Basheera Khan

Basheera Khan is a South African technology journalist and blogger based in London. She is a Contributing Editor to TechCrunch Europe and blogs about social media and other geeky things for The Daily Telegraph.

Basheera began her career in technology publishing as a staff reporter for ITWeb and Brainstorm in Johannesburg. She moved to the UK in 2001, somehow ending up in Swansea. After a stint editing for Swansea University’s computer science department, she launched Wales’ first and only technology news publication, Ping Wales (2004-2007, RIP). She has appeared on ITV Wales 6pm news commenting on new media, and has in the past blogged for Social Media Influence.

Basheera has been a frequent contributor to the Welsh business press, and has lectured in online journalism at Cardiff University’s School of Journalism and Glamorgan University’s School of Creative & Cultural Industries. She is a regular speaker at events organised by the non-profit company bloc, which focus on creative technology in Wales.

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  • Vodafone chucks €150k at European mobile internet startups

    Vodafone UK is offering €150,000 to the top three mobile internet startups in its annual Vodafone Mobile Clicks competition to promote and accelerate innovation in the mobile internet sector. There are six finalists from the UK and the Netherlands in the running, all of which have of course been covered by TechCrunch Europe at various times in the past. In the red corner, representing… Read More

  • Buildabrand offers startups high-quality branding for the price of a domain

    Every now and again, you come across a service that promises to disrupt and change the entrepreneurial landscape for good. Buildabrand (@buildabrand) could do just that. The service provides high quality “strategically correct” branding for your startup for about the same price as domain registration, effectively bypassing what is a traditionally expensive and time-consuming… Read More

  • Tweetminster raises £100k in angel investment

    Tweetminster has raised £100k from angel investor John Arnold. The news comes just a few weeks after it launched its Livewire, a tracker that aggregates online political activity in the UK, in partnership with The Independent newspaper. Arnold, MD of public affairs agency PoliticsDirect, will join Tweetminster as chairman. Alberto Nardelli, a co-founder of Tweetminster, says the company plans… Read More

  • Streaming music is so hot right now: GQ hooks up with we7 will be joining the likes of The Guardian and NME in using we7‘s streaming service on its site as of next week. The service will be styled as a jukebox stocked with playlists compiled by GQ’s editorial team. As per we7’s model, GQ online readers will be able to listen for free and buy any tracks they like via the integrated download feature. Read More

  • The Europas Liveblog 2009

    6:16 PM: The hordes descend! Champagne is flowing, the live stream is streaming, anticipation is high. 6:35 PM: Our roving reporter Mike Butcher has been Twitpiccing: 6:47 PM: Starting in one minute…. 6:50 PM: So, here we go! We’re starting with a pitch competition featuring six startups from across Europe. Pitch sponsored by UKTI. First pitch: Bernhard Niesner from… Read More

  • TrustedPlaces one step closer to profitability thanks to LocalPeople

    Local reviews startup TrustedPlaces has partnered with Northcliffe Media to power the regional newspaper publisher’s experimental hyperlocal web strategy. News of the deal comes six months after its founders stepped back from speculative sales talks to focus on building revenue and cash flow. LocalPeople beta-launched 20 community sites targeted at small towns and neighbourhoods… Read More

  • Online content + printing press = customised newspapers FTW

    Following the success of AudioBoo, 4iP has unveiled another investment with the potential to completely change the face of mainstream media – though this time, it’s all about print. Newspaper Club is a tool to help people make their own newspapers using online content. The site’s in private beta, with a public launch planned for late summer. Newspaper Club will let users… Read More

  • Ariadne Capital finally backs virtual realities

    If Ariadne Capital is backing virtual worlds, you’ve got to know they’re a safe bet for the future. The well known broker of investment deals has announced it’s adding two UK virtual world companies to its portfolio – NearGlobal and RealLife. Ariadne has in the past advised Skype, Espotting, voice-to-content leader Spinvox, P2P lending and borrowing startup Zopa, and… Read More

  • Exclusive: BBC leads the next wave of web experience with Hemlock

    The BBC is getting into truly real-time interactive web apps with a new open source framework called Hemlock, developed by London-based Mint Digital, and available as of today. The Beeb’s Children’s Department has licensed the technology to develop a peer-to-peer card trading game based on its hugely popular mixed reality show BAMZOOKi, which is sort of like Robot Wars meets… Read More

