• Wal-Mart and Sam's Club to sell the iPhone 3g after Christmas

    It looks like the iPhone 3G is going to America’s favorite neighborhood store and warehouse retailer. The only thing is that Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club minions will not be pimping the Jesusphone ’till after the holidays – like December 28th. It seems that select locations will get the phone first but eventually, the phone will be rolled out till the entire 2,500 store… Read More

  • Obscure references herein: WWE launches its own social network called WWE Universe

    I wake up every morning thinking, “Man, what I could really use is a social network where I could discuss the societal ramifications of the Kai En Tai-Val Venis castration angle of 1998, or join ‘The Kliq was the best unofficial stable ever’ fan group.” It seems my wishes have been granted. World Wrestling Entertainment has launched its own social network called WWE… Read More

  • Gmail Themes. That's Totally Ninja.

    Apparently a lucky few Gmail users had a “Themes” tab pop up under settings. No longer do you have to suffer through the boring-if-functional standard Gmail interface for the 16 hours a day that you keep the page loaded. Try “Ninja” instead. Read More

  • Review: Zlatoust Diver

    I wrote this up a few years ago but I thought it might be fun to bring it back for our Gift Guide. These things are massive. A friend of mine was wearing one out in the city with me and someone asked him the time. He checked his watch and bust out laughing because it’s like wearing Flava Flav’s watch on your wrist. Not quite a gag gift but close. There’s a product page at the… Read More

  • icanhaz LOL Griffin pix? okthnkzbye.

    Following today’s news story about the far-right British National Party losing its member database, which was then mashed with a Google map, at least someone is retaining a sense of the absurd about the whole thing. Enter LOL Griffin, another mashup site of sorts, but this time between the LOLCats series on the ICanHasCheezburger site and Nick Griffin, leader of the BNP. Enjoy. Read More

  • Sony adds Slacker to BRAVIA Internet Video Link

    Sony’s $300 Internet Video Link add-on box for BRAVIA-series TVs has recently added the Slacker streaming music service to the list of available channels. Also added was content from Howcast.com, a site that contains a series of user-generated how-to videos. Slacker ought to lend some good music features to Sony’s service and Howcast has won some awards from TIME and PC Magazine… Read More

  • Tweetag: Tag-Based Search For Twitter

    Tweetag is a brand new way to search Twitter, or ‘browse the Twittosphere’ as they put it. The app, like most Twitter-related applications, is fairly simple: you enter a tag, and Tweetag will show any public Twitter messages that contain that particular keyword, but more interestingly also a list of other tags that are related to it. This allows you to filter down… Read More

  • The thermometer gets a mother's touch upgrade

    Temperature-taking has came a long way from the ‘ol up-the-pooper method. This concept takes the age old hand on the forehead method to the next level but it has a natural feel to it so hopefully, it will eventually find its way on to Rite Aid shelves. Read More

  • GazProm Media Completes $15 Million Acquisition RuTube, The YouTube Of Russia

    Russia’s media conglomerate, Gazprom Media, is now the proud owner of video-sharing site RuTube. This deal has been in the works since at least June, 2007 and is believed to be in the $15 million range. RuTube is the YouTube of Russia. Or, rather, it wants to be. According to comScore, YouTube is actually the YouTube of Russia. In September, RuTube attracted 2 million unique visitors… Read More

  • Insidious New SEO Ad Product Will Be Hard For Google To Detect (Updated With Google Response)

    New York-based advertising firm MediaWhiz, never one to worry about gray areas when it comes to advertising, has launched a new product today called InLinks. It’s fairly straightforward – advertisers who want their sites associated with specific keywords simply buy ads. Links to those sites are then added to publishers sites whenever those words pop up in content. These… Read More

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