• Review: Casio Oceanus Super Chronograph

    Casio has an image problem in the US. Know as a great source of cheap digital watches, sometimes people forget that they also have a line of high-end models as well. So stop thinking of Casio as just a producer of G-Shocks, Pathfinders, and the often-mocked Databank, and take a look at this. Read More

  • X-Men trilogy finally coming out on Blu-ray, pre-order now

    After The Matrix and Lord of the Rings, X-Men is the must-have nerd trilogy of the decade and it’s finally going to be available on Blu-ray. Amazon is already taking pre-orders for the April 21, 2009 release if you feel ready to fork over your $55.99. ($79.99 MSRP) But come-on, you know you are going to have this trilogy sitting proudly next your hand assembled X-Men models anyway so… Read More

  • Virtual world, real money: EVE Online clan siezes thousands

    This sort of thing has happened before, and bigger, but it always makes me happy when I see this kind of skullduggery going on in online games. A major corporation has been forcefully dissolved and its assets (totalling perhaps 15 billion ISK, the game’s currency) seized by a rival corp, which because of the unforgiving nature of EVE means that not only have thousands of dollars been… Read More

  • Time Crisis for the iPhone looks shooty

    The iPhone and the Wii are ostensibly good platforms for point-and-shoot type games — you know, House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, Time Crisis. But while you can recreate the game as faithfully as possible, it’s hard to get past the fact that the control schemes just aren’t as fun as the arcade originals. Check out this video to see what I’m talking about. Read More

  • Hollywood is scared: Streaming has brought movie piracy into the mainstream

    Hey! Hollywood has a bone to pick with you, you filthy customer. It seems that rampant online movie piracy—via BitTorrent, Usenet, streaming, etc.—is responsible for as much as 40 percent of Hollywood’s piracy-related loses. (So, offline, Canal Street-type piracy accounts for 60 percent, I guess.) This isn’t exactly breaking news to us here—I feel like I write… Read More

  • Major networks to keep analog signals on until June 12, DTV Coupon program might get more funds

    Now the DTV Delay Act succesfully navigated through the US Capitol, there are some large, looming questions. Primarily, now that the analog switch-off is optional until June 12, what stations will switch off when? And is the Government going to pump more money into the bankrupt DTV vouchers program? Read More

  • PSP now available in even more colors

    You know that a product is nearing its death once it’s available in every color under the rainbow. European gamers will soon be able to pick up the PSP in three new colors just as Japanese gamers now have carnival colors available. Mystic Silver and Pearl White should be available now and Radiant Red is coming in March. So how many PSP colors are available now? Nine including the two… Read More

  • Cardboard PC takes quixotic stand against PC cases

    This concept for, essentially, a cardboard box you put your PC components in, is designed to be a replacement for the tower cases that end up sitting in landfills when you upgrade. I appreciate the idea, but I’m afraid they’re tilting at windmills here. Like Asus’ bamboo laptop, this is a mere shell of eco-friendliness. Here’s why. Read More

  • Gmail Adds Support For Multi-Pane Viewing

    A new feature in Gmail Labs just launched, giving users the ability to simultaneously view multiple panes in Gmail without having to open another browser window. For users that frequently label their messages and have saved searches, this is a huge upgrade that will make Gmail even more efficient. Since launching, Gmail users looking to view search results or a subset of their labeled… Read More

  • Mario Paint saved my life

    It’s so rare to find a real, heart-felt paean to a software product. Online writing is so cranky – see this – that it’s refreshing to read a real love story. Young Zen Albatross writes about Mario Paint for Super Nintendo. At age eight, the game taught him the basics of design and music composition in an easy-to-use package. Read More

  • Come work with Laguna (and us) at TechCrunch

    We like to say that TechCrunch isn’t a job, it’s a calling, and certainly there are a lot of great reasons to work at TC. Truth be told, Laguna (Michael Arrington’s chocolate lab) is one of our favorite perks. She’ll have you well trained in frisbee 2.0 and the latest catch API in no time flat. Seriously, we’re growing and hiring and we’d love to hear from… Read More

  • Techrigy Hits 1 Billion Conversations–Think Google Alerts On Steroids

    Last month, I e-mailed my entire family and suggested they setup Google Alerts on their name. When a week later someone created a malicious Facebook group slandering my sister (very uncool), I was reminded of the importance of knowing what people are publicly saying about you and your products. When I first began working on TechCrunch, I immediately looked for a tool to alert me whenever… Read More

  • Blogger frustrated with iMovie, sees man on Segway

    A Seattle-area blogger became frustrated while trying to convert an MP4 movie within Apple’s popular iMovie video editing software today. Read More

  • Industrial hygienists get kicked out of stores for scanning the granite

    It’s fairly well known that granite contains trace amounts of radioactivity. Most are harmless but there are situations where your fancy granite countertop contained uranium in as high a concentration as in uranium ore. That’s just nasty! Linda Kincaid tests granite for homeowners and has often been kicked out of the store for testing slabs. Read More

  • USB powered plasma heart for that special someone

    Nothing says “I love you” like a USB powered heart! Your sweetheart is sure to swoon when you reveal the depths of your passion with this lovely, thoughtful gift. Hurry, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Read More

  • Purchase your 2010 Honda Insight tomorrow

    The latest Honda Insight goes on sale tomorrow. We spied the inexpensive hybrid at the North American International Auto Show and liked what we saw. Unfortunately, the sales are limited to Japan for the time being, but eventually American ecofreaks will be able to prance with unicorns too. Read More

  • SEO At the Enterprise Level–A Major Flop

    When I hear SEO, I think of brilliant quantitative guys shut-up in an apartment somewhere running A/B split tests and writing link-bait. Search Engine Optimization is the way companies make it easy for customers to find their website using Google. Because search engines don’t publish their algorithms, SEO is mostly reverse-engineering. Despite the guessing game, SEO produces… Read More

  • Chelsea FC manager Luis Felipe ‘No Plan B’ Scolari to star in EA soccer game

    Ha! The worst coach in the English Premier League, Chelsea’s Luis Felipe Scolari, has signed a deal with Electronic Arts to be in a Nintendo DS game. No idea when it’s coming out, but EA shouldn’t have a hard time getting Big Phil to its studios. It’s obvious that he’s not busy coming up a Plan B for any of his team’s games. Read More

  • How to get RC33 on your G1 without the wait

    If you’re a G1 owner and are anything like us, you’ve been checking your handset every 20 minutes for the last two days in hopes that it’s finally your turn to bask in the light of the latest update, RC33. It’s not the Cupcake update folks are so anxious to get their hands on – but its got voice search and Latitude, and that more than justifies the patch for us. Read More

  • Review: Health Energy Potion

    Health Energy Potion is a tiny 1.69-ounce energy drink that resembles a health vial from a video game. And sure enough, the drink promises “to add +160 to gamers’ HP.” Video and review after the jump… Read More

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