The Top 25 TechCrunch Posts From 2012

Twenty twelve was <a href="">a big year</a> for tech news. Facebook went public, Instagram was purchased for $1B, and Apple released re

Apple Partners With Local Publishers To Launch EBook Service In Japan

Apple will launch an ebook service in Japan fueled with content from top local publishers, according to Japanese financial publication Nikkei (via <a target="_blank" href="http://www.the-digital-reade

Legimi Wants To Be The ‘Spotify For Ebooks’ With A Business Model That Relies On You Reading Less

<a title="Legimi" target="_blank" href="">Legimi</a> is definitely a startup I'll be watching closely in 2013. Put simply, it aims to be the 'Spotify for ebooks,' in which for a m

2012: The Year Crowdfunding Was Kickstarted Into The Mainstream

There we were, circled around a bachelor party campfire and drunk on keg beer, discussing the viability of using Kickstarter to fund a sex toy startup. My buddy Dan (he goes by Dangerous D at karaoke)

TechCrunch Makers: Bossa Nova Robotics & Mobi

When I first saw Bossa Nova Robotics Mobi I was amazed. It was a robot that stood on a single, large ball and could roll through tight spaces and between people. It seemed like a ludicrously cool circ

Innovate Or Die: Nokia’s Long-Drawn-Out Decline

There can be little doubt Nokia’s mobile glory days are behind it. Samsung now occupies its former throne at the top of the global mobile tree and Google’s Android is the dominant smartphone platf

The Maximum, Beautiful Product

For years, all of us in Silicon Valley and its outposts have embraced the idea of the lean startup, shipping the minimum viable product, failing fast and iterating quickly based on customer feedback.

Innovation: Where Can We Go From Here? A Lot Of Places, Actually

Just when you think that we’ve innovated all that we can, something new comes along and completely blows our mind. It could be an advancement in hardware, software or just a new way of thinking

Netflix Goes Down: Company Says Only DVD Website Affected

Following <a href="">its lengthy Christmas Eve outage</a>, Netflix is again experiencing issues today, according to a

Fire The Head of Social Media And Make These 10 Wishes Come True

A joyous moment has come — the idea that you need a director of social media is beginning to lose its myth status. For me, it says that maybe in 2013 some businesses may stop obsessing about how

Storm8 Grabs 2M Downloads In One Day On Christmas

How big is Christmas for mobile app developers? For one San Francisco Bay Area-based game maker, it meant 2 million downloads in a single day. Christmas is unsurprisingly the biggest day of the year f

Fab Looks Back At Past 18 Months: 10 Million Members, 4.3 Million Products Sold

Design-focused e-commerce site has been having a good year (and a half), and thanks to the massive 100-plus page slideshow the company has now shared, it has the figures to prove it. According

7 Apps That Will Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions Alive

A brand new year is upon us, and it's time to start thinking about the changes you want to make. But it can be difficult to follow through on New Year's Resolutions, especially without any help or sup

Lace Up Your Shoes, RunKeeper 3.0 Hits In Time For New Years With A New Interface And Improved Social Features

The world needs more people in skin tight lululemon and short shorts that would make even the UPS man blush. Our culture's healthy obsession with running in large circles helps combat our other nation

Samsung Sells Millionth Galaxy Note II In Its Domestic Market

Samsung has sold its millionth Galaxy Note II "phablet" in South Korea just over 90 days after its launch, according to <a target="_blank" href="

I’m Bored. What’s Next?

It’s just about 2013 and I gotta say, I’m a little bored. At least, the blogger in me is. As an investor things are just peachy. All this panic about overpriced consumer startups has led to a n

Samsung And DoCoMo Reportedly Team Up To Offer Tizen Smartphones In 2013

Samsung and Docomo, Japan's largest mobile communication company, are joining forces to develop <a target="_blank" href="">Tizen</a>, an open source OS that supporters hope will

The QLOCKTWO W By Biegert & Funk Is A Timepiece For Literate Lovers Of Good Design

Biegert & Funk has made a name for itself thanks to its iconic clock design that tells time the way we tend to convey it to one another in conversation – with written words in five-minute increm

Yahoo Bids Farewell to South Korea, Completes Exit

After 15 years, Yahoo completed its exit from South Korea today, <a target="_blank" href="">reports Yonhap

Pakistan’s YouTube Ban Is Lifted And Then Reinstated As Observers Worry About Internet Freedom

Pakistan lifted, then <a target="_blank" href="">very quickly reinstated its ban on YouTube </a>after a fe
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