• Crunch Report | Solar Impulse 2 completes record flight

    Stefan Etienne tries out a very real meaty veggie burger, Hailo sells 60% of company to Daimler, eHarmony CEO steps down, Solar Impulse completes record flight around the world on only solar electricity, and Mobileye and Tesla will be going separate ways. All this on Crunch Report. Read More

  • Israeli technology and the future of transportation Crunch Network

    Israeli technology and the future of transportation

    The quantum leaps in productivity created by the car, train, ship and plane have dramatically changed our lives and movements. But today, we’re at the forefront of a new revolution in mobility, from on-demand ride-sharing and navigation, to car ownership and autonomous connected vehicles. And like most industries in which software is eating the world, Israeli innovation is playing an… Read More

  • Watch TechCode’s Demo Day here

    Watch TechCode’s Demo Day here

    TechCrunch is pleased to bring you TechCode‘s Demo Day today, Tuesday July 26th from Mountain View, California. TechCode’s U.S. accelerator program focuses on artificial intelligence and hardware startups that already have a prototype. The goal is to help expedite commercialization for these startups by introducing them to partners and investors. TechCode also provides supply… Read More

  • Deep learning software knows that a rose is a rose is a rosa rubiginosa

    Deep learning software knows that a rose is a rose is a rosa rubiginosa

    We can’t all be botanists, unfortunately, but most of us do have smartphones, and that may be a start. A computer vision system built by Microsoft Research Asia can identify thousands of species of flowers with nothing but a picture. Read More

  • What the NTSB knows about the fatal Tesla crash, so far

    What the NTSB knows about the fatal Tesla crash, so far

    The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued a preliminary report on the fatal crash involving a 2015 Tesla Model S and a 2014 Freightliner Cascadia truck in Williston, Florida in May. Unfortunately, the report yields no major new insights. The report confirms that the driver of the Tesla was going 74 miles per hour just prior to the crash, and on a highway where the speed limit was… Read More

  • Everything you need to know about Apple’s huge third quarter

    Apple’s third quarter results came out today. They’re pretty good! Or, at least, not bad — and good enough to keep investors happy. Very happy, actually: the stock jumped more than 7%, recovering pretty much all of the value it lost when it reported a complete whiff of a second quarter. It’s no monster crash or jump like Twitter regularly experiences, but 7% is enough… Read More

  • How Facetune and Enlight became top photo apps

    Jerusalem-based Lightricks knows what it takes to stand out amongst the thousands of photo apps. They’ve done it twice — with Enlight and also Facetune, which is currently the top photo app in the U.S. according to App Annie. We caught up with CEO Zeev Farbman for a video interview when we were in Israel. He showed us some tricks to using the Lightricks photo apps and explained why… Read More

  • Apple R&D spending is up as the company looks to new products

    Apple R&D spending is up as the company looks to new products

    The big takeaway from today’s Apple earnings call: The company is investing in the future. While it’s true that revenue took a dip from $49.61 billion this quarter last year down to $42.4 billion, Cupertino’s research and development spending continues to trend upward. Over the past nine months, the company spent $7.475 billion on R&D — that compares to $5.847… Read More

  • Doug extends his Wi-Fi range

    Gadget reviewer Doug Aamoth learns a valuable life lesson about buying cheap electronics, finally replacing his $13 pile of a Wi-Fi extender with a better, more expensive one in the TP-Link AC1200. But will he be able to get a connection in the backyard to browse Imgur while grilling?

  • Apple’s revenue dives 33 percent in Greater China

    Apple’s revenue dives 33 percent in Greater China

    China impacted Apple’s bottom line quite a lot this quarter — and not in a good way. But the company still plans to invest in the country, Apple CEO Tim Cook said right after the company announced its earnings for Q3 2016. Read More

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