• Kabul: One of the first cities with a proper Wimax installation

    The first thought that popped into my head after reading the headline “Kabul Goes Wimax” was, “Wow, Kabul has Wimax, and my T-Mobile BlackBerry can’t even get EDGE.” (Note: I’m about an hour north of New York City, also known as “upstate.”) The embedded video has all you need to know. Read More

  • Google Launches Search Options, Declares Real-Time Search Biggest Challenge

    Google has just launched a new “search options” feature on its main search page. When you click on “Search options” you can filter your search by different types of results (videos, forums, and reviews), by time (recent, past 24 hours, past week, past year), as well as seeing related searches, a “wonder wheel” view, or a timeline view. At Google’s… Read More

  • Tweetmeme Launches The Second Real-Time Tweet Link Search — This Hour

    Tweetmeme, a service which tracks the most retweeted messages, has been growing fast and getting a lot of buzz as the best way to discover hot items on Twitter. So naturally, they want to get into the search game as well. But simple tweet search, others like Scoopler and Twitter itself have covered, so the decision was apparently made to get into the new buzzworthy Twitter search game… Read More

  • DIY cigar box amplifier

    Not much detail here, but some creative soul squeezed a Fender amp into an old cigar box. Although not entirely practical, it’s a fine example of a good way to re-use something you’d otherwise discard. Remember, re-use is better then recycling; and reduction in consumption is better than both. Read More

  • Rumor: iPhone 3 specs leaked

    We’d love it if there was some glaring omission in this screenshot that flagged the whole thing as fake, but we’re not seeing it if it’s there. Some lucky tipster on a chinese forum claims to have obtained a production model of the next iPhone and has already rattled out all the specs, backing up his claims with the screenshot to the right. According to AppleInsider, the… Read More

  • Live From Google: Searchology

    Searchology is a periodic state of the union for Google search (here’s the last one), and we’re here on the ground to see the announcements live. Less than a month ago the company rolled out major new News and Image search products at a similar press event in San Francisco. My notes are below: First up is Vice President of Core Search, Udi Manber. He says the 20th century dream was… Read More

  • Can You Find Missouri On A Map? Create Your Own GeoDart Map Game With UMapper

    Can you find Missouri on a map? How about on a map without any state boundaries? Try the USA Trivia Map game after the jump. It gives you 15 seconds to find each state by placing a pin on a satellite map of the U.S.A. If that is too easy, then try the CrunchFood map game below, which requires you to correctly identify eating spots in Palo Alto, CA near TechCrunch headquarters. Or you can… Read More

  • Rumor: Sprint to get social network crazy with the Samsung M550 Exclaim!

    Ex•claim (verb): To cry out suddenly or vehemently, as from surprise or emotion: god, I love social networking!. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much, but if Sprint has its way with this rumored Samsung M550 Exclaim device, that’s exactly what all the kids will be shouting. Based on these supposed leaked images found in a Sprint Gurus forum, the Exclaim (so exciting!) is to feature… Read More

  • AirTran inks deal with Aircell, fleetwide Wi-Fi by mid-summer

    Today in Baltimore, I think, AirTran announced that it would become the first fleet in the US to have Wi-Fi on every flight. Equipped with Aircell’s Gogo service, AirTran will outfit all 136 Boeing 737 and 717s by mid-summer. No word on pricing, but we expect them to fall in line with what Virgin America and American Air charge. That is all. Read More

  • Follow MobileCrunch on Twitter!

    We want you to follow us. Well, not in real life. That would be a bit creepy – plus, it’d be boring as all hell for you. You’d be sitting behind us as we sat in front of a monitor all day. You could count the number of protein bars we eat in a day. That’d be fun, right? At long last, @MobileCrunch has been fired up and is ready to be your e-BFF. All our headlines will… Read More

  • ViewSonic moves from monitors to mobiles

    So, lets say you’re one of the top display makers in the world. Congratulations! Except you’ve grown bored of making all these monitors – you want to mix it up a little. What do you make? Toaster ovens? Nah. Hello Kitty kitchenware? Hell no. You make cell phones. The jump is oh-so obvious, isn’t it? Well, not really – but James Chu, CEO of ViewSonic, thinks it… Read More

  • Dr. Mobile FreeStyle 1300n joins 11.6-inch netbook crowd

    VIA’s “How To Be Mobile” blog takes a look at the Dr. Mobile Freestyle 1300n series of netbooks powered by, of course, the VIA Nano 1.3GHz CPU. The 1300n is an 11.6-inch machine with a 1366×768 resolution, weighs just under three pounds, and is less than an inch thick. Read More

  • Logitech's $200 wireless Guitar Hero controller gets delicately groped

    Newsflash: people love Guitar Hero and Rock Band. You can tell because Logitech makes a $200 guitar controller that’s currently backordered 2 to 4 weeks. Read More

  • Samsung reveals their sorcery

    Weeks back, Samsung released the first Samsung Omnia HD/i8910 video quality sample with a bit of an illusion involved, challenging users to guess what was going on. Some claimed greenscreening, others swore the spotted hidden cameras. We just figured it was sorcery and went on with out day. Actually, we assumed it was a false mirror a la Duck Soup, and we were right. If you want to see the… Read More

  • D-Link adds CAPTCHA to routers: We say "swvm doghorse"

    D-Link has added CAPTCHA confirmations to some of their routers, ensuring that the entity trying to log into your super router is a human and not an animal or robot. For those not in the know, CAPTCHA is essentially a challenge-response test that separates robots from humans. If you’ve ever seen those squiggly graphics you sometimes have to type in to confirm a web-form submission… Read More

  • Review: Nokia XPressMusic 5800

    When I first saw the Nokia XPressMusic 5800 I was disappointed. We saw it last October, at a time when everyone and their dog was releasing a touchscreen phone to “beat” the iPhone. The version I saw initially was quite wonky with a touchscreen interface essentially bolted onto Symbian resulting in weird behavior. But I’m sorry that I doubted Nokia. The 5800 is one of the… Read More

  • Corsair releases 256GB Solid State Drive

    Whoa heavy and a bottle of bread! Corsair just released a 256GB SSD SATA II 3.0Gbps drive for $660 *head spins like wolf in cartoons that has just been clobbered by a mallet*. That’s right. This bugger is $658.22 at NCIX and is in stock. For something a little more sane you can rock their 128GB drive for $299 but who wants to go all chintzy when we’re talking a lump of storage so… Read More

  • Twitter Is Talking Real-Time Link Search, But OneRiot Is Launching It Today

    There was a lot of buzz last week upon the announcement that Twitter would soon expand its search offering to crawl links tweeted out on top of the tweets themselves. The ramifications of such a move are potentially large, as it would seem to be a way for Twitter to serve up a tailored, real-time view of what’s hot around the web. Who knows how long it will take Twitter to actually do… Read More

  • Dell expands 10-inch netbook line with the Mini 10v

    Say hello to the Dell Mini 10v. It’s an awful lot like the Dell Mini 10 except that it uses an Intel Atom N270 CPU at 1.6GHz instead of an Intel Atom Z520 or Z530 CPU at 1.33GHz or 1.6GHz, repectively. Wait, there’s more! Read More

  • StockTwits Takes Over Chart.ly To Enrich Trading Chatter On Twitter

    Now businesses that are being built on top of Twitter are starting to consume others that were in fact features of those very businesses to begin with. Case in point: StockTwits has just acquired Chart.ly, which is a tremendously logical deal. Chart.ly is a stock-chart service designed specifically for StockTwits (which is dedicated to talking about stocks on Twitter). Think of it as a… Read More

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