LeWeb: Cost-control for cloud computing from CloudSplit

[IRELAND] CloudSplit, a real-time analytics tool working towards private beta, helps businesses understand where their cloud computing costs are going and hopefully saves them from the shock of a massive bill when the PUT and GET requests come thick and fast. This is pretty exciting stuff, when you consider that Amazon itself doesn’t have a solution like this for its own customers.

Watch the CloudSplit pitch at 00:01:05

You may remember this company from their pitch at TechCrunch50. Based in Dublin, Ireland, and founded by Joe Drumgoole and Eamon Leonard, the service has VCs and cloud computing customers agog with the potential for cost savings on this essential operating expense.

In addition to giving clear graphical breakdowns (including by application type and node) of where users’ cloud spend is actually going, CloudSplit offers a real-time control and budgeting service via alerts and cut off mechanisms. The company has received €100,000 seed funding from serial tech entrepreneur Ray Nolan and is on the hunt for $2m in VC funding to maximise the window of opportunity across the US and Asia that will open in 2010.

Although it doesn’t yet do so, Drumgoole says the high end version of the product will ultimately provide buying advice based on businesses’ cloud computing costs.