  • to expand globally following $22m financing round, the startup that has started to change the face of short-term lending in the UK, has closed a $22.25m round of funding led by Accel Partners and Greylock Partners, with the support of its existing investor, Balderton Capital. Founded by Errol Damelin and Jonty Hurwitz, Wonga provides cash advances to UK consumers, helping solve occasional cash flow problems. It’s provided… Read More

  • Woobius introduces the construction industry to 21st century collaboration

    You’d think that with the futuristic and gravity defying creations they spawn, architects would be leading the vanguard of efficient working practices. It turns out they’re still stuck in the 90s, where sharing files and collaborating with partners and clients is done via CD and bike messenger, or – shock! horror! – even printouts sent by post. Tech startup Woobius… Read More

  • Attention, sports fans: wants your FA Cup tweets and boos is leaping aboard the social media bandwagon to encourage realtime interaction around this afternoon’s FA Cup final between Everton and Chelsea FCs. The broadcaster has integrated updates from Twitter and our old friends AudioBoo in an FA Cup Buzz microsite. The site uses Twitterfall to keep track of tweets about the match, with an added enhancement; a tool developed… Read More

  • VisualDNA beta: Personalised ecommerce and analytics like you've never seen before

    UK startup Imagini has launched the private beta version of its VisualDNA Shops widget to help monetise blogs and websites through a unique take on affiliate sales. The widget adds personalised product recommendations to any site, and immediately starts generating detailed demographic, psychographic and behavioural analytics of its visitors. It does this using the company’s VisualDNA… Read More

  • Touchnote for Mobile is the only Ovi Store app shipping physical product

    So, the dust has settled and we can congratulate start-up photo notecard printing company Touchnote on getting their mobile app out the door in a mere 5 weeks, i.e. just in time to have it included in the Ovi launch FAIL. Thanks to the massive teething problems the Ovi store’s experienced today, you can’t yet find Touchnote for Mobile if you search for it, but we’re told… Read More

  • There's money in them thar microblogs – but only in the UK

    Mobile content provider AQA 63336 (whose name makes me think of that new emergency services number) has launched AQA2U, a commercial micro-publishing platform which lets UK users micro-blog for money. It works like this: you sign up as a publisher via the AQA website. Once approved, you set up topics ending in 2U which your ‘fans and followers’ subscribe to by texting that topic… Read More

  • Twicli amps up options for pics and video sharing over Twitter, the photo sharing community site which relaunched in March, has just launched a free service to allow users to share photos and video with their Twitter friends. Of course, it’s called Twicli.

    The service can handle photos, videos, sets and offers a sweet little user experience touch which ‘synchronises’ with the colours and background of your Twitter account… Read More

  • French startup lets you call people on Skype without needing Skype

    Now here’s something amazing. French telecoms startup Manifone has launched a service that lets you call Skype contacts directly, from any fixed line or mobile phone, with no Skype account, additional software, PC or handset required. They claim their Mani-Sky VoIP service is a first in the telecommunications industry, and by golly, I think they may be right. Mani-Sky assigns alias… Read More

  • Yahoo's OpenHackDay shows shape of the web to come. They hope.

    Yahoo’s Open Hack Day London happened this weekend, encouraging the European developer community to get down and dirty with the company’s open strategy platforms. Making use of Yahoo’s now considerable amount of APIs (beautifully rendered in Tube map stylee), the 250+ developers gathered at Congress Centre in Covent Garden and hacked away on a range of projects that ran the… Read More

  • launches on a million social networks, via Ning Apps

    Online collaboration startup has scored a win with the launch of Huddle Workspaces on Ning Apps, a new suite of social networking applications that Ning network creators will be able to deploy across their networks. A few pre-selected network creators have access to a private beta of Ning Apps as of today, and it’ll be available to everyone on Ning by the end of the… Read More

  • Updated: Spoonfed launches events app for the iPhone as TimeOut freelancer appeals for free developers

    It looks like the guys at Spoonfed have stolen a march on Time Out and other event guides with the release of their iPhone app, the Spoonfed Events Radar, available free from the App Store as of today. The launch is the first step of the startup company’s mobile strategy which extends the Spoonfed events listings database to the mobile platform, making it easier for Londoners to find… Read More