventures and Index Ventures participating. BOKU did not disclose how… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Hoops Edition

    Video Review: Hillcrest Labs Loop Pointer
    StudioDesk from BlueLounge might be my new dream desk
    Bweedly beep de beep beep! Super Mario played on a theremin Read More

  • That Reinvention Of The Web Thing Opera Was Talking About? It's Called Opera Unite

    We told you last week that browser maker Opera was generating quite some buzz by being secretive about their plans to ‘reinvent the web’. Well, the company this morning unveiled what it was referring to: technology that essentially turns every computer running the Opera browser into a full-fledged Web server. Behold Opera Unite. You can use Opera Unite to share documents, music… Read More

  • Zune down tomorrow, June 16th

    Attention Zunatics: regularly scheduled maintenance on all things Zune begins tonight. Don’t freak out if you can’t access the marketplace from midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow. The Social will be there for you on Wednesday. Read More

  • Adobe AIR Zooms Past 200 Million Installs, And We Have Some Apps To Recommend

    We’ll say it right off the bat: there’s a good chance you have a recent version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer, so that probably means you’ve also installed Adobe AIR, the company’s cross-platform runtime environment for RIAs, as well as the Acrobat.com application. You may not even be aware those came bundled, but you still have the option to uninstall both… Read More

  • iPhone 3G S Shipments In The Air For June 17 Arrival

    Orders for the new iPhone 3G S are now in the air from Shenzen, China. And people who ordered them right away last week may be in for a treat – arrival two days early. A friend who ordered the phone as soon as he could got his UPS notice today that the phone has been shipped, and the tracking page on the UPS site shows a June 17 delivery date, two days before the phones will be available… Read More

  • With An iPhone And Android Strategy, Imeem Mobile Pushes Past A Million Users

    Imeem has a great Android app. In fact, it’s still one of the few very good apps available on that platform as it continues to find its legs. It’s so good that we gave it a Crunchie this year. But as good as it is, it took the application coming to the iPhone platform to push the company past a big milestone: 1 million mobile platform installs. Imeem Mobile for the iPhone, which… Read More

  • Are Silicon Valley Startups More Likely To Be Acquired?

    Does where you start your company matter? Statistically, it may. Jim Karsten pulled data from CrunchBase to look at where startups are based and the likelihood of an acquisition. The results show that 41.2% of startups that we track are based in Silicon Valley, but that those startups account for 53.3% of the reported acquisitions. A startup based in Silicon Valley has a 6.9% chance of… Read More

  • 70-LED video light illuminates your homemade… cooking videos

    The amateur videographers among CrunchGear’s readership (hello!) know that even with the high-tech video tools we have available to us today, lighting can often be an issue. Pros take lighting very seriously, a fact Christian Bale does not appreciate. And when it comes to your crude YouTube-based dorm sitcom, the commenters will savage your poor lighting more than your bad writing. But… Read More

  • Why should there not be Star Trek PEZ flash drives?

    Take your Star Trek fandom to the next level with these custom made Star Trek PEZ…USB drives. You know you want them. Your two friends would be so jealous. 2GB drive for only $25. Read More

  • Behold! The New Facebook Headquarters.

    Earlier tonight, we spent some time at an open house to show off the new Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, California. Previously, the company had its HQ on what’s considered to be Palo Alto’s downtown area on University Ave. But that HQ was spread across a collection of buildings, and at nearly 1,000 employees now, Facebook grew too big for that. It needed a campus. The new HQ… Read More

  • Retro telephone cord watch: curly and analog-looking

    Although I’m not too much of a fan of the watch’s face, the great telephone cord band is great. The touchtone phone key bangle makes is a nice touch. $65 is a little much to pay unless it seems perfect for yourself or someone you know, but the idea is great. It’s also easy to do yourself with a little know-how and a dollar phone from Goodwill. Read More

  • Comfort Wipe discontinued, but you can still use a rag on a stick

    If you were weeping for America, as we instructed, you can stop now. The Comfort Wipe must not have received enough orders (hard to believe) and consequently is no longer being offered. Actually, it never was offered; Telebrand, the company that made the ad, only did so for market research purposes, and apparently found interest lacking. So it’s back to a sturdy stick and damp rag… Read More

  • Facebook Has A Program To End Hunger Too. Downloading IE8 Not Required.

    Yesterday, we wrote about Microsoft’s pledge to feed the hungry if you download their web browser. That campaign is misleading, and it really shows when you compare it to another campaign of a similar nature. Today, while at Facebook’s new headquarters in Palo Alto, we noticed that it too is involved in a campaign to end hunger. But rather than pledging to feed hungry people only… Read More

  • Review: Samsung SMX-F34 flash memory camcorder

    Short Version: Samsung has put out another well-priced, nicely-featured camcorder in the SMX-F34. If you’re looking for a little more than a simple handheld flash memory camcorder but don’t want to pay top dollar for a high-definition video camera, this model deserves a closer look thanks to marathon battery life, good image quality, 16GB of built-in storage, and a 34x optical zoom… Read More

  • SkullyBoom: inflict your music on others while skating or biking

    If you like to listen to music while you cruise around on your skateboard or bike, your options are limited — both legally and physically. We saw a directional speaker/flashlight/mp3 player last week that looked handy, but if you want to broadcast your music a little more widely, this little wearable speaker might do the trick. It promises “surprising power,” but… Read More

  • Multi-touch Space Invaders installation

    This enormous Space Invaders screen, played by throwing balls at the invaders, is an installation at the OFFF festival in Barcelona. I can’t wait until advanced touch surfaces are so common that you can hack stuff like this into your video wall at home, or use your office’s Minority Report display to play a game of future Risk. As it is, we have to leave it to hackers and art… Read More

  • OpenCalais Updates Tagging System To Be More Social And Recession Friendly

    Thomson Reuters’ OpenCalais, a service and open API that lets users to incorporate semantic tagging in blogs, content management systems, or website content, has been upgraded to include social tagging, integration for Spanish content, and improved linked data depth for companies. OpenCalais’ technology is powered by text analytics company Clear Forest, which was acquired by Reuters… Read More

  • Review: Maingear PC X-Cube 3D

    Boutique PC companies have it rough these days, unless they come up with something truly original or compelling, it’s extremely difficult to fight against the bargain brands. However, for those willing to spend a few extra dollars, some amazing machines are out there. One such brand is MainGear PC, one of the relative newcomers to the game. Maingear recently sent us one of their X-Cube… Read More

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