LeWeb: Task.ly promises to-do management with added sexy

[RUSSIA] Here’s something that ought to get personal productivity geeks a little bit hot under the collar. Task.ly, not yet launched, approaches to-do management with the same re-engineering focus that Google Wave’s creators took to email.

Watch Task.ly’s pitch at 00:39:30

The prototyped product looks very exciting. It incorporates some fairly obvious features that make a task management app kick butt, like having a desktop-like user interface even though it’s web-based, supporting SMS reminders and communication with the app via IM, and having an accompanying iPhone app.

Task.ly co-founder and developer Dmitry Gorshkov says there are three principles shaping the company’s ideal for a truly fluid and unique user experience:

1. Über-easy and fast data entry, powered by natural language processing.

2. API integration with popular tools such as Evernote and Basecamp, as well as emerging services like Vark.com and RedBeacon — meaning users don’t have to ditch tools they’re already invested in.

3. Making the user’s to-do list social to increase productivity. A user is able to leverage her network to get help by publishing tasks to LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Task.ly is currently registering interest via email subscription and Twitter account. The company has a slew of existing competition, but it definitely looks like Task.ly is different enough to attract significant market traction. The product will be offered “in a few months” on a freemium basis, with the likely fee being around the $4/month price range.