+Like Browser Extension Pretty Much Eliminates The Need For Google +1

Google launched the +1 feature of its social layer yesterday and if you’re like most tech journalists you probably likened the move to attaching a Facebook Like button to Google search results.

Well now someone has gone and done exactly that, no joke. Meet +Like, a Firefox, Safari and Chrome extension that lets you see how many people have liked a specific Google search result on Facebook as well as which of your Facebook Friends have recommended a specific piece of content, whether or not that action took place on Google search.

When you “like” something on +Like it gets posted on Facebook as well so you can share content you’re into with your social graph, sort of like what Google is trying to attempt with its Google Profile revamp and +1.

Said creator Koby Menachemi, “We built this extension after reading about +1 on TC . We couldn’t understand why [it’s] not just putting the two things together (Google searches + Facebook’s Likes).” It took Menachemi and co-founder Shmueli Ahdut 3-4 hours using their own Crossrider framework to make the cross-browser extension.

Now Google +1 has key advantage over Google +Like in that you can also use +1 to like Google ads (and presumably monetize them). But seriously if I was Google, +Like would have me shaking in my boots.