LeWeb: FriendBinder controls social network noise

[UK] With the mass of social networking sites and tools out there comes the dire need for aggregators to unite the threads and bring order to the chaos.

Watch FriendBinder’s pitch at 00:06:54

One of the latest such offerings is FriendBinder, an aggregator launched in beta in September that combines all your friends activity across multiple social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Delicious, YouTube, Last.fm and RSS/Atom. Videos and pictures are displayed in-line, making the overall experience tidier and more coherent than a raft of freshly spawned tabs would.

FriendBinder also supports cross-posting of status updates and replies/comments/likes. The tool is available in desktop and mobile web flavours, with other options coming in the future. Founder Richard Cunningham promised an exciting new announcement, and he made it today: FriendBinder now offers searchable trending topics from your friends across all their social networks:

In terms of revenue streams, Cunningham says there’s a plan to introduce a freemium model around longer history (i.e. providing a service that Twitter itself does not), as well as exploring potential commercial partnerships. The service is also going to be introducing an interest level indicator, to weight your search results accordingly, and a filtering system to hush any tags you find too noisy — like the #leweb tweets, for example. ;-)