Samsung Sells Millionth Galaxy Note II In Its Domestic Market

Samsung has sold its millionth Galaxy Note II “phablet” in South Korea just over 90 days after its launch, according to MK News (via Sammy Hub, h/t to TNW). The South Korean multinational conglomerate  announced last month that it had hit over 5 million channel sales of Galaxy Note II units globally and, if its current momentum continues, the device might hit 10 million sales by next month.

This latest milestone is yet more proof that consumers have become increasingly accustomed to gigantic smartphones that can, in a pinch, serve as a handy disguise by masking your entire face. In just little over a year, Samsung “phablets”–specifically, it’s Galaxy Note series–have made a significant impact on smartphone and tablet design, arguably beating Apple in innovation as they left their mark on the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. Other Samsung smartphones have done extremely well: the Galaxy S3 overtook the iPhone 4S as the world’s bestselling smartphone in the third quarter of 2012 and gained an 11 percent share of all smartphones shipped globally, according to a November report by Strategy Analytics.

In between the ongoing patent wars and their dueling devices, it looks like Samsung and Apple are headed toward an epic showdown in 2013. One side is armed with conductive styluses and the other has sapphire crystals. Only two things are for certain: Judge Lucy Koh is not amused and, with this post, I’m now the bread in Michael Arrington’s sandwich of boring.