• How to fix your Bluetooth connection if Mac OS X 10.5.6 breaks it

    Does Mac OS X 10.5.6 break Bluetooth? That’s what some people are saying on Apple’s support forums, as are the jkOnTheRun guys. It seems that after applying the update—I haven’t bothered to update yet—the little Bluetooth icon disappears from the menu bar. Not only that, but the Bluetooth entry in System Preferences disappears, too. Without that, there’s no… Read More

  • Simply the best: My gadget picks for 2008

    It’s easy to forget that we at CrunchGear are taking part in a mild, nebbish, and highly organized form of hedonism. We become inured to the lures of technology, and like rheumy-eyed Caligulas we survey the mass of writhing, oiled bodies and yearn for something new, something to break the hard bolus of cynicism and distrust we have growing inside us like a dark, terrible pearl. Read More

  • TechCrunchTalk: The Pitch Competition Videos

    Just after this week’s TechCrunchTalk event we had pitch competition involving a range of startups from the UK, Germany and even Iceland. Hermoine Way from NewsPepper and TechFluff.tv was there to capture the action (apart from Socialibrium.com which has gone AWOL, but here are the slides): CardCode (UK) Rendezviewonline (Iceland) Jupidi Date-Coach (Germany) jupidi.de Quick.tv (UK)

    Read More

  • Polaroid files Chapter 11 bankruptcy

    Polaroid isn’t do so well and just filed for bankruptcy. The once-hipster brand hasn’t found its footing in the digital age and has fallen by the wayside, recently announcing instant film is being discontinued. Read More

  • Torus concept – not for the usual oversleeper

    The idea of this weird looking bracelet popped out from the head of Nicolas Meiresonne, a student from Belgium, Antwerp. The goal was to design a watch that will give the user a perception of time and some sort of experience. Read More

  • 'Hawk' vechicle is a comfortable motorbike

    Alex Hodge’s Hawk has a performance of a roadbike, yet provides the comfort of a car. Powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc engine, this little black bug can speed up to a neat 233km/h. The exterior is fiberglass that will provide great aerodynamics and low mass. These are hard times for car manufacturers. Maybe people would rather buy something like this instead of an SUV. Click here… Read More

  • The Recording Industry Decides To Stop Suing Its Customers

    After suing tens of thousands of customers to no avail, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) has decided to change tactics. Instead of dragging music downloaders and file-sharers into court, it has somehow convinced ISPs to take on the role of digital policeman (and jury and judge). The WSJ reports: The decision represents an abrupt shift of strategy for the industry, which… Read More

  • Foxit takes eBooks to a new low with the eSlick

    So far eBook devices chief sticking point is the high price. The $300+ range of the Kindle and Sony Reader turns off all but the most avid gadgetphile, book proprietor. Maybe the $259 eSlick by Foxit will find more success even though it opts for a lower price rather than fancy connectivity or e-ink backlighting. It’s still slim at .4-inches thick and ships with 128MB of internal… Read More

  • Gaming Site InstantAction On A Roll

    From time to time, companies we’ve covered in the past check in with us to give us an update on their progress, and we’re always happy to receive those notices even if we don’t always publish something about it here. Yet sometimes, it’s definitely worth it. For instance, InstantAction, a gaming site from IAC-owned GarageGames, has managed to cross the 1 million members… Read More

  • t5m re-launches as a branded content studio, syndicator and video player

    When Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher launched his Blahgirls project at Techcrunch 50 this year, one of the first things investor Ron Conway said on the judging panel was that the idea would tap into the emerging billion dollar market for branded content. Media plays like Blahgirls aren’t normally so well received in the tech community, but now UK startup t5m has today re-launched in order… Read More

  • Orphaned User Accounts Are a Bigger Risk Than We Realize

    I receive my fair share of PR pitches for surveys, analyst reports, and experts offering their opinion. Mostly, I pass–I prefer to post news, not opinions. But with over 100,000 tech employees laid off recently, this survey about orphaned user accounts–accounts left active when an employee moves on–seemed particularly timely. Risk=probability*consequences. While the… Read More

  • KillerStartups Launches Dataopedia, A One-Stop Shop For Information About Websites

    KillerStartups, or rather its overarching company Startups.com Networks, has been in the news lately. First, they picked up Startups.com in a killer deal, next thing you know they’re launching their own web applications (Twingr). Now, they’re introducing the strangely named but quite useful Dataopedia, which is meant to serve as an information resource for websites. It’s… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Squid Getting Married Edition

    Weasel puked coffee may be good, or will make you want to vomit
    Spanish copyright agency crashes wedding in search of copyright violations
    New wind turbine for residential use to come soon
    Meet the Kitchen Robot (in 10 years, it will do your dishes)
    Death to the embargo, CrunchGear edition Read More

  • European Business Social Network XING Acquires socialmedian (Update: For $7.5 Million)

    Hamburg, Germany based XING, a global professional social network that’s strong in Europe, has acquired New York based socialmedian for an undisclosed amount approximately $7.5 million in total, a mix of $4 million in cash up front and an earn-out valued at between $700,000 to $3.5 million (€0.5 million-€2.5 million) payable over three years. Socialmedian’s founding CEO… Read More

  • Scribd Raises $9 Million So You Can Continue To View PDFs Online

    Y Combinator startup Scribd has raised its second big round of financing – $9 million from Charles River Ventures, Redpoint Ventures and Kinsey Hills Group. That comes on top of a $3.7 million Series A round in the middle of 2007, plus some scattered angel investments. Scribd is a site where users upload PDFs and office documents for online viewing and embedding. It has spawned a… Read More

  • Yahoo Makes Super Strategic Investment In Indian 411 Service

    Today Yahoo announced the purchase of 30% of the shares of an Indian telephone information service called Network Management
    Company. The size of the investment wasn’t disclosed, although Yahoo will take a board seat. I’m sure Yahoo has great reasons for the investment, but this seems like a bit of a side show. Their core U.S. business is deteriorating. Whatever energy they put… Read More

  • There Are No Dancing Elves. But Skype's Got A Video Greeting Card App For The Holidays.

    Once you’ve dressed up as an elf and danced like crazy with your coworkers it’s hard to get too worked up over a simple video greeting card. But if you are one of the few people left who still send actual dead tree holiday cards (tsk), give this new Skype holiday card thingy a twirl. Email videos out to your friends, embed the festive spirit in your blog like I’ve done below… Read More

  • ComScore: YouTube Now 25 Percent Of All Google Searches

    Video search on YouTube accounts for a quarter of all Google search queries in the U.S., according to the latest search engine numbers from comScore. Its monthly qSearch report, which was released on Thursday night, breaks out the number of searches conducted on YouTube. If it were a standalone site, YouTube would be the second largest search engine after Google. More searches are done… Read More

  • Awesome platformer game lets you jetpack around your real-life drawings

    http://vimeo.com/moogaloop.swf?clip_id=2376591&server=vimeo.com&show_title=0&show_byline=0&show_portrait=0&color=00ADEF&fullscreen=1 How unbelievably cool is this? Mightier is an experimental puzzle game where the puzzles in the form of simple gridded-out sheets with objectives and static objects like elevators built-in. You’re supposed to print them out… Read More

  • Li-ion battery makers appeal to Congress for $1bn in aid

    There’s a lot of money going out the door for the auto makers (well, maybe) and more so for the finance business, so I think it’s wise for some of the less bubble-orientated sectors to point out now just how little they need to establish or reinvigorate themselves. Public radio could use a boost, space programs are comparatively cheap, and now a consortium of battery makers is… Read More

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