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Perplexity is raising $250M+ at a $2.5-$3B valuation for its AI search platform, sources say

Perplexity, the AI search engine startup, is a hot property at the moment. TechCrunch has learned that the company is currently raising at least $250 million more at a valuation of between $2.5 billio

Fisker plans more layoffs as cash dwindles and bankruptcy looms

Fisker says it’s planning more layoffs less than two months after cutting 15% of its workforce, as the EV startup scrambles to raise cash to stay alive. Fisker expects to seek bankruptcy protect

Apple’s next iPad event is May 7

Apple just dropped an invite for its next event. Scheduled for May 7, the “Let Loose” presentation appears to be happening exclusively online — something that became standard fare for the co

Campus, a community college startup, receives $23M Series A extension led by Founders Fund

Although many students in the United States enter community colleges intending to transfer to four-year universities, only 16% of those students receive bachelor’s degrees within six years. But

Framework’s repairability philosophy is set to expand beyond the laptop

Framework Computer was ahead of the curve. The company was founded in 2019, as 20 U.S. states began exploring potential right to repair bills. It delivered its first product, the Framework 13, in 2021

Y Combinator alum Matterport is being bought by real estate juggernaut Costar at a 212% premium

The transaction represents a premium of a whopping 212% over Matterport’s last closing share price before the deal was announced on April 22.

Fintech Fundid was shut down over interest rates and a strained cap table

To keep going, Fundid “needed to put up a lot more collateral because of the changing environment,” Stefanie Sample said.

Texture makes a bid to become the world’s go-to platform of the energy transition

The startup, founded by an Arcadia alumnus, seeks to become a common data collection and sharing platform for renewable power sources like wind, solar, and batteries.

With Easel, ex-Snap researchers are building the next-generation Bitmoji thanks to AI

Easel is a new startup that sits at the intersection of the generative AI and social trends, founded by two former employees at Snap. The company has been working on an app that lets you create images

Two widow founders launch DayNew, a social platform for people dealing with grief and trauma

After losing their husbands in devastating and unexpected ways, Karine Nissim and Eloise Bune discovered there were no suitable places where people could go to face all the challenges that surface dur

Amazon wants to host companies’ custom generative AI models

AWS, Amazon’s cloud computing business, wants to become the go-to place companies host and fine-tune their custom generative AI models. Today, AWS announced the launch of Custom Model Import (in

Bump raises $3 million seed to help creators manage finances

Bump allows creators to track income and market value, which can help them negotiate better deals and see how much money they are owed from partners.

Amazon launches a new grocery delivery subscription in the US

Amazon said today that it has launched a new unlimited grocery delivery subscription for Prime members and customers with an EBT card (Electronic Benefit Transfer) in the U.S. if you’re living i

Mozilla finds that most dating apps are not great guardians of user data

Dating apps are not following great privacy practices and are collecting more data than ever in order to woo GenZ users, a new study by Mozilla pointed out. Researchers reviewed dating apps in terms

Adobe claims its new image generation model is its best yet

Firefly, Adobe’s family of generative AI models, doesn’t have the best reputation among creatives. The Firefly image generation model in particular has been derided as underwhelming and fl

Rivian targets gas-powered Ford and Toyota trucks and SUVs with $5,000 ‘electric upgrade’ discount

Rivian is offering discounts up to $5,000 on its EVs — and a year of free charging — to customers willing to trade in their gas-powered trucks and SUVs. The company is offering discounts on three

UnitedHealth says Change hackers stole health data on ‘substantial proportion of people in America’

The health tech giant processes 15 billion health transactions a year, and handles health information for about half of all Americans.

TechCrunch Space: Engineering the future

Hello and welcome back to TechCrunch Space. Don't worry – we'll be diving into the Mars Sample Return news shortly.

Here are the 30+ startups showcasing at HAX’s May 1 Demo Day

A few weeks back, TechCrunch ventured out to New Jersey to pay an early visit to HAX’s Newark offices. As much as I complained about the 90-minute commute in from Queens, it’s nothing compared to

Here’s a lab-grown diamond startup that’s attracted a16z’s attention

Throughout hip-hop’s long history, jewelry has served as an important vehicle for artists to convey their ideas and affluence, or simply to dazzle onlookers. Diamonds, in particular, serve as an
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