CrunchDeals: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 For $5

Wow, this is a pretty crazy deal. Impulse is selling Battlefield: Bad Company 2, which the guys tell me is just excellent, for the ridiculous price of $5. It’s normally around $20, and even in the Steam winter sale, it only got down to $8, I think.

I get the feeling it’s today only, and may not even last that long, so get there fast! You will have to download a Steam-like client to download the game, just FYI:

I’m getting decent download speeds (~1.5-2MB/s), and the service is legit. Who knows, maybe they’ll have more great deals like this in the future? Get your copy here.

Also! It was “installing” for like half an hour, so I canceled the installation and it magically changed to “Installed.” You might have to do the same.

[via Deal News]