Audi Gets Into The Bike Game, Presumably To Compete With McLaren

<img src="" />Earlier this week we saw that McLaren got together with Specialized to make their exquisite <a href="h

Facebook Terminated Corporate Development Employee Over Insider Trading Scandal

<img src='' class="shot" alt="" />Facebook corporate development manager <a href="">Mich

NYC Announces BigApps Winners Roadify, Sportaneous, And

<img src=""> New York City announced the <a href="">winners</a> of its second BiggApps c

Mark Cuban Teams With Qualcomm To Bring Augmented Reality To Mavericks Tickets

<img src="" /> Thanks to the influence of owner and tech entrepreneur <a href="

'Know Your Meme' On What It's Like To Be An Internet Folklorist

<img src="" />The website and show "Know Your Meme" were <a href="

Play Him Off, Flugelhorn Feline: YouTube Time Travels To 1911

<img src="" alt="" />Head to YouTube after 4AM local time and you'll notice that it looks a little old fashioned — and not in a 1999 b

Crinkled Cup Glass, For Your Modernist Beverage Needs

The original ceramic crinkled cup has been around for decades, but this glass version is, if anything, better. Sure to get lots of comments at parties. You know, parties, where your friends come over

Nexus 7000 Mouse Is Ultra Quiet, Not Great For Annoying Co-Workers

If ordering a new mouse off Amazon — because it looked cool and you have prime — only to find that it clicks like a 1980s keyboard frustrates you, then check out the Nexus 7000 quiet mouse

Photos Of Pentax's Upcoming NC-1 Mirrorless Camera Leaked

<img src="" />Some photos of <a href="">Pentax's</a> NC-1 have leaked ahead of the suppos

Apple Patents: Battery In Charger And Five-Finger Gestures In OS X

<img src="" />Not every Apple patent that comes down the line is worth gawking at, but these two are definitely worth a quick not

Volt Takes Its Top Off, For One Day Only

Road and Track is a great car magazine, but they forgot an important fact about April Fools’ Day: the date. Yesterday, March 30th, they outed some pictures of the Volt sans roof. Their post even

Video Curation Is Growing Up, ShortForm Hits One Million Visitors

<img src="" />With <a href="">35 hours of

Surgical Robot Folds Tiny Paper Airplane

<img src="" />You might have heard of the da Vinci surgical robot — it's the state-of-the-art system used by surgeons to operate r

Tech CEO Approval Ratings: Schmidt Goes Out On A High, Donahoe Climbs, Bartz Falls

<img src="" />A survey taken over the last year by <a href="">Glassdoor</a>, a jobs and career community that a

CrunchDeals: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For $5

<img src="" />Wow, this is a pretty crazy deal. Impulse is selling <em>Battlefield: Bad Company 2</em>, which the guys tell me is just exce

HTC Arrive At Wirefly For $25 With Free Shipping

If you’re thinking of picking up HTC’s Arrive, the Windows Phone 7 QWERTY slider of your dreams, now might be a good time. Sprint is selling it at the premium phone price ($199 with a two-

Movie Studios Approve $30 Rental Plan, Theater Owners Mightily Upset

<img src="" />It must be an absolute nightmare being a Hollywood executive in 2011. Four big studios (20th Century Fox, Sony, Univers

Google Wants To Make Your Face Searchable (Updated)

<img src="" />Google is planning to introduce a smartphone app that can identify faces. If you capture

+Like Browser Extension Pretty Much Eliminates The Need For Google +1

<img src="" />Google launched the +1 feature of its social layer <a href="

Boston Colleges Warns Students Against Using Wi-Fi (But Then Retracts Said Warning)

<img src="" />Common sense, for once, has prevailed. For whatever reason Boston College was telling its students that using a
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