The Top 25 TechCrunch Posts From 2012

Twenty twelve was a big year for tech news. Facebook went public, Instagram was purchased for $1B, and Apple released rehashes of previous products. But that’s just a small sampling.

The list that follows is which stories you, our fantastic readers, read the most throughout the last year in order of their popularity. Some stories are predictably at the top, but others are surprising. A story about Bruce Willis and iTunes ranks higher than the most read post concerning the Apple/Samsung patent trial.

TechCrunch’s top 25 posts ranked in order of pageviews.

  1. Update: Facebook Confirms No Private Messages Appearing On Timeline. They’re Old Wall Posts.
  2. Why Pundits And Politicians Hate NYT Election Forecaster Nate Silver
  3. Day After IPO, Mark Zuckerberg Marries Longtime Girlfriend Priscilla Chan
  4. Journalists’ Addresses Posted In Revenge For Newspaper’s Google Map Of Gun Permit Owners
  5. Facebook Buys Instagram For $1 Billion, Turns Budding Rival Into Its Standalone Photo App
  6. Apple Officially Reveals The iPhone 5: LTE, 4-Inch Retina Display, New A6 Chip, Lighter Than iPhone 4S
  7. OS X Mountain Lion: Quick, Familiar, Cheap, And Drenched In iOS Goodness
  8. GoDaddy Outage Takes Down Millions Of Sites, Anonymous Member Claims Responsibility
  9. Facebook Targets May 17th For IPO Date
  10. How To Enable Facebook Timeline Right This Second
  11. Putting An End To The Biggest Lie On The Internet
  12. Teenage Sexting Is Becoming The Norm
  13. #ScratchGate: iPhone 5 Owners Are Discovering Aluminum Is Softer Than Glass
  14. Bruce Willis Isn’t Suing Apple Over iTunes Music Ownership Rights
  15. Zynga Just Shut Down Boston Office, Laid Off 100+ Employees From The Ville And Bingo Teams In Austin
  16. Apple Awarded $1.049 Billion In Damages As Jury Finds Samsung Infringed On Design And Software Patents
  17. Court Rules Software Not Protected By Fed Crime Laws, Overturns Conviction of Goldman Engineer
  18. Watch Voting Machine Change Obama Votes To Romney Votes
  19. Lit Motors Will Shake Up The Electric Vehicle Market With Its Two-Wheeled, Untippable C-1
  20. The 20 Best iOS And Android Apps Of 2012 (So Far)
  21. Just In Time For A Facebook IPO Tax Break, Eduardo Saverin Renounces U.S. Citizenship
  22. The Top 30 Android Apps And Games Of 2011
  23. Tim Cook Apologizes For Apple Maps, Points To Competitive Alternatives
  24. Facebook Files For $5 Billion IPO
  25. Samsung Galaxy S III Review: This Is The Phone You’ve Been Waiting For

But enough with 2012. Raise your glasses. Here’s to 2013. May startups avoid the Series A crunch, Randi Zuckerberg figure out Facebook’s photo sharing and something fucking entertains Arrington.